Green Skin Chapter 17

My experience wasn’t that useful and even so, I had really only killed the goblins at best, but I do have 10 years of experience. I secretly began to inspect my body condition. I could faintly sense some magic wandering around in my body.

Opposing me was the strongest who was called to be one of the continent’s top 10 Summoned. But, she’s currently a novice whose abilities are now starting to develop.  Anyhow, my opponent is definitely a ‘ genius ‘.

However, I won’t falter just like that.

I want to test myself. I want to fight. That kind of desire and urge continued to soar within me. That feeling when her eyes and mine met for the first time. That emotion which I couldn’t control no matter what.

The will to fight.

My breathing automatically rough, and the cold sweat I felt on each pore that was screaming were imminent.

” It’s the monster I saw from before. It’s been a while. ”

‘ Queen of the North ‘ Han So-Hye mumbled as she began to glare at me. It seems that she remembers me. Despite my face having a sloppy dagger picture drawn on it, seeing that she can recognize me, her eyesight is quite keen.

‘ It’s an honor for you to remember me ‘

Was what I wanted to say, but I couldn’t. If possible, I wanted to hide the fact that I could speak in human language.

It seems that Goff, the other clan’s members, and all of the other Green Skins that were a bit strong were wholly brought over ‘ here, ‘ made Queen of the North’s mouth water.

Probably, among the monsters they fought, it’s highly possible of the fact that they decided me to be the most dangerous. To be quite honest, I was very grateful. But, I was also extremely hot. I wanted to rush in and fight immediately.

” Kereuuuuuuk . . . ”

The most loyal of the five beside me started to nod after looking over. Seeing the current situation, they estimated that the burning combative spirit of mine was probably against that ‘ girl ‘ standing in front.

That stare of the Queen of the North. My fighting spirit was burning immensely to the limit, so it was truly difficult to endure.

In the end, I was forced to run against Han So-Hye.


I did not mean to scream. But, I couldn’t help myself. Hearing my scream, the man protecting the Queen in front ran towards me.

All the Green Skins around me collided against the man in place of myself. It was likewise for the 5 goblin siblings. It seems they were doing their utmost to stop anyone from influencing the battle.

Naturally, there was a large line made in the center between her and I. The Green Skins were continuing to push away the enemies.

” It’s the Sacred Battle ! ”

” It’s a Sacred Battle !  No one can interfere ! ”

” Ggirik ! ! Blood Dagger Clan Leader wants a Sacred Battle ! ”

Here and there, goblins started to clamor and advertise. Goff who was killing humans like he was killing off some rats, laughed down on me while the rest focused their eyes on the impending battle.

It seems that the humans have already been pushed towards the walls. As such, the Green Skins, one by one, turned their attention towards me. They looked like they wanted to be eyewitnesses of the Sacred Battle.

Suddenly, a large green wall of goblins surrounded the two of us making it like a great arena. The Queen of the North, surprised, looked at me as she opened her mouth.

” I think I know what you want. ”

Even if you didn’t say anything, there’s no way you wouldn’t know from this situation alone. She knew what I wanted just from eye contact alone – a one-on-one battle.

“Kyaaaaaaa ! ! ! ”

Rushing in fast with a swing from my broad sword, the Queen of the North quickly created distance. Her weapon was a spear. Usually a spear was much more advantageous against a sword. Although it wasn’t universally recognized, a spear did have a bit of an edge due to its range. As for me, though I have a large frame, it’s also that much easier to be targeted. And it definitely wasn’t like I had the habit of fighting face-to-face like Goff.

Though my body was burning, I also kept in mind that I had to fight cleverly.

Deflecting the spear away, I advanced. The most basic strategy is definitely a straightforward one. I needed to close the distance to win, and she had to keep the distance in order for her to achieve victory.

The oncoming spear thrusts that pierced the air towards me was, in short, flashes. The moment I blinked, I could see her aiming for my joints.

I couldn’t believe it at all that the girl standing in front of me with that kind of skills after 90 days. Her spear thrusts weren’t ordinary at all. She knew what she was doing.

Although she didn’t completely understand the extent of my abilities as well, but her attacks were extremely difficult and critical in my eyes.

Though I had continued to close the distance at first, I realized that the distance between us only grew.

‘ fu*k . . . . the level difference . . . to be this high. ‘

Despite my 10 years of experience, I was slowly being broken apart from a 90-day greenhorn. All the swordsmanship, study, and everything else I learnt from my past life was slowly one by one being destroyed.

” KYAAAAAAA ! ! ! ”

My sword that was slowly slipping into a perilous situation. The Han So-Hye was very simply deflecting my attacks as she didn’t allow me to separate from her, attacking me smoothly with her spear.

It was quite a pitiable situation. Truly, I nearly laughed in these circumstances.

In a stance where she could scrape at my flesh, I ignored her swing and aimed to deal a heavy blow. As if realizing my intent, she retreated three steps back. If I try to manage a defensive posture, she would fiercely come after me. A distance only 6 steps apart.

I couldn’t close this distance of 6 steps at all.

‘ fu*k . . . . fu*k . . . ‘

If I think about it, in the past, I was numb from others outpacing me.

” Hey ! Kim Taesung. Did you hear? The Summoned rookie this time. It’s already rumored that the person is eyeing for the Saint Knights . . . Apparently, he easily killed an ogre on his hunt. ”

” Ah? I see. It’s not something that concerns me though . . . ”

” Kim Taesung ! ! Kim Taesung ! ! You know the man who lives in the dumpster disposal plant. In the end, that person entered the Red Cross Clan. . . Ahhh . .  . Who would’ve thought that old man would become one. ”

” Well . . . I must say I’m envious. ”

” Kim Taesung, you alright? So why did you foolishly attack. For someone who’s only been here for 2 years, you’re quite reckless . . . right? ”

” Ughhhh . . . . it hurts. ”

” fu*k . . . . ”

I should be like that . . . definitely not caring about being outpaced by others . . . but now . . . now, I feel like I’m going to go crazy. The useless times I had in the past was so pathetic, I couldn’t control myself.

Putting the sword close to my body as close as possible, I need to concentrate on blocking her attacks while advancing. Slightly avoiding the critical attacks against my head and body, I need to hold my sword firm and be ready to defend.

To hold the sword reversely. There was no meaning to this necessarily. However, by doing this, it would be easier to advance and block. Since it was easier to block, I went with this option.

If she steps back a step, I need to advance by two steps. If she distances herself by two, I need to close in towards her by three steps.

As such, I will decrease the distance one step at a time.

The burning sensation in my body was still there. This combative spirit. My spirit was constantly fanning on me in finding a way to shorten the distance.

” Hmph. ”

The Queen of the North was in the midst of swinging her spear emotionlessly. I continually advanced forward.

The six steps soon became five, and the five soon turned into four steps. Sometime later, I was fighting at a sword’s distance.

” Kereeeeeeuk. ”

Quickly raising my sword, I slashed furiously. Even though she’s trying to distance herself, she was definitely in my range. Forced to ‘ block ‘. She’ll definitely block.

” Kwajik ! ”

As expected, she blocked it. Holding her spear vertically up, she was defending against my sword with both arms. I had the advantage in strength. She was frowning, as if her hands were starting to hurt.

‘ I need to catch her. ‘

” Kwaaaaaaa ! ”

This difficultly-obtained opportunity. If I don’t use this timing well, then it will be that much more strenuous. One more step. I stepped in front one step exactly. Instantly, I swung my sword from atop down as she started to block with her spear vertically up. The spear was about to break from my blows, so she quickly crouched and escaped my attacks.

Then, one more step.

I could clearly see blood flowing out from her hand that was gripping the spear. The recent two blocks that she made had caused her to have an injury dealt to her hand.

Though tiring, there was no mistake how enjoyable it was. One step, one step, when I felt that I was getting closer to the Queen of the North, my heart continued to pound. It was probably due to the hope that I could get closer.

But, this time, the Queen of the North didn’t stand still. In order to impair my movement, she started to aim for my legs.

The distance grew to three steps, and once I caught up, it happened again. After 10s of, no, hundreds of clashes, there was only one thought that was stuck on my mind.

‘ Fun. ‘

It was extremely enjoyable. Before I knew it, the edges of my lips started to rise. My body was automatically reacting as well. At this time, the Queen of the North started to look over. There was no mistake. She was clearly laughing as she smiled.

” Kereeeeuk ”

With my uplifted mood, I charged towards her like a boar. The 4 steps of distance that she maintained, it was sufficient enough for me to land a critical blow. Likewise, it was also enough for me to receive one.

If I continued to tire her stamina out like this, then I would clearly be victorious. First, I needed to create a situation where she couldn’t avoid. I’m an orc. If nothing else, I was clearly ahead in terms of stamina.

At the time when I felt that the Queen of the North’s body was slowly becoming sluggish.

I swung my sword with a slash to her body. She will definitely block by vertically holding her spear up.

” Kwang ! ”

Though it was a brief moment, her body trembled.

The real part starts now. Since she blocked it vertically, her opposite side was totally vulnerable. A distance I couldn’t reach with my sword. However, I could with my legs. Even if not completely, it doesn’t matter. Just by grazing it, I can hinder her mobility.

As such, I extended my left leg to destroy her stance.

I expected to hear some broken bone sounds, but the Queen of the North aimed for my right leg, causing my other leg to swing in the air.

‘ damn . . . ‘

As if she had anticipated this, she stepped onto the rod of her spear. In a moment’s breath, she was jumping in the air. Shortly, I could see a spear piercing towards me with an appearance like a ‘ Queen. ‘

Instantly, I could feel a strong pain burning on my chest.

‘ It pierced through. ‘

All that immense strength I was controlling soon crumbled down. With that blurred conscious, I couldn’t believe that I had lost while staring at the spear thrust into my chest.

‘ I lost. ‘

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