146 Part 2

I explained the situation to Baek Ahyeon and arrived with Jang Ye Ri to the place I promised I would take her. She must find our race trustworthy as she followed me without any suspicions.

I opened my mouth, looking at Jang Ye Ri as I rode on Ibar because the silence was too heavy. She had the hood on like she was embarrassed to show her cut horns to me.


“I have other requests.”

“Let’s hear them.”

“Where the Spider is. Park Hyeri’s position.”

“I’ll let you know once I find her. I would also like to request for you to return a few weapons if you can.”


It would not be bad for a few stolen weapons to reappear if I wanted to make the rumors circulating in the city more specific. They would be weapons used by the summoners under her wing.


“You seem to have people under you.”

“While there are not many, yes. I’m not the only one dissatisfied with the current East. Some see my father and my brother unworthy, those who do not want slavery, and those who are purely jealous. While I can count on my fingers those I trust, you can be assured that information regarding you is under restriction.”


“I hope we can cultivate a cultural exchange after this ends.”


She seemed curious about how I lived, and while her tone was nonchalant, she seemed nervous. It would be one of her priorities to confirm with her own eyes the lifestyle of our race, and the preposition to ally seemed to be for herself rather than for my benefit.

Baek Ahyeon appeared as we continued to walk, and she had taken some of our tribe as bodyguards. The orcs greeted me with their hands on their chests, and I followed suit.


“For Blood Dagger!”


However, Baek Ahyeon seemed to be the most excited one, and her running to me like a kid made an impression on me.


“Our savior.”


I was worried whether she would not fall into the swamp, and Baek Ahyeon came near me with wary eyes toward Jang Ye Ri. Her expression became anxious as she realized that she would have to give the ring to Jang Ye Ri. She had been nervous about handing the ring to Orbo in the past, and now she would have to give the ring to someone who looked like a woman. I had explained that I was not throwing a disciple out but only lending her the ring for a while, but she could not nod with a happy expression nonetheless.


“You’re the Saint of the West. It’s nice to meet you.”



Baek Ahyeon did not respond and only glared at Jang Ye Ri. Jang Ye Ri only mumbled to herself, and her voice sounded bitter like Baek Ahyeon’s.


“So, that was why…”


The atmosphere was strange, and I started to speak while staring at Jang Ye Ri to straighten out the situation.


“You must have known I had been in contact with the Saint of the West somehow.”

“I did.”


I showed her the ring on my hand and continued.


“This is the Ring of Pledge, and we can communicate from a distance. We will use this during our contract, and it will be better to leave the ring open unless a situation arises.”


Jang Ye Ri nodded, and I looked at Baek Ahyeon, who stared at me with pleading eyes. While I was sorry, I reached out with my hand, and she also did the same.




While I had explained that it would be for a little while, she looked hurt. I could see her stretch out her hand with her eyes tightly shut. I took out the ring from the fourth finger on her shaking left hand, and Baek Ahyeon glared at Jang Ye Ri as she watched the ring slide away from her. Since Jang Ye Ri also seemed to know that Baek Ahyeon was only jealous, she did not express any dissatisfaction.

However, Jang Ye Ri put forth her left hand quite naturally, and she held out her ring finger like she was asking me to put it on. While Baek Ahyeon’s glare strengthened, Jang Ye Ri only stared at her arrogantly with her head held high.

Since Jang Ye Ri would not take the ring from me while I stood, I put the ring on her finger. Her hand shook like Baek Ahyeon’s had due to nerves, and Baek Ahyeon burst into tears when the ring completely slid on Jang Ye Ri’s finger.

While I held one of Baek Ahyeon’s hands to tell her not to worry, I could not stop her from crying. Perhaps I needed to buy an adequate ring from the shop the moment I returned.


[It’s a strange feeling like we’re connected.]

[That’s true.]


Jang Ye Ri looked at me and smiled as I stared at her. I did not know how our relationship would unfold, but today’s meeting didn’t seem half bad.


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