Green Skin Chapter 18

Although my consciousness was blurry, I tried my best to hold onto myself. Despite my efforts, however, my body was continuing to fall down. In that moment, I saw the faces around me as if they couldn’t believe what they’re witnessing as they watched the battle. I wasn’t surprised. I could say that among here, I was one of the strongest members. From the outside, right after Goff. Although other goblins may not recognize this, but if I were to battle against Goff, I would definitely win.

So it wasn’t irrational for them to have such shocked expressions on. Their opponent was a ‘weakling’, a prey of the lowest kinds. It was a human girl. The other clan chiefs finally accepted the fact that I wasn’t kidding from before.

Mev who was about to cry, the loyal five goblin siblings and their grave expressions. Above all, they were stunned – Goff had the same expression as well. It seems he was restraining himself from immediately coming over from his expression.

As such, I collapsed on the ground perfectly. Though I could feel my body crash against the ground, but the pain in my chest caused me to not feel that pain at all.

I couldn’t put any more strength in my body. It was a feeling I was accustomed to. It was a feeling very similar to what I experienced as a human. Though I couldn’t hear much from the surroundings very well, but I still tried to listen.

” The . . . . . . sacred . . . . . .  battle . . . . . . is . . . . . won . . . . by . . . . . the  . . . human . . . girl ! ”

” Blood . . . . Dagger . . . . lost. ”

I could hear the Green Skins crying slowly embedding into my mind.

‘ The victor is the Queen of the North. ‘

Dumbfounded, tears started to flow fiercely down my face. It definitely was because of the pain or the fact that I didn’t want to die. I was angry at losing against the Queen of the North who looked like a small child.

I slightly turned my head and stared at the Queen of the North. The green skins started to make way for the Queen of the North who had already turned her back from me as if she wasn’t interested. That was how they paid respect to the victor of the sacred battle.

The war was won.

As we already infiltrated through the castle walls, the high ratio of enemy archers couldn’t handle us at all. In fact, the battle flowed towards our favor and we won, but I lost.

My sight slowly blurred even more. But above all, I was very distressed not being able to even see the shadow of the Queen of the North. It felt as if that girl was slowly drifting away. I had shortened that mere 6 steps of distance to three. However, now that distance was slowly becoming farther. I wanted to go closer, but I couldn’t.

After a while, once I lost complete sight of her, I started to hear a voice.

[ Quest Complete. ]

[ Quest – Tutorials Northern Forest Conquest ! : Conquer the Northern Forest. ( 1/1 ) ]

[ Impressive. You have succeeded with your clumsy strategy on repelling the group of the Northern Forest ! A special class has opened. The war is won, but you who have lost the battle ! A new special class has opened especially for you. You have successfully completed the quest. The Quest reward is Rank Up. Please select from the following. ]

Making the Queen of the North leave this place was one of the conditions in order for the quest to be completed. However, I wasn’t too excited to hear this at the moment. Listening to that voice, I lost my consciousness.

” Kereeeeeeeeuk . . . . ”

” Kereeeeeuk . . . . ”

I quickly opened my eyes. Instantly, I looked at the scenery around me. To be honest, you couldn’t call it a scenery. It was a villager’s home that the humans had used. I slightly turned my head towards the side and saw Mev and Jung Ha-yeon sleeping by the bed with their eyes closed.

” Kereeeuk . . . ”

The growling of an orc kept ringing in my ear.

‘ Who . . . . ‘

Slowly turning my head and looking up was the face of Goff. Though it may be just me, but I think he grew a bit larger than before. If I think about it, I remember that I had completed the quest before I fell unconscious. I could tell that he had gotten a bit stronger even if he weren’t able to evolve into the next species. As expected, the probability was high that he was either an Intermediate Orc Warrior or some different special class. As if he recognized someone staring, he opened his eyes and spoke.

” So you’ve awoken . . . . ”

” Yeah . . . . ”

Seeing that I could speak a bit, it seems the goblin shaman had healed my wound to some extent. Frowning while staring at my wound, he spoke again.

” That human woman had insulted your honor. However, that is of course the right of the winner. You have to live. You need to live to pay back what you owe. ”

” You couldn’t die honorably in the sacred battle. Kereeeuk . . . ”

Seeing it, it seems that it was dishonorable to not die in a sacred battle. Funny as it is, I was quite grateful that the Queen of the North had allowed me to live.

‘ I can fight once more. ‘

Thanks to surviving that battle, I can fight with that woman once more.

Seeing me not saying anything, as if Goff understood, he patted my back.

” Kereeeeeuk . . . how painful it must be . . . ”

Even while comforting he continued to growl. I could somewhat understand what Goff was feeling. He definitely had the same emotions I felt against the Queen of the North.

‘ Fighting Spirit. ‘

Goff was definitely feeling the same thing I felt.

” It  . . . seems you want to fight . . . . . ”

” It is so. ”

” Even after seeing that woman, to not feel such a way, you can’t call yourself a Green Skin . . . but truly strong. The Queen of the North . . . . no matter . . . even if it is . . you . . . ”

” No. Blood Dagger. She’s not a human woman. That woman is definitely strong, but she’s not a woman of the humans. ”

I started to stare at Goff who had interrupted me. Those burning eyes, the lips that continued to move, the tough muscles that were about to burst, and the fighting spirit that was about to explode. All of those emotions were clearly directed towards ‘ me. ‘

” I want to fight you. Blood Dagger. ”

” It’s an honor . . . ”

” Right now, you need to focus on recovering your honor . . . it seems I said something useless . . . kereeeuk . . . don’t worry about it. ”

Although the words were a bit flat, he rose his large body up. Despite being so busy, to wait like this until I woke up meant that he was worried about me. Though I never had a close fight against him, I couldn’t help but laugh. To have Goff worry about me.

I slowly began to inspect my body. Whether the Queen of the North truly gave mercy or I had luckily survived by avoiding those critical strikes, but I definitely survived. Whether it was because of the orc’s vitality, my body was normal.

I slowly rose my upper body up. Some rags were sloppily wrapped around my wound. These rags were quite loose.

As if I had moved my body wrongly, I could feel pain rise up from the wound. In the midst of that pain, the face of the Queen of the North emerged once again in my mind.

‘ I lost. ‘

That last attack was definitely not me being careless. If I think about it now, trying to shorten the distance until that last attack was as if it was all ‘ foreshadowed ‘. Seeing that she continued to block my attacks with her spear straight up, it was certain that she was raising my confidence on purpose. It was a simulated move that she had planned up already.

‘ Truly strong. ‘

At least I reached her. Though I wasn’t able to land a critical strike, my sword did reach her spear. As I was recalling the battle once more, it was then.

The sleeping Jung Ha-yeon beside me started to open her eyes. Seeing me awake, she stared at me with her eyes wide open. Then, she slowly opened her lips.

” You . . . you . . . are awake. ”

” Yeah. How many days has it been? ”

” One . . . you were asleep for one day. ”

” I see . . . ”

” I . . . I thought you were going to die. ”

” I thought so too. ”

Silence filled the air for a moment. Looking at her face, it seems that Jung Hayeon had something to say, but was holding it in. In the end, she started to speak after the silence was lengthening to some extent.

” Don’t . . . don’t die. Don’t get hurt. If you’re not here . . . I don’t have anyone to rely on. ”

After saying so, I saw Jung Ha-yeon’s face strangely reddening. As much as trusting me and evolving into a monster, there will also be no one to rely on if I wasn’t there. After privately sharing a lot of conversations, it seems that she held some sentiment to me.

I couldn’t help but slightly laugh.

” Alright. I’ll bear that in mind. ”

” Yes . . . I’m sorry to say these kinds of words. ”

” It’s not that . . . but . . . what happened after I collapsed. ”

” Gob . . . the goblins and the hobgoblins made way. Though I didn’t clearly hear it, but I think they said . . . the sacred battle’s victor had the right. So far as allowing the rest of the humans to go with her. Goff Clan . . .  as well as the other clans did not even touch the humans that left.

Although I roughly guessed it would happen like that, but hearing them directly, I couldn’t help but feel restless. It seems that after that battle, the war had soon concluded. And everyone were able to accept the outcome since the clan leaders had announced in advance about the sacred battle as well.

The Queen of the North’s side must have thought that the war was already lost. In the end, it seems that they had chosen to take their troops and leave the place. Although there couldn’t have been an incident where some didn’t realize the order and continue to attack, but I don’t think they were as stupid to do that.

Though I’m not sure where they left, either to the south, west or east, I’m sure we will meet on the continent someday.

While I was listening to Jung Ha-yeon, Mev woke up from the noise.

” Cap . . . . tain? Cap . . . tain ! Captain ! ”

” Ugh . . ”

The moment she arose, she jumped onto my body, causing my upper wound to sting. But, I was more worried about the Blood Dagger Clan. Though I didn’t know about their conditions, but Goff did say that I had ‘ lost my honor. ‘

Although it wasn’t like they were ones that really took care of their honor, but a sacred battle was a different story. Worried if my subordinates were disappointed and had left the clan, I asked Mev, who quickly gave back a response.

” Perchance, where are the clan members now? Are there any that left? ”

” No. There are no goblins that left. Rather, they were screaming that they would help regain your honor. ”

It was a result that was quite funny. Though it wasn’t like I didn’t have any affection towards these goblins who I couldn’t differentiate from their faces, to think of me to this extent, I couldn’t help but start to love them.

Imagining the goblins and hobgoblins all rolling around the ground and leaping in rage, a smile started to rise from my face.

” And . . . I won’t leave as well. You don’t have to worry . . . . . . ”

Mev who had wanted to mate with me on our first meeting was saying this shyly, causing me to understand as if this was a natural response for an evolved fairy.

Anyhow, the fact that either Mev or Jung Ha-yeon hadn’t died, and that none of the clan members had left was a huge benefit. Come to think of it, I did hear a voice that claimed that I had completed the quest before I collapsed.

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