Chapter 141: Thief of Weapons (or Weapon’s Thief)


“Hey! This scumbag!”


All I heard was screaming and swearing. I turned my head and saw Park Han Cheol tightly holding a dagger. He was running towards Ibar. However, he couldn’t catch up with Ibar. He swayed his dagger several times trying to reach his target.


“Woo aaaaa”


All around there were fallen trees and the only noise was a desperate scream. The guy looked very strong. I felt sad seeing his teammates comforting him. I knew that the place was dangerous, especially because of his weapon that was worth lots of points. I was sure that Park Han Cheol would try again if there was a chance.


However, I knew better than anyone, no matter how hard Park Han Cheol tries and runs, the gap will still be wide.

Ibar used to struggle following agile prosecutors and assassins. However, if compared to the Giant Wolf Gurba, Ibar was always faster. I could say that she was more advanced within the Giant Wolf species. No matter how short or long the distance, no human was able to follow her.


I glanced at that stolen blunt weapon. The bat looked like it was made from a dark metal. As soon as I grabbed its handle, I felt a very strong power.


[Dark Bat]


[It is a blunt weapon made to give internal impact rather than external impact. It’s not known how this blunt weapon was made. There are no other features. It can launch a powerful attack against the opponent’s defense. Grants extra probability to get an extra hit.]


[Health +5]


In other words, this weapon is used to break a good defense. It was clear why Park Han Cheol participated in a big hunt. Usually, advanced fighters wear leather and metal shields that are similar to the armor worn by humans. This blunt weapon makes armor meaningless as impact transmits from the inside. Its estimated Point value is from 2 million to 3 million. It was a miracle that I managed to swap the almost worthless dagger for this weapon.


It’s like exchanging corn for a diamond. Or like replacing a minicar with a sports car. That was a miracle of an exchange.


Everyone will talk about this.




Even though I felt sorry for Park Han Cheol and his teammates who had gone through hardships collecting all the points, it was still a perfect situation. Now I will be able to advance myself. I will, further down in the forest, meet stronger monsters and hunting parties.


Despite having a dagger from the Great Fighter Isaac, I always saved my magic and tried to bring as many weapons as possible. But I always wanted to give something back to the victims, too.


I didn’t want to return to the village empty-handed. This was the reason why Ibar and I wandered deep into the forest.


We were wandering around trying to find another prey. Both of us were hiding our energy, too. Yet I knew that it was impossible to hide it while dealing with monsters.


You can only achieve that ability by becoming a top-level assassin. I stroked Ibar and she started whining in a cute voice. Then I lowered my body and started walking. Like this, our lookout began. I also erased my magic and lowered my body even more so I could be equal with Ibar.


I knew that archers become more sensitive when they enter deep inside the forest. Due to this reason I had to be even more careful.


As we continued going deeper into the forest, the sound began to blur. I put all my magic in my ears and started to hear a low voice.

‘Don’t push the tanker!’


‘Archers, prepare to attack! Prepare to attack!’


Seemed like they were hunting the Great Monster. I put my magic into the eyes and looked around so I could see further. I saw smoke and explosions, and trees falling somewhere in the distance.


‘Ibar, let’s go.’


I said to Ibar. As soon as she nodded her head, we started running.

The landscape was changing very quickly. Soon I was able to see some fighters in the middle of the forest. It looked like they were busy with a fight and didn’t notice us. Luckily, it was easier than I thought to narrow the distance from the hunting party.


I had decided to secretly observe the situation from a distance. There was a high chance that archers could still notice me while fighters were attacking monsters. So far, none of them noticed me. Also, the party looked quite weak.


There were about 20 of them trying to deal with a guy that was quite big. The hunting also was going smoothly. I was able to notice some items: archer’s bow, magician’s wand, and the warrior’s ax and sword.


Those items weren’t as good as Park Han Cheol’s item, but I knew I was able to sell them for quite a bit. In other words, the items were lower grade than Park Hye Ri’s voice of curse… Since I succeeded in getting the item that I can use, it was a perfect time to get items to earn some points.


I also thought about bringing some presents to the tribal members. If they notice us, the arrows might fly by. I knew that Ibar will be able to avoid them. If I can’t avoid it, I will have to block it.


The guys seemed to have enough strength, but not strong hits. Also, they were struggling against the monster. It was perfect timing to start acting.



‘Trruk trrruk’


Ibar heard my words and started running fast. I knew that if any of the men were paying attention to their surroundings, they would notice someone rushing towards them. The distance was still long, but, luckily, no one had noticed us. Of course, if someone had a magic breath, they would have noticed straight away.


And this happened.


‘From the left! The Giant Wolf is coming!’


‘Archers, use arrows to defend from the creature. Magicians, focus on the monster!’


Very quick reaction. Quickly they had rearranged formation. It was so obvious that the party was very basic, but they knew how to guard. The situation was different from what I had imagined. Everything was different than I had imagined. While others were fighting the monster, archers were after us.


As we continued to run, archers were constantly pulling bows and checking if we were in their range. Arrows were fired instantly but none of them hit Ibar. She ran graciously to the side taking trees as the shield while approaching them. I also blocked several arrows with my great sword.


At that time one of them shot an arrow filled with strong magical power. All other arrows suddenly changed their direction and flew towards me.


It was either a ‘unique ability’ or ‘item effect’. I hoped it was the second one. Once again I shouted to Ibar.




I was hoping to avoid the arrows, however, the party’s archers didn’t give up.


‘Jump into the air.’


‘Catch them.’


Since it was easier to hit from the air, the guys were happy about the attack. However, it wasn’t a bad situation for me, either.


At that time, all archers came into one place. I was able to invoke a unique ability. I felt a weird sensation and my dagger was slowly slipped out of my hand. In a moment, I was holding all the archers’ bows. They only had cheap daggers in their hands.


I enjoyed watching them holding daggers and trying to pull arrows with it.


‘Damn… What the…’


‘Demon! That scumbag took it! That bastard!’


All the curse words were acceptable in this situation. I looked at my hand filled with quite good items.


[Horsepower Shotgun Bow]

[Fairy’s Bow]

[Nature’s Call]


I couldn’t stop smiling. Even though the party was quite harmless, there was a high chance of them becoming a threat laterd on.


When I thought everything was finished, the woman magician used her magic to turn her wand into a dagger.


[Fire wand]


From its name, I could tell it was something very useful. I didn’t hesitate.




‘Stealing weapons!’


‘This scumbag is stealing weapons! Be careful!’


Meanwhile, fighters were focusing on the monster. It was admirable watching them transforming the tanker. I still kept a distance of about 200 meters and slowly started drawing a circle around them.


‘Bro… Brother’s protection! What a bastard!’


[Spear of Friendship]


[Kim Hyun Soo’s work left for his beloved younger brother. It’s not made from rare minerals, but contain his love for his brother… Syncopation…]


Finally, a spear, that looked like it was made by a blacksmith, appeared in the hand. While running I was checking its functions. As Lee Wang Yong said, an item made by a skillfull blacksmith wasn’t bad.




I think these guys were only worried about the ranks. Everyone was completely trapped. The magician lost power because I stole the wand. I didn’t care if I died ridiculously in a place filled with strong people. I just knew that I don’t want to die from hunger.


<Weapon replacement>



Short one-handed sword found by the tanker.


[Glory of the Blue Earth]




The guy, who previously had the sword stolen, started hitting with a cheap dagger. The cheap dagger couldn’t handle his power and broke. He was fighting barehanded, holding his fists as the defense.


<Weapon replacement>


Neighborhood Dealer’s great hammer.


[War Hammer]


‘Damn… I will kill that bastard!’


The guy, who previously had beaten the raid monster, started tapping another guy with dagger’s handle. He was feeding himself with damage and enduring it for his teammate. I was thinking that maybe they thought that I and the monster are together.


‘Retreat! Retreat!’


Finally, they started to retreat. Since I still had some horsepower left, I chased them. Even monsters that were hunted by them, started chasing them while screaming.


Of course, it was hard to move and their speed gradually dropped. Once again I was able to swap the warrior’s ax with a dagger.


[Black Iron Ax]


‘Not bad.’


Even though a magic spell was flying towards me, the distance was big enough to avoid it. It also didn’t have the greatest speed.


‘Devil like scumbag!’


I heard the screams as I slowly approached them while smiling.





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