145 Part 1

Green Skin Chapter 145: Secret


Almost all people knew I was Blood Dagger. If people tracked their quests, they would quickly understand that the weapon merchant who had been active in the west was, in fact, Blood Dagger, and he had now moved east.

However, this fact would not help to prove that the Weapon Thief was Blood Dagger. While people could simply speculate on the similarities between the unique skills, they would first need to have accurate knowledge about me.

While I was a named monster, there were so many under this category. While I did cause some commotion, humans needed to focus on other named monsters.

What surprised me was that Jang Ye Ri had known I could communicate with human beings. I also guessed that she knew I could speak the human language, and this fact implied several possibilities. If she had seen or heard Baek Ahyeon was with me, my cautions would have been in vain.

There might have been survivors in Somorah, and if not, this woman might have been observing me. It was also possible that Jang Ye Ri knew through her unique skill, item effects, or job attributes. She might be connected to Park Hyeri of the Spider Clan, and the problem was that only Jang Ye Ri knew the answers.

I was becoming more hostile to Jang Ye Ri, and she stared me with bleary eyes.


“I said I would not harm you. You can be assured that only I know your secret. I would prefer an answer to my question.”



A million thoughts ran through my mind, but the first was that we had to have a conversation. I was surprised, but my instincts told me to trust this woman.


“Let’s go somewhere else.”


I finally opened my mouth, and Jang Ye Ri nodded her assent with a smile. I chose somewhere far away, a swamp where no one would come. It seemed to be an appropriate spot for a secret conversation.

We did not talk much as we walked, but I could feel this woman held me in warm regard for reasons I did not know. She adjusted her stride with me, and mysteriously tried to follow my movements. We finally reached a place in a suitable spot to hold a conversation after a while, and Jang Ye Ri also spoke first here.


“Your answer?”

“Tell me how you know about me first.”

“Aren’t you the monster Spider met in Somorah and the worm caves in the forest? You do not have to be hostile, since I only bought the information. I had not been searching for you, but you came up when I was searching for information on monsters.”


Murderous aura oozed out of me when I heard Jang Ye Ri say she had a connection with the Spider, but I calmed down afterward.


“Why were you looking for information on monsters?”

“You can know that when our contract is secured.”


Jang Ye Ri sounded confident since she did not hesitate as she talked. I remembered she had asked me to steal an item and nodded like I wanted a detailed explanation. Jang Ye Ri looked at me as she continued with her words.


“I want you to steal the Death Scythe, which is now in my brother’s hands.”


I had expected as much, and she confirmed that she wanted the scythe.


“You don’t get along with your brother?”


A family has two kids, a son, and a daughter. The elder son does not have any talent, but the younger daughter has the ability to achieve her dreams and the ambition to match them. While it was a familiar enough story, I started to feel some interest in this cliché here.


“It would be correct to say we are not on good terms.”


Jang Ye Ri probably wanted the repercussions of someone stealing the Death Scythe from her brother. Despite being merely an item, the Death Scythe was a precious item. If I managed to take it, the firstborn son would lose his authority.


“Do you want your father’s attention to yourself?”

“What I want is something similar, but not in that direction. I do not think of him as my father in the first place.”


She seemed to have a reason she could not say out loud.


“The preparations will be made on my part. Rumors are going about in Hadum about you. They are groundless whispers saying that there is a dungeon in Hadum forest that contains all the weapons the Weapon Thief has stolen.”

“You made it up.”

“Time will make this rumor true, and I will make sure it becomes so.”


Jang Ye Ri seemed to have prepared a long time for this, and her skills in finding information and utilizing it were impressive. I heard people describe her as a bloodthirsty madwoman, but they seemed to have been exaggerating.


“My brother will bring the guild members, and all you need to do is appear and steal the massive scythe.”



She was saying that the table will be set and all I needed to do was sit. Stories like this always made me curious, and for instance…


“Can I use the scythe you mentioned?”

“It’s impossible.”

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