Chapter 138 Part 2

‘Yes… O… Obviously, you can buy items in the store, but it’s not a bad idea to have a blacksmith to make the item. They can make the necessary daily items. Also, usually, things made by a skilled blacksmith are more efficient than the items from the store.’

There was a blacksmith in the Western city. He wasn’t very skilled, but it was alright for guys like us to use his services.

‘I don’t know if you know, but the item store doesn’t have everything. I heard that smelting using points isn’t effective. If you want to make original weapons, you just have to use blacksmith’s services. The same thing is with so-called red pills.’

‘However, Green Skins doesn’t have a blacksmith or someone who is studying herbal medicine. There is no way it could work. It’s not like there are no skilled guys, it’s just we don’t want to recommend…’

For a moment guy went quiet, but after a few seconds, he started talking again.

‘You… you remember Somora, right?’

He nodded his head and started speaking.

‘There is no law that says that only humans can make Green Skins their slaves, right? There are many skilled blacksmiths in the East or South cities. If you succeed in getting them, it will be a big help to the tribe. Of… Of course, I can help you with that…’

He planned to get out of the village and say that he will do his job. He had shut his mouth.

‘I don’t plan to send you out of the village.’

He realized his own mistake and kept his mouth shut. I looked at Lee Wan Yong and said.

‘However, it’s not a bad idea. Of course, there is no law about only humans making Green Skins their slaves. Skilled blacksmith, and skilled herbalist. I think it’s not a bad idea to get workers, who don’t have any combat abilities.’

‘That’s… That’s right! They will become a huge help!’

The situation was similar to that time when Somora got sold, but this guy wasn’t feeling guilty at all. I couldn’t imagine myself speaking about getting slaves, too. I didn’t want to side with his way of thinking, but everything that he said made sense. Of course, there were cases about it on the continent, but still, it was a bad thing to do.

‘However, we shouldn’t go inside the city.’

‘The blacksmiths and herbalists from the East often go out of the city. Since there are lots of swamps and various minerals, guilds and clans protect herbalists while they looking for valuables. I think their power might be equal to three tribes. However, we know the route.’

This guy was a smart one. Of course, if Baek Ah Yeon were here, we would get this information without much trouble, however, now I didn’t have any other choice but to believe this guy. While I was trying to get more information from this guy, suddenly I got an idea.

‘That’s good…’

The guy was beaming with joy. I asked him.

‘There is something I would like to ask you.’

‘Yes. Ask… Ask whatever you want. I can tell a lot about the East.’

‘It’s about humans carrying good weapons and items.’

Stealing wasn’t created only for humans. It is important to build the village and plan for the future, however, the most important thing was to become stronger. Even since Mev had a kid, I had no choice but to think about it even more. The thought of becoming stronger came first, then thoughts about responsibility and protection.

Efficiency was the most important thing if you wanted to become stronger quickly. To be honest, I had to become stronger than others. I needed to become as strong as Somora’s guild master.

There were many strong people on the continent. The Queen of the North, the Holy Sword, and many more that are even stronger. Of course, I didn’t have any intentions of bumping into these monsters.

There is no need to collect their bodies or lives. There were many other ways to gain experience.

All you need to do is to get their weapon.

‘Stealing items’

I was planning to steal weapons from hunting parties. This way was used by Park Hye Ri from the Spider clan. Although it’s impossible to steal some of the items by this method, I believe there are plenty of items without ownership rights.

We can equip ourselves with useful items, and sell the ones we don’t need. It’s a great opportunity to collect points to buy a sealed Great Sword. It’s a perfect way to get stronger within a short time.

I needed to become a thief of weapons and a merchant who sells weapons. I kept thinking about it when suddenly I heard something in my ear. Finally, after a long time, the quest came to me.

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