140 Part 1

Chapter 140: Thief of Weapons

Editor’s Note: After consulting some translators, the monster formerly known as Gurver will now be known as Gurba. If you’re reading this and don’t know who Gurver is- we must have already changed the previous translations, and so the monster currently known as Gurba is Gurba.


It was fact that he was too incompetent to handle a treasure like the Reaper’s Scythe. Now, I need to know why Jang Gi Hoo has the weapon instead of Jang Ye Ri. It might simply be preferred treatment of sons over daughters. If that’s not it, maybe Jang Ye Ri is hiding. Actually, there is no need to worry. Stealing is the only thing I need to do.

I said to Lee Wan Yong.

“I’m going to give you three days to map the route of blacksmiths, herbalists, Jang Gi Hoo, and Park Han Cheol whom you mentioned earlier.”


“Ah…ah… three… Yes, three days should be enough.”


Maybe it’s not enough time. However, the guy seemed sure he can do it. Well, there was no other option, anyways. I was sure that he realized that if he can’t do it right, it will instead lead us to great danger.

I made my mind up to find the best way to steal while Lee Wan Yong will be working on the map. When he left, I decided to go outside the tent.

Evolving to a member of Devil’s clan improves magic power. However, I planned to work on the range. I was certain that the range has drastically improved over time. I had to find a way how to use improved range from the distance.




When I went outside, I saw young guys playing not too far from me. It seemed like they were playing the card game. I smiled and started running towards the forest where they were playing.

While running I tried to calculate the distance, range, and power that I was consuming. When I saw the results, I couldn’t hide my smile.


‘About two hundred meters.’


When the power is used to its maximum, it can replace weapons that are about 200 meters away. Those 200 meters looked quite ridiculous. If you don’t use magic in your eyes, vision at that distance can be blurry.




This theft was meant to be successful.

Even after three days, the village was still quite lively. Of course, it was due to the finished construction work and incredibly popular card game which received a lot of attention from the three Goblin’s sisters and other adults. Even Mev developed a new hobby – playing the card game.

My job was simple. It started with walking outside together with Ibar. I gave Lee Wan Yong three days, but surprisingly he finished everything the next night. Everything was rose-tinted to me. I started looking more into the route and gathering information about those guys. I also had on hand a simple dagger for weapon replacement.

Since no one knew about the possible theft of weapons, I was able to go out and gather more information about how Hadom city humans were living.

Every tribal man who watched me going out looked like they wanted to follow me. However, I had to do this job all by myself. It was the only comfortable and easy way to do it.

I was thinking that while I will be stealing weapons, members of Goff, Black Spear, Ragia, and Blood Dagger clans will kidnap blacksmiths and herbalists.

Without thinking I kept stroking Ibar’s head.




That sound was heard from a stranger looking from a distance. It was Gurba. I wanted to bring him here, but I knew that I couldn’t. Ibar recognized Gurba and while nodding her head started getting closer to him. However, it seemed like Gurba hasn’t changed his mind.

Members of the village get closer while hunting together and dealing with the same problems. Green Skins like to share their worries, too. However, it seems that there was an incident that I don’t know about. I couldn’t change anything so I climbed on Ibar’s back and left.

Ibar was incredibly fast. She was able to keep quiet footsteps while running like a horse. Five points were marked in Lee Wan Yong’s map.  Those five areas where you can find medium-sized monsters. The terrain was covered in swamps, so I thought that Ibar would struggle. However, I was wrong. She was having no trouble.

I felt the energy of humans hunting not too far from me. They weren’t part of Park Han Cheol’s clan. I sighed again. Like this more time passed. It was annoying, but I could tell that Ibar enjoyed her walk more than being stuck in a village. I heard another noise from the East.

This was the day I was waiting for. I noticed a big flag with a huge shield sticking from the woods. It was Park Han Cheol. He finally showed up in the woods.



Park Han Cheol was a very ordinary warrior. To be honest, he was an ordinary warrior in the past. He had a great sense and was capable of blocking a large opponent, but due to the lack of attack power, he wasn’t able to move forward.

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