147 Part 1

Green Skin 147 Anai Totka


Jang Ye Ri stroked the ring on her left hand for no reason. She thought of the demon she had met a few days ago and the horn on his forehead. She remembered how the horn had felt under her hand. She stood up and took off her robe and saw her awfully cut horn. Jang Ye Ri had cut it by herself after her mother died, by thrashing multiple times because she as a child could not slice it. Everyone would think her horn a dreary sight.


‘The horns would have looked nice if they were still on.’


Jang Ye Ri became irritated when she thought of what the Blood Dagger had said as he rubbed her horn. How had she looked in his eyes? She had been worried since horns are a method for demons to show off how alluring they are. Her heart began to hurt like a fireball had dropped on it when Jang Ye Ri imagined she had looked ugly to him. She looked in the mirror, but her expression remained the same. Jang Ye Ri felt stupid thinking that she must have been like this in front of the demon.

The emotion Jang Ye Ri was feeling now was something strange to her. She had not just yearned for her roots. Jang Ye Ri was attracted to the demon, or she would never have absurdly held her left hand out for receiving the ring from the Saint of the West.


It had been simple curiosity on her part at first.

Jang Ye Ri had wanted to study and gather information on how the race she considered her own lived and their ecology system. She had learned that there was a demon who could speak human words, and thought he was in the same situation as she was. That is, she had thought his mother would be a slave or that he would have lived with human beings from when he was young.

She had thought she wanted to get him out and protect him if there was a chance.

However, the demon Jang Ye Ri saw with her own eyes differed from what she had imagined. He had lived with monsters from the start, gathered influence, formed brotherhoods, tackled obstacles, and loved.

She had thought her emotion to be admiration, an appropriate response for someone who had lived among people. Jang Ye Ri calmly closed her eyes because she would remember that time again. She let out a sigh, and her body composed itself as her thoughts sank.



“Yes, lady.”


Jang Ye Ri immediately heard the woman who had raised her in her mother’s place. She also had come to Hadum sold as a slave, and was the only one who took care of her in this massive castle.


“What’s today’s schedule?”

She saw the warm face of her nanny come into the room as she opened her mouth again.


“You have a meal planned with your father and brother. After the meal, you have a meeting with Park Han Cheol and the Greenbelt Clan you met with earlier.”

“Thank you.”
“It’s nothing.”


Jang Ye Ri already had the schedule in her head and asked only for confirmation. She nodded to her nanny, and the elder woman smiled and lowered her head as always. She looked at the clock and saw that it would be dinnertime soon. Jang Ye Ri thought she would have to take off the ring soon because there was a low possibility that things might go wrong.


[I’m going to dinner. I’ll take this off since I will have to meet my father and brother.]



Jang Ye Ri was nervous because he was not answering even though she felt a connection through the ring. She put her magic in the ring again, thinking there might be a problem, but there wasn’t any.


[I’m going to dinner and taking the ring off.]


She had to speak again and now heard an answer.


[I confirm.]


The answer was unsatisfactory, and Jang Ye Ri was annoyed without knowing why. She slammed the ring in the drawer because anger filled her heart.

Jang Ye Ri started to walk to the dining room where she would meet her father and brother. Their family enjoyed a meal like this once a month or once a week. She composed herself and looked like she was her usual self as she entered with the guards in tow.


Thankfully, no one had arrived yet, and the sizeable undecorated table was too spooky to think a family would sit around and have a meal. It was dark, gloomy, and damp. Jang Gi Hoo entered after she sat in her place, and Jang Ye Ri greeted him.


“Have you been well?”

“Don’t dare speak to me, you sleazy bitch. I told you not to speak first in front of me because you reek.”



Jang Ye Ri was no more than a degraded sex slave’s bastard child, and she knew that her brother thought of her as trash. Jang Ye Ri closed her mouth and nodded, and a subtle silence filled the table.


“Master Jang Gi Young will enter.”

A large man revealed himself a bit later, and while he was quite immense, his back was bent, and there were wrinkles and white hair that even magic could not erase.


“Have you been well, father?”

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