Chapter 137:  The Pregnancy

She couldn’t help, but turn blue. The humans normally showed the first signs of morning sickness after 5 to 6 weeks. The first consummation with Mev was even before the start of the raid training. Since we trained for a long time, and it has already been about 1 month since we captured the beast of the east, it seems to be roughly right on target as far as the timing went. As silence permeated throughout the area, there resonated another sound of a dry heave.


Appearing very worried, Mev was looking around the area.

It seemed that she hasn’t quite figured out what those conditions meant for her yet.

“Lead… Leader… I… I… am sick.. Wouuk… . . . I… I’m going to die…. Wouuk”

Turning pale white, Mev looked extremely unsettled. Perhaps, she thought that she had a grave illness. As Mev continued to heave while staring at the meat, it was Hakajin followed by the mommy Green Skins who approached her and began examining Mev’s conditions. Mev was looking concerned beyond anything. However, it was believed that she would soon only exclaim in delight.

“She is preg… Pregnant.”


“Mev… Mev is pregnant! She is with the tribal chief’s child!”

A mature mommy Green Skin was the one who shouted. After a passing of short silence, loud shouts shook the area.

“Mev has! The tribal chief’s child!”


“There now is a successor to Blood Dagger Clan!”

The shouts were much louder than the commencement shouts of a battle. Although not sure how long they have been waiting, the women of the tribe rose up and began to shout. They must have been thinking that they weren’t fulfilling their duties as the women of the tribe, and it appeared that the stress from those thoughts had been relieved at once. They were shouting very loudly, perhaps, so that Goff and Black Spear Clans could hear. It was the three Goblin sisters who were the most excited ones among all of them.

“It’s Mev! Mev’s flying!”

“It is the promised pregnancy of victory!”

“It is certainly the promised pregnancy of victory! It was truly potent!”

I wasn’t sure what the heck the promised pregnancy of victory was, but their skills of inciting excitement as they ran around here and there came across to me as if they were professionals in the field. It wasn’t just the women who were exhilarated.

“Congratulations! Tribal chief!”

Perhaps, having the same sense of kinship as a father, Orbo, the Minotaur, tapped on my shoulder.

“The Blood Dagger’s child will become a strong Green Skin!”

“I, Mirror Blade, will protect Blood Dagger’s child to the end!”

As if they were proving that they were the same brothers to the three goblin sisters, Gark and Hark were running around with them.

“Congrats… Congratulations! O, tribal chief.”

Hakajin, who really liked kids, was also looking at me with sparkling eyes. The area has become a massive crucible of confusion. However, for some reason, Jung Hayeon and Baek Ahyeon looked deflated with their shoulders lowered.

Even Kim Yoora and Nicole also looked deflated. As the news of the child hit them, perhaps, they were concerned that I would no longer treat them with as much attention as I have been paying to them as if they were my own children. Also, since I was especially thinking about setting Kim Yoora up as my successor, I couldn’t help, but be confused somewhat.

Considering the pecking order, Jung Hayeon should have been the first one, but I could have never imagined that it would succeed with a single shot.

The greater the differences between the tribe kinds, the more difficult pregnancies would become. For me, a being of a demon tribe, the chances of Mev, a Fairy, and Jung Hayeon, an Arlownay would have similar success rates. I was even very curious whether that strange picture that might have depicted the folk religion and the act of continually keeping her legs raised had truly been effective.

I started to look at Mev with a surprised look on my face. In fact, it would be more appropriate to say that I had an expression that was more in line with being surprised and dumbfounded than having a sense of happiness. Then I couldn’t help, but laugh as I saw Mev who was soon about to break into tears.


I’ve just become a dad unexpectedly.

“Lead… Leader!”

Finally, Mev rushed toward me, shedding her tears. As the speed of her flight launching towards me was very fast, I caught her with some nervousness. There was even a little shock to my chest when I took her in. As I looked at Mev who was shedding a lot of tears and snuffled on my chest, the sense of surprise began to dissipate.

It was then.

Another pair of wings began to sprout out of Mev’s back. The crown on her head was becoming even more flamboyant. Her physique did not transform, yet it was slowly changing.


The first thing that I heard was a question. As the question of why she was evolving all of a sudden was to be asked, the three goblin sisters began to stir things up again.

“Mev is evolving after hearing the voice of the god of war!”

“The god of war has given Mev a child!”


It did not make any sense, but there must have been a quest as well. As a reward, she must have immediately evolved. The current race type that Mev belonged presently was the Fairy Queen. Although I have neither seen nor heard of the race type that was above that, I thought that if I was to put a name to it, it would be the High Fairy Queen.

The magic power, which I felt as I was stroking Mev’s head while holding her, was quite strong. Although a finishing touch was being put on, the magic power was being stoked up, perhaps, due to Mev being highly excited. It was even difficult to calm it down with my own magic. It wasn’t the issue of having evolved, but of having become truly strong.

To put it simply, it was even difficult for me to handle. I also began to feel bigger and stronger energies from the spirits that always hovered around Mev. By that time, the level of Mev, as a being within her own kind, must have reached its highest point. She was already at the top of the Fairy Queen type. Yet, she would be a High Fairy Queen, and I was sure that she would be a special one among them.

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