Green Skin Chapter 19

Special Class

Slowly raising the Quest window, I could see that a completed quest was indeed waiting for me.

[ Quest Complete. ]

[ Quest – Tutorial’s Northern Forest Conquest ! : Conquer the Northern Forest. ( 1/1 ) ]

[ Impressive. You have succeeded with your clumsy strategy on repelling the group of the Northern Forest !  A special class has opened. The war is won, but you have lost the battle !  A new special class has opened especially for you. You have successfully completed the quest. The Quest reward is Rank Up. Please select from the following. ]

[ 1. Intermediate Orc Warrior ][ 2. Orc Swordsman ][ 3. Orc assassin ][ Special1. Orc Commander ][ Special2. Orc Gladiator ]

There were two special options that opened this time. As expected, there were none that allowed me to evolve into a higher species. However, seeing the option of an Orc Intermediate Warrior, I was fine with it.

In this kind of case, I need to choose carefully. I slowly began to ponder. First, the commander option was immediately excluded. The Orc assassin as well. There was no particular reason necessarily, but it was just that I was more familiar with the sword. If you think about it, I might grow stronger through the path of a swordsman.


There were some limitations. From the start, I had no talent in swordsmanship. Even though it was a path I had traversed once, I was still somewhat hesitating. I slowly began to read about the special class.

[ Special 2. Orc Gladiator]

[ Fighting for an Orc Gladiator is life. Long ago, when the humans had enslaved the Green Skins, the Orc Gladiators fighting in the Colosseum was one of the most popular events. In the Colosseum, the Orc Gladiators fought for survival rather than honor. Increases the proficiency on all weapons you use. ]

‘ Not bad. ‘

The description alone wasn’t bad at all. Rather, it was quite decent. The one that I liked the most was that the gladiators prioritized survival over honor. It was also a plus that the class could wield a variety of weapons. It might be a bit ambiguous, but in my previous life, fighting with only a sword was quite peculiar.

More precisely, once I choose the gladiator class, a high-level class would be even more appealing though I do have to confirm it once I evolve into the intermediate class. Although the Commander class wasn’t something that I was akin of, I thought it wouldn’t hurt to read the class description as well. So I decided to look at it.

[ Special 1. Orc Commander ]

[ Commanding the Green Skins is the greatest honor for an Orc. The Green Skin Clan that gets commanded by an Orc Commander will have its battle prowess increased. As a commander, rather than creating a buff for the army, more precisely, the Green Skins will be able to listen to orders easily. Increases the proficiency of the sword. ]

It was a class so fine that I wondered why I haven’t read the description to this day. I even had a clan, so being a commander wouldn’t be bad at all . . . but there was no denying that it was a class that would be less effective than the Gladiator as you evolve. Although missing out on the increased sword proficiency was regrettable, but the gladiator class had much more features.

I didn’t hesitate twice and decided. With the word Gladiator floating around in my mind, soon I could feel my body shaking.

But, it wasn’t a change as great as when I had evolved from a goblin to a hobgoblin, and not as painful from a hobgoblin to an orc. The instantaneous shift in my body soon stopped.

And I could realize that my body had changed despite lying down on the floor. I slowly gripped my fist tightly.

‘ There’s no mistake. I became stronger. ‘

What emerged in my head was the basic proficiencies of the usage of the spear, sword, axe, and the two-handed sword. Although the rest will take effort and training, but I was quite pleased with the selection. The fact that I could understand all the basic weapons to a certain degree will aid me aiming for critical points in a battle against opponents of all varieties. While I was gripping my fist tightly like that, Jung Hayeon stared at me and opened her mouth.

” So you’ve evolved. ”

” Mmhm. It’s good. ”

Though it’s basic armor, on one shoulder, a piece of armor was added. It seems there was no weapon gifted. Being wounded, it was extremely uncomfortable to have the shoulder armor on, so I decided to take it off for the time being. As if she knew I was uncomfortable, Jung Hayeon was already taking it off my shoulder.

Come to think of it, everyone had completed the quest as well.

” Come to think of it, both of you have completed the quest. Is there anything different? ”

Mev answered first to my question. With quite a triumphant face, she began to speak.

” Yes. Captain. I evolved into a Fairy Sprite Archer.

” Oh . . . . ”

” I . . . . I’ve evolved into a plant magician. ”

No matter how you think of it, it seems that both had attained special classes. Though it wasn’t like special classes were necessarily greater or more effective than the other ordinary evolutions, to have both of them evolve into special classes. The results of this war was quite fruitful.

” How’s the Sprite Archer? ”

Mev started to stare at the sky after listening to my words. She was probably checking on what kind of class the Sprite Archer was.

” From what was written, it seems that among the Fairy race, the elite archers were called Sprite Archers I think . . . though I’m not sure, but apparently magic proficiency is increased as well. There are a few spells, and I could feel my mana increase, so I guess it’s a good thing? ”

” Mmhm. You did well. ”

Just from the explanation, I could tell that it was quite similar to the human’s Magic Archer. I had thought there would be a difference among the two classes since she said Sprite Archer instead of Magic Archer.

But, as for me likewise, it was a class that you needed to advance to the intermediate in order to precisely confirm the effectivity of the class I think.

” How’s the Plant Magician? ”

” I’m not sure if there’s a huge difference from before. Nothing like Intermediate Magician appeared, but just a plant magician option . . . was there. I didn’t have a choice. ”

” Ah . . . ”

It was probably due to the fact that she lacked experience. Despite completing the quest, the fact that she couldn’t evolve into the intermediate class could only be from her lack of right to evolve at her current state. But, a plant magician wasn’t bad at all. Since her element is of the plants, her magical power will be increased, and with her heightened proficiency, it’ll be easier for her to use spells than an ordinary magician.

” I think it’s fine. ”

” Yes. . . Yes ! ”

I haven’t heard of it directly, but I’m sure that the other clan members have become quite stronger. Especially the loyal Five Goblin Siblings I was curious of, but since they were faces I would see once I healed, I decided to take it slowly. My body was still a bit sleepy. I slowly closed my eyes, and the rest of the time flowed by.

[ The duration of the Tutorial is precisely 30 minutes remaining. The Tutorial objective is to survive for 30 minutes. ]

The Tutorial was coming to an end. Even though I nearly died, the Orc’s recovery was quite good. Or maybe it was that old elder goblin shaman skills that were quite good.

” Keuu . . . . . your body is quite strong. You’re nearly fully recovered ”

” Kereuuk . . . . . the pain in my chest is still throbbing . . . ”

” If it were the other Green Skins, they would’ve definitely died. You have good luck. ”

I remembered that the elder that was treating me had created a clan from the aftermath of the battle. ‘ Darkmoon Clan. ‘ Though I had thought that he wouldn’t be of much aid, after evolving into a shaman, the true value of his class was revealed. Being an intermediate shaman after completing the quest, the Green Skins that believed in shamanism revered him quite a bit.

If it wasn’t for this elder goblin shaman, Darkmoon, it would’ve taken longer to recover.

” Elder, thank you. ”

” Hmm . . . ”

” Do you happen to know what happens once the Tutorial ends? This morning, I could hear God’s voice. Not just me, but all the other Green Skins had all heard of it. ”

” I wouldn’t know either. Though I’m not exactly sure, but I think that the setting of where we are will change. Darkmoon, you’re a shaman right? Do you not know what will happen? Kereuuk. ”

” Tch. Just because you’re a shaman doesn’t mean you know everything. Maybe I’ll learn of it later. Today’s treatment ends here. Then, I will take my leave. ”

Like that, the Darkmoon elder left outside.

Usually, once the Tutorial ends, after the ‘ Settlement ‘ all are immediately transported to the continent. The settlement is the review stage where you are graded from the deeds you accomplished in the tutorial, and are able to take useful things bought from the item store to the continent. Anyone can open the item store once you move to the continent, which is quite important.

For humans, you can buy money with points, but I started to be curious of how things will turn out for Green Skins who don’t have something like currency. In my previous life, after the Tutorial, I wasn’t able to purchase anything. From what I’ve heard, the item store that appears when the Tutorial ends has a lot more useful items than the one that you could open in the continent. Of course item-wise, the items that you can obtain from dungeons are much more effective; however, as one that will land on the continent right away, the difference between being empty-handed and equipping basic equipment is quite large.

I know better than anyone as someone who landed on the continent empty handed. I experienced it together with Choi Seulgi.

As for humans, you must receive ‘ Education ‘ once you’re on the continent after the tutorial ends.

Come to think of it, although it’s education by word, in reality, it was a course intended to select and choose abled people. I’m not sure how things will transpire among the monsters, but from how clans don’t touch or interfere with each other, I think there won’t be such a thing as education here. No, there’s a great chance for it not to happen.

Rather, it’ll be more of a larger clan absorbing the smaller clans, or making alliances. Of course, the ‘seniors’ that are already on the continent are definitely strong.

As Green Skins that pride themselves on honor more than anything else, there shouldn’t be any needless events. While I was thinking of such useless thoughts, I walked out.

” Ggirik ! Ggirik ! ! ! Ggirik ! ! ”

” Kereuuuuuk . . . ”

In a long while, I saw the Blood Dagger Clan members. Seeing the ratio of hobgoblins were higher than goblins, I could feel that their battle prowess has increased.

” It’s the Captain ! It’s the Blood Dagger ! ”

” It’s the Blood Dagger who has lost his honor ! ”

” The Captain has revived ! ”

The Clan members welcomed me with screams once I appeared. In front of me was Jung Hayeon, Mev, and the loyal Five Goblin Siblings. The first and second had chosen Orcs, while the rest of the three female goblins continued to stay as goblins. It seems that the equipment on them had changed accordingly to something of a swordsman, or maybe a hammer warrior.

Whether it was due to the many evolutions, seeing those cute fellas pounding their chests towards me was extremely cute. Seeing the cheers of the goblins from my appearance, I decided to reply to them by pounding my chest as well.

” Victory ! For victory only ! For Blood Dagger ! ”

” For the Despicable Blood Dagger Clan ! ”

[ The duration of the Tutorial has ended. For settlement, after moving you to the store, you will be soon transported to the continent. ]

Listening to their cheers, I took my second step into the continent.

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