139 Part 1

Chapter 139: Thief of Weapons


[You’ve got a new quest.]


[Quest – Steal weapons: You are a monster who was named by humans as a Blood Dagger or Weapon Merchant. It’s time for you to become a thief of weapons! Steal the best weapons. (0/1)]


[Reward – ???]


I was happy to receive a quest related to weapons. Since the reward was unknown, it could be either the chance to change a class, or race, or even an entry to the secret store. To be honest, I only desired for the entry to the secret store. If everything goes well, I might be able to buy the sealed Great Sword that I wanted for a long time.

I don’t know who gave me this quest, but I can guess that that person loved my idea. Now all I could think about was how to become stronger quickly. I’m not a genius. There is a limitation to trying to become stronger on my own. In this situation, the method I came up with was the best for me. As I was ready to laugh, Lee Wan Yong, who was looking at me, also opened his mouth.

He started laughing like he was following me. It seemed like he knew something more.

I took out the Ancient Flame that I had. I didn’t mean anything by it, I just wanted to check out sword’s specs.


“The item is basic. I want to know more about people who also have Ancient Flame weapons.”

The guy opened his eyes wide. I got the sword in the very beginning, but it still was one of the luxurious items. The item looked like belonged to a blade master. It had ancient flames and was made from the heat and would usually be considered an item of the upper level. I also saw ancient flame a perfect ‘fuel’ for the power consumption to power up the sword.

For example, if I had a foreign sports car, but I still can’t afford a premium fuel for it, I will swap for the cheaper option. The Holy Sword is also very similar as it consumes lots of energy and has to be powered often so it won’t become useless. Only the Devil clan knew how to handle these kinds of items.

However, Ancient fire was different at the same time. This item of all items can produce effective power. It can be powered quite quickly with a small power, and the ancient flame was a perfect source of power.


“Is there someone who knows?”

I was waiting for Lee Wan Yong’s answer. However, his gaze wasn’t ordinary. It wasn’t an ‘I’m going to kill you’ gaze, it was a worried gaze. He was worried. I knew he was thinking about stealing the Ancient Fire and overpowering me.

Incredibly cute facial expression.

He was a really ridiculous guy.

Of course, this guy couldn’t beat me. He pretended to be loyal, but his expression said the opposite. I had lifted my head and stared at the guy, and without saying anything I started releasing my magic power. It was obvious that he felt it. In the end, his expression changed and he said.


“Yes… Yes, of course, I know.”


Strangely I wanted to make fun of him more than I want to punish him for his thoughts. I used my power and swapped Lee Wan Yong’s weapon with a throwing dagger.

He froze. Of course, he knew my ability, however, everyone will be amazed seeing their weapons changing into different ones against their will.

No, actually, he looked relieved. I think he was glad that he didn’t make the wrong choice. It would have been fun to watch him trying hard to beat me. Sadly, the situation changed and I had to forget about it.

Lee Wan Yong started speaking quickly like he was trying to hide his thoughts, so I paid even more attention to his words.


“Of… Of course, there is no way to know what kind of weapons people have as they usually hide them. However, some people have more effective and better weapons than this Ancient Fire. The problem is that they are a bit…”


“I have no intention of fighting.”




It seemed like the guy realized why I asked for this information.




It was a robbery. Now, he looked at me with respect in his face. The guy liked my plan. Since he was a smart guy, he definitely was keen on my plan. I laughed while watching him.


“If that’s your plan, I would go for somebody who isn’t very agile.”


“Correct. It’s easier to deal with slower opponents.”


It was a perfect answer. Since I am going to ride Ibar while stealing, there is no way for me to be caught, but I don’t know if the opponent is going to be a ranged archer, or Park Hye Ri, or a member of the Green Goblin class.

The first target has to be a big and slow guy.

The guy, who is like a tank – slow to respond and not agile, is the best target. Of course, his body might be big and strong, but it won’t matter as I’m not planning to fight with him.


“There is one suitable guy. His name is Park Han Cheol who is a clan master and rules in Hadom city.”


“Keep going.”


“He’s a big and sturdy guy, unlike what you’d expect from a human. He might have some hidden abilities, too. Even though he belongs to a small clan, other clans and guilds know him well.”


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