139 Part 2

“Looks like he wants his clan to grow bigger. Just a few years ago I was similar to him. I wasn’t able to catch any monsters, but I tried to make my name known.”


From this point, I knew about what we are going to talk about next.


“I found a way to make up for attack power.”




I didn’t remember the details but was sure that I heard somewhere about it. Perhaps that guy was the perfect opponent. He was well-built and had various essential specs to fight and hunt monsters.

It was obvious that in the past he was a good fighter. Also, I was almost certain that his name was well-known around the continent.

I was constantly focusing on collecting the points and missing all the fun things.

I chose to do that so I could gain more strength and identify the weaknesses. I knew that if I could solve the lack of attack power, everything could change. It will change. The guy from the continent was a perfect trial sheep… he was the best opponent. This situation just became very interesting.


“How about weapons?”


“I couldn’t find out the name, but I know that it is blunt.”


The blunt weapon was perfect for someone who is not familiar with swordsmanship. If talking about a mace, it was designed to pierce through metal armor and give an internal impact. It was a good choice if you wanted to fight monsters who are covered in leather and metal.

I began to wonder what kind of blunt weapon that guy was carrying.

I wanted to see if the weapon was good for me or if it was just a simple one that I can sell at the item store.


“I was wondering what time they go out of the city?”


“I don’t know the exact time, but they love raiding. They often go out to hunt the big monsters. The main hunting area is near the big city Hadom. I am certain that Park Han Cheol is not the only one who likes to hunt in that area.”


I’ve never been to the hunting area near Hadom. I realized that I need to think about the escape route before I set off as the area wasn’t close to Western Forest.


“Of course, I know all hunting routes and trails.”


After hearing this I thought that Lee Wan Yong was sent from the sky to me.


“I also spent some days in Hadom.”


Looks like I was wrong and it will be way easier to make a plan than I thought.


“Park Han Cheol’s weapon is blunt, but I know that there are other guys who have better weapons. Of course, I haven’t seen with my own eyes, but I heard rumors that a kid of Guild Master Jang Gi Young has a sword similar to the Holy Sword.”


“Is it Reaper’s Sickle?”


Without realizing I cut him off. He looked at me as if to ask how I knew. The Reaper’s Sickle and the Holy Sword were always mentioned as the best weapons of all.

I haven’t seen it with my own eyes, but I heard that it had a very sharp cutting power so it would be very useful to carry it around together with the Ancient Fire.

However, I heard that it takes a long time to find this weapon. I knew that I won’t just find the Reaper’s Sickle laying somewhere near me.


“I thought it was a secret… but you knew about it.”


I nodded my head in agreement with the guy’s words. The Reaper’s Sickle that I only heard about was a weapon that can be re-summoned. In other words, it was the sword that can refuse its owner. While a weapon like the Queen of the North’s was more obedient to its owner.

It is possible to steal the weapon but after that, I will have to re-summon it. There was a high possibility for the sword to refuse me as its owner.

After seeing my thinking face, the guy started talking again.


“There are many rumors about the weapon not responding to its current owner.”


“There are stories of success and stories about failure that have received large amounts of public attention. In the end, they all are just stories floating in the streets…”


“There is no way to know the truth.”


“Yes, that’s right.”


I began to think even harder. It’s only a possibility, but Lee Wan Yong’s words make sense. Maybe it was just a gift from a father to his kid. There were stories about weapons, that were found in dungeons or bought in secret stores, not responding to their owners. Of course, it is a quite embarrassing event so I’m sure that people tried to conceal it.

If the item is not responding to the owner then it wouldn’t be possible to use the item’s real power and its power might be similar to the Ancient Fire’s. I was sure that the beginners wouldn’t be able to notice the difference.


“Has she ever gone out with a weapon?”


“Actually, he goes out regularly. Even though Jang Gi Young’s son Jang Gi Hoo doesn’t do much, he enjoys hunting with the guild members of Hadom.”


‘Jang Gi Hoo?’


This name wasn’t familiar to me. I slowly started looking for information in my memory. And soon I couldn’t hide my smile. I had remembered that the owner of the Reaper’s Sickle was a woman. Also, I remembered the name and it wasn’t Jang Gi Hoo.


<Doesn’t have owner>


In my memory, the owner of the Reaper’s Sickle was called Jang Ye Ri – the Guild Master Jang Gi Young’s daughter. She was a witch who killed several humans.













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