147 Part 2

“Have you been well, father?”


The half-siblings both lowered their heads toward Jang Gi Young, and he raised his hand as an answer. The meal began after their father sat heavily in his chair.


“It has been a long time, my son and daughter.”


Jang Ye Ri lowered her head because pressure enough to suffocate her oozed out of his aging body. Her brother Jang Gi Hoo also lowered his head to avoid his father’s gaze, and Jang Ye Ri glanced at him before breathing in to meet her father’s eye.


“The heir to the guild should not look like that.”


Jang Gi Young’s words were not for Jang Ye Ri, and he sighed deeply as he saw how weak his son looked.


“That is…I’m sorry, father.”

“You dumb idiot…if you were half of what your sister is, I would already have given you this city.”

“I’m sorry.”


Jang Gi Young clucked his tongue once after briefly talking to his son like he disliked what he saw and turned his gaze to Jang Ye Ri.


“If you were a man…or at least a human…”


Jang Gi Young reached out his big hand to stroke his daughter’s hair, and she could not help but shudder a little under the chilling touch. While she felt livid from the memories his touch awoke, Jang Ye Ri repressed her emotions as much as she could.

While their actions were the same, her father’s hand was different from the demon’s touch. Jang Gi Hoo was glaring at Jang Ye Ri in front of him, and she wondered how much her brother knew. She knew that he was jealous.

She enjoyed the sight and raised the ends of her lips slightly towards her brother. While the hand on her hair disturbed Jang Ye Ri, she knew that this was the most effective way to further the gap between the father and son.

Jang Ye Ri thought of her brother as an incompetent yet greedy idiot. He was strong enough in battle because of having lived in this world long, but that was the only strength he had. His powers were mostly gained from his father’s influence rather than his own abilities.

He was only a foolish prince, no more, no less.


“The city is noisy these days.”

“Yes, a monster called the weapon thief is causing chaos, and while he has not made an appearance recently, I heard that many summoners are victims of his crimes.”

“Is that so…”

“Yes, there is a rumor that the weapon thief has a dungeon full of his weapons, and since it might have some merit, we’re looking into it now.”


Jang Gi Young nodded at Jang Ye Ri’s words, and her brother’s face became fiercer. Jang Gi Hoo also spoke to his father, and she did not know whether it was to add something or be recognized by his father.



“Actually, I have some information regarding that demon. While it may not be accurate, I heard that some summoners had got their weapons back. I believe there will be good news soon, father.”


Jang Ye Ri had spread the rumors Jang Gi Hoo mentioned, and she could not hide a smirk.


“That’s nice.”

“Yes. I heard that the weapon thief could not steal a weapon that has already recognized its master. My Reaper’s Scythe will be able to handle him.”


While Jang Gi Young seemed to nod in satisfaction, it would not be possible. Jang Ye Ri knew that her brother was not the owner of the Reaper’s Scythe.

There was an invisible wall of resentment between her indifferent father and incompetent brother. She thought Jang Gi Hoo’s grudge would come back toxic.


“I will expect results.”


The meal ended on that note, and Jang Gi Young looked satisfied for once because of the difference he saw in his son. While the dinner had been suffocating, there had been results. Jang Ye Ri sighed inwardly in relief after Jang Gi Hoo crashed the table to strangle her all of a sudden like he usually did when Jang Gi Young exited. While she could have avoided it, she let Jang Gi Hoo put his hands on her.


“You dirty bitch…”


“I warned you not to speak out of turn in front of Father. This castle is not yours, but mine. Nothing changes the fact that you’re the offspring of that whore demon bitch, no matter how hard you try. Know your place…”


Jang Ye Ri felt a sensation pierce through her heart, but she did not respond. She looked up to her brother indifferently, and while her eyes were cold, Jang Gi Hoo’s gaze was full of desire.


“You look like you should be crushed in bed like your mother. If you do not want me on you again, take care of your actions and words. Did you understand?”

“I do…”


Jang Gi Hoo spat, and she closed her eyes. He stood up like he spoke everything he had wanted to say.


“I said that there wouldn’t be another chance.”


Jang Ye Ri nodded slightly and wanted to murder him as he turned his back on her. However, this was not the time. Jang Ye Ri pressed down her wrath and mumbled to herself.


“Anai Totka.”


It was the only phrase she knew in the Green Skin language.


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