However, Park Han Cheol didn’t give up. There was no need to constantly focus on the attack power. He had grown up due to his clan members who had always believed in him.

He was even able to get items he had always dreamed about. Park Han Cheol was moving forward without resting. To get big prizes, he went hunting during the night, and he borrowed his clan’s members’ energy for the fight. When he gathered lots of points, he was able to purchase expensive items that compensated his lack of attack power. It was the time when Park Han Cheol and his comrades became famous.

He became more confident and started asking people around if they wanted to hunt together. Eventually, his name was mentioned in every big hunt. His skills also began to grow and soon he became a representative of the city.

Life changed within a day and his weapon had a big impact on it.


[Dark Bat]


[It is a blunt weapon made to give internal impact rather than external impact. It’s not known how this blunt weapon was made. There are no other features. It can be a powerful attack against the opponent’s defense. There is a larger probability to get an extra hit.]


[Health +5]


He gave 3 million points to the seller for this weapon. The weapon had a simple name, but it was efficient and powerful. It was perfect for hunting big monsters and small creatures. The weapon also had good destructive power. However, it seemed like it didn’t suit the guy. No matter from what angle you looked, the guy looked too gentle for it.

That day Park Han Cheol had decided to spend some time with his clan’s members. In recent years, many guilds had moved out so there was not much hunting going around. It was a happy occasion for the clan to come together.


“Brother, thank you.”


“No, I’m more thankful to you. Honestly, if you weren’t around, I wouldn’t be able to hold this weapon. Thank you for always believing in me.”


“No, only thanks to you I was able to participate in big monster hunts. These days we received lots of help from you.”


“Thank you for thinking like that. However, no one can deny that you guys have been my strength.”


They all shared a warm feeling of community. Raids can be dangerous, but they are worth the trouble. Park Han Cheol smiled at his trustworthy comrades.

They enjoyed hunting big yet vulnerable monsters. After the small-town of Somora had completely disappeared from the map, the monsters were quiet. Due to this, they were able to hunt deep inside the woods. And this day was perfect for it.

Usually, after a big war, all creatures rest. However, humans were different. They tried staying active and were looking for other jobs.

Even though he was able to win against big monsters, but most of his clan’s members were lacking in attack power. Safety was always the most important.

This is why Park Han Cheol continued moving slowly.


“That’s a monster.”


Park Han Cheol felt it too. Soon everyone could hear a running noise.

It was a medium-sized opponent covered in full body armor. He was easy prey as he wasn’t very agile. Today, Park Han Cheol had decided that he is not going to collect any points and instead will help his comrades gain them.


“So, let me go first. And do everything as we always do.”


“Yes, brother!”




Park Han Cheol started moving forward and shield his comrades. The younger clan members were using magic and arrows while blocking the creature’s path. They were aiming to get as many points as they could.

It was a very safe way. As soon as the monster was ready to hit back, Park Han Cheol was ready to block the attack. But something happened.






From somewhere another magic power came towards them. Park Han Cheol without realizing started to focus on his eyes’ magic. Soon he was able to see someone riding a wolf and coming from the distance. He knew that it wouldn’t be easy to win. Of course, he had never seen this opponent, but that didn’t mean that Park Han Cheol couldn’t win. His body moved instantly. He knew that first he had to finish the fight with the medium-sized monster. It didn’t take long,


“Everyone has to hide behind me! Quicker!”


“Yes… Yes!”


He knew he would be safe but was worried about his young comrades. Fortunately, it was only one wolf rider. He had to rely on his skills to defeat the opponent. Park Han Cheol held tightly his shield and weapon.


“Come on!”


He yelled quite loudly. Everyone behind him was getting ready for the fight, too. If everything continues like this, they might be able to win. However, Park Han Cheol realized something.

It will be hard to protect them.


‘My trusted comrades.’


The wolf rider was quickly approaching. He was about 500 metres, 400 metres, 300 metres away from them. The opponent was running very fast. However, suddenly he stopped and turned his back to them. Park Han Cheol smiled at his comrades. Maybe they just avoided the fight.

His comrade was looking at him and suddenly said,


“Brother… what is in your hands?”



His comrade pointed his finger towards him.

There was a blunt dagger in his hands.




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