144 Part 1

Green Skin Chapter 144 – Jang Ye Ri


“Push the cargo! Push!”

“I want to fight. It’s unfair that I should have to push the cargo because I’m half-ogre. I can shoot arrows.”

“We have no one to push the cargo on our team. There are enough archers from other Green Skins!”

“Nicole is not doing anything. I, Harzo the great archer, have eliminated many Green Skins with these arrows. So, you who are not doing anything should be pushing the cargo.”



I left Jung Hayeon sound asleep inside the tent and stepped outside to see little children playing around and fighting. They seemed to be playing the push the cargo game.

While I had been unable to observe them for the last ten days because I was too busy, it seemed that the half orge Harzo from the Goff’s Clan stood out in a bad way. Nicole’s team would lose to Kim Yoora’s side every time because he would not push the cargo and only shoot arrows from behind.

Harzo was the same in other playgrounds, as he would shoot arrows even when his physical abilities in certain situations called for him to charge forward. I understood that Nicole might get angry.

While I anticipated the future of a half-ogre fascinated with arrows, even Kim Yoora was trying to avoid being on the same team as Harzo. However, since his powers were useful, I could give him some more time.

The village looked different only after ten days since there had been much development. Green Skins who found water fountains and septic tanks strange had adjusted, and the blacksmiths Goff had captured a few days ago energized the place.


“Then I’ll go to work.”

“Do your best.”


The human blacksmiths adjusted to their new lifestyles little by little after being scared to death. Lee Wanyong was in charge of the herbalists and the blacksmiths. While Hakajin should be managing them, since they spoke different languages, I forced Lee Wanyong to do it. Of course, I placed two orges and a believer of Baek Ahyeon after him, but he seemed to think of them as his guards.

As Hakajin was learning the human language now, Lee Wanyong would have to step back after a while. However, he seemed happy enough for now.

We treated human blacksmiths humanely, and they were not living as slaves since we were concerned about their welfare more than they had estimated.

Believing that slaves should not rest and only toil away was an outdated idea. I thought that rest and rewards were necessary to stay efficient slowly over a long period, and the plan worked.

Some of the blacksmiths were beginning to work with enthusiasm because they were living a better life than they had in Hadum. Also, Baek Ahyeon was diligent in preaching to them, and already there was another follower.


“For Blood Dagger!”

“For Blood Dagger!”


People could focus on training since we had blacksmiths and traders take care of maintaining the village. I nodded in approval as I saw Green Skins, including Gark, Hark, and Minotaurus Orbo train.

I motioned Gark, who was nearest to me, to come. He came running with a broad smile, perhaps because I chose him from many Green Skins.


“Half Blade is prepared to listen to Blood Dagger!”

“Where are we planning to go hunting today?”

“I heard that Leader Ragia plans to move with the Goff Clan to the rear forest.”

“I’ll look forward to a good haul.”


I saw Gark smile brightly when I tapped his shoulder. I had assigned all scheduling to Ragia since the clan could not rest in my absence, and planning to cooperate with the Goff Clan was not a bad idea.

It was my responsibility as the chief to go about the clan and encourage them. While I should be rushing, since human beings were not showing themselves nowadays, I went out less frequently.

There were almost more than a hundred weapons in the warehouse, and I did not hand them over to the shop except the items I found useless. I did not have items I had to buy because the quest was not complete yet, and there were too many to take an exact inventory. Of course, I handed some of them to clan executives and other members who had shown a decent performance.


“Savior! Thank you! Thank you! Savior!”


I remembered the voice I had heard that time and went to Mev’s tent. One of my daily routines was to visit Mev before I went outside, and if I had fulfilled my duties as the chief before, now I was trying to be a responsible father.

I saw Mev and the three goblin sisters playing cards when I entered Mev’s large tent.


“I summon Ibar to attack Mev right now!”

“Ah..we should ban the Ibar card!”

“This is a competition, and I will attack the wolf rider at the same time!”


They seemed to be using the strategy Kim Yoora had taught them on Mev. She had been watching the confident three sisters when she noticed me. Mev overturned the table and came rushing to me.

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