Chapter 136 Part-2

In fact, this village construction was quite important. Hence, even last night, I looked over the plans that Hakajin and Lee Wanyong came up with. In simple terms, what was to be introduced, along with the construction of the village, was human culture.

Of course, the Green Skins had their own unique way of life and home, but having successfully hunted the great beast, I thought that it would be a bit more acceptable to bring in modified human ways. Throw away what needed to be thrown away and accept what needed to be accepted. That was the key theme of the village construction, this time around.

“Have you inspected all the plans that were written by the humans?”

“Yes. With the exception of a few things, we could adapt most of them. Perhaps, because that human has also been living in the village… Our way of life seemed to have been well understood.”

“Of course.”

“It seemed to be OK since many things have been made with special considerations to the little ones.”

The most important part of the content was certainly the future of the village. With the exception of the septic tanks and drinking water, there probably wouldn’t be much information worthy of serious consideration. If they were to live like humans, they would need things like auction market or market, or bars, but Green Skins did not require economic activities yet.

Having formed the tribal society, they were quite free and equal. They hunted together and shared together. This was the natural way of the Green Skins. No one was lazy. The tougher and dangerous the work, they thought of it as being more honorable. Being at the lead in wars wasn’t the only times that they felt proud. Although it might not make any sense, what I felt most strongly while living with the Green Skins was that this society was a perfect democratic republic.

I couldn’t fully understand this based on my shortcomings, but it was simply a fact that they sought equality as the objective over individual profit. Upon remembering a few countries on earth which have gone bust, thinking about it this way seemed most appropriate: It was possible because the Green Skins with a completely different way of life existed.

If there was a weakness, it would be that everything was equal below the ‘tribal chief’, but as this was a world in which a dishonorable one could never be named a tribal chief, I have yet to hear of a tribe with big issues.

At any rate, beside the little Green Skins, what was important in the plan for this place was none other than ‘farming’.

The way of gathering food for the Green Skins was simple. If they craved for fruits, they would go into the forest and take fruits off their trees, and if they craved for meat, they would go outside to hunt.

As the humans continued to be injected into the continent, it would not be strange for the Green Skins to refer to it as a never depleting resource, but it was also true that the number of Green Skins would continue to grow as well.

But the number of beasts was not unlimited. It wasn’t a problem of oppressing their combating instinct to be able to farm them, but the amount of food one needed to be able to sustain them.

In fact, the reason for the Green Skins to not move to the big cities in droves was due to food. Even if the unlimited beast’s food was to be prepared, ‘seize warfare’ would take time. Hunger was a scary thing. It would diminish their stamina and even deplete their spirits.

Those Green Skins that have just arrived would not know it, but, I thought that perhaps, those sufficiently experienced heads of the great tribes would certainly know how important food was in the battle fields.

In fact, Black Spear was the most happy one after hearing this idea as he has lost a number of tribal member due to hunger. By having the Green Skins grasp the concept of this military provision, I thought that the direction of the future battles would be quite different.

Sorry to interrupt, but as a reminder, Black Spear faced a huge problem with starvation before the Main Character came and told him how to lure more humans to his area for food. I think maybe the translation is supposed to say that he likes the idea of never losing anyone to hunger, or that he has lost people to hunger. -FlawFinder, an editor for a different novel that happened to pass through
< Yep you are right, I fixed it – Editor 2>

I thought that my thoughts were a bit prolonged. When I looked at Hakajin, he and Kim Yoora were repetitiously reading the Korean words that were inscribed into the hide. Perhaps, Kim Yoora was reading it for him.

Besides that, while we were discussing many other topics, the dismantling work on the beast has nearly come to an end, and like in usual times, the meal time has begun.

As the work has come to an end and the meal time has started, the beast of the east’s meat was being eaten naturally. Since I also became somewhat hungry, I talked to Kim Yoora and Hakajin as I was looking at the little ones running and playing.

“Let’s go then.”



I took a seat at a place where I could see my clan members. The little ones also came in droves, salivating.

Finally, tender meats were brought to the mommy Green Skins, so that they could feed the little ones. Of course, they did not forget to grill the meat before bringing it out for the little human children to eat. It was because they knew that the human stomach could not digest uncooked meats.

I laughed unconsciously while watching that.

At last, having completed their tasks, Jung Hayeon, Baek Ahyeon, and the leaders and the tribe members began to gather around me, and hearing their laughing voices made it more enjoyable for me.

Orbo’s son who was on top of his shoulders, an unfamiliar little human child, Gark and Hark were also sharing the meat with the little Green Skins, after having exchanged pleasantries. Hakajin was with Kim Yoora, and Ragia, too, were also socializing with the tribe members.

“Do you want to try this also?”

When I turned my head towards where the voice was coming from, I saw Jung Hayeon, extending her arm forward to me with the same cooked meats that humans ate.


“Leader! Try this one, too!”

Mev, too, rushed towards me and began to put forward the meat that she had brought. Smiling subtly, I also took the meat that Mev has brought.

It was very peaceful. This place was worth protecting. The Green Skins were busy, yet were easy going and happy. They felt proud even while doing tough laborious work. It was the same with slaughtering, and even while distributing the meats to everyone, which were considered to be uneventful actions. They returned favor with appreciation.

It was when I thought that it won’t be such a bad thing to grow and nurture children here.



Mev began to suffer from a sudden dry heave while eating the meat. Suddenly, silence settled down over the area.


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