148 Part 1

Green Skin 148 An Unexpected Magic Sword


I could speak with Jang Ye Ri only after consoling Baek Ahyeon in her tent. She had not eaten for days because the scene had been more of a shock than expected, and she still seemed to be wallowing even after I bought her a new ring. It was probably because Baek Ahyeon did not feel connected to me with the ring, unlike the Ring of Pledge.

While the connection offered stability, the ring had its faults, and I was in an unexpected situation now due to one of them.


[You seem to be in a bad mood.]

[It’s not that.]


While her voice seemed to be irritated, I could not press on if she said she was fine. I heard her speak before I got to the subject in hand.


[However, I’ll speak since you asked. We are allies, aren’t we?]


[I do not know where you learned the human language, but there’s something you need to know about human beings.]


While I was a human inside, I decided to go along with her words.


[Let’s hear it.]

[Since we’re together now, we’re one. If we want to maintain mutual trust, we will have to communicate with some sincerity. Even if there’s nothing new to say, we have to do our best to each other, and this is manners and truth. While we’re both demons, there’s something to learn from the human culture, and I would appreciate you accommodating me since I’m more used to social interactions at present.]

[Is that so…I understood.]


I had not heard anyone say that to me here or on Earth. Actually, what Jang Ye Ri was saying was similar to my girlfriend’s statement when we chatted via messenger. It was strange to hear Jang Ye Ri say that she have never sent a text message born here.


[Don’t misunderstand my meaning, since I only wanted our alliance to be maintained.]

[I understood perfectly. Thank you for teaching me a new thing.]

[You do not need to thank me since I have received several things from you. I’ll teach you about human culture slowly in the future, and it will help you out.]


While I was an expert in human culture, I answered favorably to Jang Ye Ri and opened my mouth.


[That’s that, and I want to know how things are going.]

[He took the bait and will likely go on an expedition outside the city in a few days. Since some of my father’s troops under my brother’s command will follow him, you should be well prepared.]

[The numbers?]

[About one hundred.]


The number of soldiers exceeded my expectations, and I thought it might be easier to battle them as a group. Jang Ye Ri spoke again as if reading my mind.


[It’s dangerous to fight since those who are protecting my brother are strong. You and your people can be hurt, and those humans are for me, and not you.]

[I understood.]


I did not know the reason, but she seemed to abhor them.


[Since only a select few have weapons who have recognized them as their owners, it will be easy to avoid them with your wolf. While my people are small in number, they are included in the expedition group and have high abilities.]


I spoke for a long time with Jang Ye Ri, and she seemed to be satisfied as I tried my best to please her. Jang Ye Ri must like being treated well since she was in a high-class position.

Now, I was outside with Jung Hayeon to create the Weapon Thief’s dungeon in order to inflate the rumors.


“Mr. Taesung, would this be enough?”


Jung Hayeon was elated to come out in the open, as she had stayed in for quite a while. She might have felt like being on a drive when we rode Ibar together. While the place was the middle of a swamp farthest away from the Land of Brotherhood, which was quite a distance from where I committed my activities, since Jang Ye Ri was leaking the location, the site itself was not important.


“I think it will be alright.”


The roots started to grow from the ground as I spoke. With roots wrapped around weapons in a rotten land where there was no life, the gates looked authentic enough even though nothing was behind them.

I started hunting unlucky humans with Jung Hayeon around this time, and our actions reinforced the ridiculous rumors.

Rumors now flew that the Weapon Thief was killing people, but the critical point in this rumor was not that people were dead.


‘Why had he killed them?’


A few people began to focus on why the Weapon Thief, who had not killed human beings, now shed blood, and they concluded that his nest must be nearby. Since I had to leave traces that I lived here over a period, I had decreased my work as the Weapon Thief and lived around there. It was one of those days when I got a message.


[I heard that they’ll leave tomorrow morning. I await good news.]

[I confirm.]


[Thank you. I request that you continue to contact me.]

[All right, while I cannot confirm whether they’ll head on the exact location since I had been vague, they will come near you. Since it’s a day’s travel from this city to over there, they will arrive soon.]


I started waiting for them and was cautious not about the one who used the Reaper’s Scythe, but those who surrounded him. I needed to be wary since there will be soldiers who will bring items that can be summoned or resummoned, and those with items that will not be affected by weapon change.

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