145 Part 2

“Are you implying I would have to give it back?”

“No, I’m saying you cannot use it because the owner of the Death Scythe is already determined.”


It was evident that the ownership of the Death Scythe already belongs to someone else, and probably it was her rather than her firstborn brother. I would have been dumbfounded if I had tried to steal it without confirmation since the scythe would be taken away from me again. Jang Yeri did not seem to know that I had my eyes on that item.


“So, what you need is the situation that would occur after the scythe was stolen.”

“Yes, so your race is smart.”


Jang Ye Ri implied that she did not need the scythe to disappear but needed it to be stolen in front of everyone.


“What can you give me in return?”

“A weapon that is just as powerful as the Death Scythe.”

“Do you have it?”

“I’m not stupid enough to take out a weapon in front of you.”


I could not trust her. Even if I managed to carry out the plan successfully, if Jang Ye Ri summoned the Death Scythe again to a place only she knew anything about, all my efforts would have been for nothing. Moreover, if she decided to make a team to take out the Weapon Thief to prove herself to her father, then the repercussions would be irreversible.


“Another thing.”

“I can give you the future or an alliance. I can make your life easier, such as changing the Saint of the West’s identity…”


“You surprise me.”


I could not tell the line between her guesses and what she really knew. The only thing I was sure about is that Jang Ye Ri had an independent information web.

If everything went according to her plan, agreeing to cooperate would be the best choice. However, the risk was too high.


“I cannot trust you. The small human city now extinct enslaved our race, and the city you belong to does the same. I witnessed a carriage transporting slaves to the big city and managed to rescue our young there. Can you trust me in my place?”

The woman in front of me flinched at my words and opened her mouth.


“I’m aware of that. There had been slaves in Somorah, and some remain in Hadum. Could you trust me if I freed some of them and sent them to you?”



Freeing them would not make me trust this woman.


“How about if I become your woman? I heard that males of your race keep the women they spent a night with as their mates.”


She revealed what lay beneath her robes, but it was still not enough.


“No. What I want is your true intentions, evidence that would prove them, and a fatal weakness I could hold over you.”


“You already have my life on a leash. I cannot trust you unless these conditions are satisfied.”


Jang Ye Ri started to worry after I flatly finished my words. I thought she would refuse. While I was also at risk, human beings did not like taking risks that could come back to haunt them, especially a woman like Jang Ye Ri, who had everything and could lose it all.

I met Ibar’s eyes since I might have to fight with her. However, her answer surprised me.


“I will bring Hadum to ruins.”

“No, I will eradicate the east to reform it. It is impossible now and will take much time. I will kill my father and brother, and all who are involved in dirty work to let them know the weight of their sins. I will tear their arms and legs apart so they will beg to be sent to hell. I will be covered in their blood, the screams of those who bought and enjoyed slaves will ring out in the city, and I will cut their dirty genitals and hang them upside down.”


‘The witch.’


Jang Ye Ri was the witch I had heard of in the west. I gulped despite myself because the aura she emitted was fierce. Her murderous eyes were reddened, and her breath was rough underneath the hood. If I took into consideration the future I knew, everything Jang Ye Ri said right now was true.

I slowly observed Jang Ye Ri because she now looked familiar to me. It was a response I could now build a theory on. Jang Ye Ri composed herself as she felt my gaze. I took my time speaking to her.


“Evidence that could prove that goal.”


Jang Ye Ri’s expression was hesitant as she removed the hood from her face. She was not confident now and looked embarrassed. The first thing that leaped to my eyes was white skin like snow.

I could see her beautiful face next, and she looked like a noble queen in a fairy tale. Her black hair naturally streamed down to cover her ears. My gaze froze to a place just when I began to think she did not look human.




Actually, they were shabby horn stumps hidden in her hair.


“My mother called me a demon.”



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