Chapter 138 Part 1

Chapter 138: Thief of Weapons

Strangely, that day a cheerful atmosphere was floating around the village. Even though only the foundations were made, this place was good enough to be called a village. There was a wide selection of goods.

The head of the monster of the East that was laying in the middle has received better feedback than I thought. Another popular item was a tent similar to the Mongol tent. However, the most popular item was a ‘Battlefield’ made for children.

Since even adults wanted to play this fake battlefield game, it was unknown what its real popularity was among the kids. This game was similar to the game from Earth, where you draw lines, divide the map, and then steal opponent’s flags.

The teams are divided into defense and attack teams that have to occupy the base. The main point was to attack the opponent.

The game even had a cargo escort role. The children had to pull cargo by themselves, but I thought it was a good way for them to train.

Unexpectedly, the most popular game was a card game.

‘With the all-powerful and honorable patriarch! I summon Blood Dagger! Hurray for the Blood Dagger!’

‘Ugh… Then I summon Orbo from the powerful Minotaurus Shield and I will receive the attack.’

‘I summon a Wolf Rider and will attack straight away!’

From the voices, I was able to tell that they were playing a card game again. I believed that children needed more enjoyable content to continue developing, so I thought about games that we used to play on Earth. Since the game needed some adjustments, I left it with smart Hakajin who adjusted the game to suit the children.

Of course, there were no pictures, just information, and the quality wasn’t the best. All this wasn’t important to the kids as they loved playing. Even Hakajin became interested in it.

Because of that, I had to make even more cards. The cards were also quite diverse. For example, the Blood Dagger card was able to swap weapons with his opponents. The Black Spear card had a summoning power and feeding the damage to the opponent. However, interestingly, the most used card was the Giant Wolf Ibar card which was able to effectively attack with little magic power.

This card aimed to help children to develop imagination and thinking as it required basic counting and freedom of thinking.

‘I wish I had a Nicole card, too. When you draw a tattoo, the great Green Skins can become stronger! It would be so good!’

‘Very strong card!’

This game, that I created without too much thinking, helped in developing children’s innate ability. Of course, as expected, the queen of this game was Kim Yoora. She had a perfect ability of timing the use of Ibar and the Wolf Rider (knight) and was able to trap the opponent without using too much magic power.

She even challenged three goblin sisters who got completely defeated. I still remember the face of Kim Yu Ra watching three sisters sobbing.

In reality, this village was like a paradise to children. Entertainment was endless. From a young age, children can learn how to fight, create strategies, and understand where they belong and what they should do.

Playing to these kids is an opportunity to learn all essential conditions for living in this society.

For example, a simple game of stealing flags already meant more to these kids, especially when you look at their expressions that look like they don’t belong to the children.

Sometimes other clan’s kids bump into the Blood Dagger clan’s half-ogre small children which, surprisingly, try their hardest not to be pushed away.

Kim Yu Ra’s strategic tactics made her shine. Even the children from Goff and Black Spear clans started to analyze their problems and tactics, also they got a chance to team up and fight against the same enemy.

Everyone knew that as soon as these children grow up, the clan will become stronger. However, there was somebody else apart from Green Skins who was waiting for it.

As the children’s laughter was getting louder and louder, this guy’s smile was getting wider. The guy who didn’t belong to the clan was named Lee Wan Yong.

Of course, I knew that he wasn’t smiling just because the kids were happy. It was an opportunity for him to get closer to kids and try to live a little bit longer.

‘I… I heard that your wife gave birth. Congratulations.’

‘That’s right.’

The guy knew about Mev having a child. It seemed like he picked up some stories from the little kids. However, he was an honest guy. I had an opportunity to spend some time with the guy and he helped more than I expected in putting together this village.

‘The… the village seems almost complete. I think it would be a good idea to build a Blacksmith inn in that field. Also, you could make something like the information center where all information about small and big battles can be stored. It will benefit not only young members of Green Skins but also adults.’

‘That’s good.’

Here was the reason why I kept wondering about the guy. I don’t know if he was just smart or was using magic to avoid death, but every time he mentioned his ideas, I admired him.

‘The idea about the information center is very good… I’m sure that our Green Skins don’t record those things. If this culture settles in the tribe, this will help the tribe, too. However, I’m not sure about Blacksmith’s building.’

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