142 Part 1

Chapter 142: Weapon Thief


“Hide them inside your clothes!”


People were even shoving their weapons in their clothes as they made their escape. Since I could only take weapons that I could see, in this case, stealing them was impossible. My magic was at its limits as I had continued to exchange the weapons.

I thrust the items in the bag on Ibar’s back. The bag had been empty at the beginning, and now I felt reassured when seeing it full. I thought they might counterattack, so I observed their response with my ears and eyes filled with magic. To my surprise, one of the sensitive priestesses was crying as she ran.


I had not confirmed the functions of the item I stole, so I plucked it out of the back to see the specifics.


[Where Goddess Stayed]


[This is a staff in which the goddess of wisdom stayed for a while. It was used by a devotee of the goddess to defeat a demon. A tree branch grown in a sacred environment was doused with holy water to create this staff. The amount of magic consumed for a spell decreases. The spell casting speed increases. Thee staff is equipped with a recovery function for holy spells.]


[Intellect +4]


‘This is a haul.’


I thought I understood why the priestess was crying. The specs of this staff that must be at least worth a million points. Since items equipped with holy spells were extremely rare, an ordinary priestess must have gone through immense hardship to collect that many points.

Her path must have been filled with obstacles. This staff was an item prepresenting her sleepless nights and life-or-death situations and would be much more valuable than land or houses.

In her eyes, an unidentified villain had just taken her house deed and land certificate.


“My, my staff!”

“Your life is your priority now.”


I felt some sympathy as I watched the man who seemed like the leader consoling the priestess as they ran. They were a smart party. If they had rushed towards me in anger, there would have been a lot of damage even if they had caught me.


While Park Hyeri of the Spider Clan was strong enough not to be affected by weapons, people of her caliber were rare. The executive class of the Blood Dagger Clan and I heavily relied on our weapons, and those around our level would be in the same situation. They would be thinking that going in with bare hands was a dangerous move.

They kept moving on ranting curses. The magician seemed to be asking for help by shooting firework spells above their heads. While others were far away, it was evident that help would come soon enough.

I tapped Ibar’s back once since I was satisfied with our profit.


“Let’s go back.”



This was enough for today since a repeat performance would be smooth after knowing how to do it. I ignored the shouts behind me as I started to step back.


“Look! Look! They’re running away! That bastard is running away!”


Even that priestess with a sweet face was cursing me. Not only her, but most of the people were ranting curses at me as they watched my escape.

I heard the priestess’s curses in my ear as I put distance between them and me because she had strengthened them with magic. It seemed that venting out her anger was more important to her than fear for magical beasts that would surround her.


“You, you damn thief! The goddess of wisdom will punish you!”

“She will definitely punish you!”


Unfortunately, I knew that the gods of this world do not directly affect this land. My mind was lighter as was the weight of their pockets.

While I had felt some pain when I was given weapon replacement as my unique skill, in actual fights, the ability was much more potent than I had thought. While my ability might not be significantly better than Park Hyeri’s solidified sound attacks or Green Goblin’s skill of transforming sparkly objects to flash ammunition, the skill suited me well.


It was no wonder I was in a good mood, as I now had tens of weapons I had dreamed of when I was Kim Taesung, and my bag was filled with items I would have been astonished at before. They had about twenty items excluding the sub-weapons such as the daggers the archers had. I, of course, had targeted the main weapons instead of the sub-weapons, and while I could not exactly remember the exact number, I had taken about sixteen of them.


If I added in Park Han Cheol’s Club of Darkness, the total would be seventeen, and they would be worth about seven million points. The sum would be much less if I sold them to the goblin in the item store, but I did not care.

I would keep stealing, and if rumors spread, people would become more cautious. However, if I managed to assault them from behind, stealing one or two more items would be a cinch. I wandered around thinking these fruitless thoughts for a while until it became dark, and I was certain that most of my traces had been erased before returning to the town.

I returned with an elation felt by a patriarch of the house returning home after work with dinner.




Park Han Cheol could only despondently stare at the sky, knowing he could not chase them. If there was a skilled archer or assassin in their party, it might have been possible, but sending his younger siblings alone made him nervous.



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