142 Part 2


He did not curse often, but they were clamming his throat now. Park Han Cheol’s grip on the cheap dagger tightened as he stared at it. Only his rationality stopped him from throwing down the dagger as if to smash it.

The dagger was the only clue to find that demon who would still be almost impossible to find. While just the sight of it made Park Han Cheol livid, he had no other choice.

Moreover, Park Han Cheol felt that he had failed his younger siblings.


He had enough points accumulated to buy a useful weapon, and while the newly bought weapon would not be as efficient as the Club of Darkness, it still would work well.

However, his sincerity was being questioned here. Park Han Cheol felt his chest tighten when he saw the sadness of his younger siblings.


“I’m sorry…”

“What happened was because of my stupidity.”


It was also his younger siblings who gave Park Han Cheol his strength.


“No, it’s all right. Items can be bought again. I’m just happy that we are all safe.”


Park Han Cheol’s eyes filled as his cherished younger sister consoled him. He had to be a lucky person to have such members in his party.


It was that moment when he felt something approach them. The first thing Park Han Cheol heard when he focused his magic was a shrill cry of a woman.


“That evil bastard…”


There were about twenty of them, and he could not lower his guard since they could be murderers. Park Han Cheol’s back stiffened since he could lose his younger siblings if they faced the Spider Clan without any weapons. He felt even edgier as he had heard that Park Hyeri was active around this area recently.


“You guys, prepare for battle.”

“All right!”
“Yes, big brother.”


Park Han Cheol had been observing his surroundings carefully when he saw about twenty men and women slowly walk out. The insignia on their chests immediately showed him who they were.


‘The Greenbelt Clan.’


Park Han Cheol knew this clan well. They were not from Hadum but well known to be elites in a small city in the east. Also, the reason for the clan’s establishment was noteworthy enough to be stuck in Park Han Cheol’s memories.

Their goal was to investigate the ecosystems of this continent. In other words, the Greenbelt Clan’s goal was to explore the land they lived in and venture to unknown territories. Park Han Cheol had gone hunting with them a few times and had gotten along well with them because they had similar tendencies.

However, right now they looked different from the last time Park Han Cheol had seen them. Choi Jihye, who had always been benevolent to those in need and had always had a bright smile, was now crying and cursing.


“That bastard thief…He will be punished by the gods…”


Also, Kim Sangyong had always been confident as the leader of the Greenbelt Clan. However, he now looked shabby and insignificant, and his ordinarily easygoing face was furious.

All of them walking with lowered heads like runaway troops had one thing in common. Every one of them had the same dagger Park Han Cheol held in his own hand.

Park Han Cheol and his siblings gently showed themselves after observing them. The members of the Greenbelt Clan stopped in surprise and greeted Park Han Cheol after recognizing who he was. The first person to speak was the master of the Greenbelt Clan Ha Jooyoung.


“You were hunting.”

“Yes, yes. We’re sorry to show you our sorry state. A monster had ambushed us…”


Should that incident be called an ambush? They had never heard an individual who only stole weapons, and Ha Jooyoung had to be thinking the same thing. The second person to greet Park Han Cheol was Choi Jihye.


“Hello, Mr. Park…It’s a coincidence.”


She looked as if she would burst into tears at any moment, and Park Han Cheol felt the same. Park Han Cheol slowly held out the dagger in his hand in the oppressive atmosphere.


“I also met him.”

“That…that is.”

“Yes, a demon with long horns in his head riding a wolf stole my weapon. He had exchanged my weapon with a dagger before I could blink. It was a named monster I had not seen before in this area.”


Tears streaked from Choi Jihye’s eyes once more as she sympathized with him.


“He- he stole the weapon I barely managed to buy after a few years.”


Everyone would be feeling the same emotion. Choi Jihye’s statement made everyone solemn, and Park Han Cheol opened his mouth.


“We had better go back to the city since staying here like this without any equipment is dangerous. Let’s go back to my house if you do not have a place to stay, since discussing what to do together is not a bad idea.”


Working together would be better than alone to recover their losses, finding out who he was, and figuring out what to do together. Ha Jooyoung nodded to Park Han Cheol’s words after a little while.


“Then we will intrude on your hospitality for a little while.”


Park Han Cheol and the Greenbelt Clan moved together with bitter expressions. It would be difficult to find the demon who suddenly stole their weapons and ran away. Actually, it would be almost impossible, but no one spoke that thought out loud.




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