148 Part 2

I also needed to think about archers, since a maximum of two hundred meters was quite a distance, but expert archers could make the shot. While the possibility was slight, things might become problematic if all archers had contract weapons.

The problem was how to approach them. I calmed myself down and continued to communicate with Jang Ye Ri until the day grew dark. I thought it would be better to track where the humans were instead of staying in the same place, so I regularly concentrated magic on my eyes and ears.

While they were stable in a large number, they were also slow. Even a well-trained troop of soldiers would reveal their position this way.

Stealth was something they would have to let go of since a large group would inevitably leave traces and noise. I had been trekking with Ibar when I saw a large light in the dark night.


[I saw them.]

[Confirm whether there are archers. There’s a high possibility that some of them are out to find a path. Since the goal of this expedition is to find your dungeon and not you, things might go more manageable if they’re on the move.]

[There are only a few of them.]


Monsters are at an advantage during night time. The usual way would be to set up camp and take turns being on guard after the day turned dark, but they were rushing things whether due to confidence or lack of time.

It was precisely as Jang Ye Ri had reported, and while the level of the expedition troop was not low, their leader was an idiot. Even I knew how important rest was when working at the bottom for those years.


[I’m going.]

[I wish you luck and hope you do not get hurt.]


I did not start running by using my magic first, since I did not have to let them know of my presence from a distance. A few skilled archers were going forward to find my dungeon. While I did not realize how powerful the archers were in the main troop, the situation was much better.


[One archer has a bow that has recognized him as its owner. He has one eye, and his unique ability is the Marksman of the Demon’s Arrow. Since his arrows will follow their prey to the end, I recommend you intercept them.]

[I confirm.]


I felt the wind hit me as Ibar ran at full speed. We were invisible, and while we were within range for archers, they still had not discovered me.


[My brother will probably be at the front.]

[I confirm.]


I turned Ibar around after hearing Jang Ye Ri’s words since it would be easier for me to conquer here if he was at the front instead of being in the middle protected by soldiers.


“It’s the Weapon Thief! Prepare for battle!”

“Prepare for battle! Archers, be prepared!”


They seemed to have seen me, but I reduced the time by far. I concentrated magic on my eyes to find the individual with a large scythe. He was at the front, and while soldiers protected him, he tried to swing the scythe on seeing me.


[I already told you, but the Reaper’s Scythe can attack from a distance as it cuts through space. This function can be used even before the scythe recognizes you as its owner. However, there are weaknesses. If you can check the direction he swings, you can avoid the attacks. While the attack range is as far as it can see, the direction the attack will fly at you is fixed.]

[I confirm.]


She said that the weapon’s owner was the key, and he swung the scythe upward to behead my neck. I heard something cut through but had no intention of stopping.




I bent my upper body, and Ibar also crouched, and it was amazing how Ibar managed to maintain the speed at this position. While I felt something cool above my horn, I had not been cut anywhere. While there were arrows everywhere, Ibar avoided every one of them by rolling her feet left and right. The arrow that followed me around was strong, but I could strike it down. It seemed to be the one Jang Ye Ri had told me about, and he had remained with the main troop instead of moving forward.


“You damn thieving bastard!”


While the man swung the Reaper’s Scythe again, I could read his movements. The scythe seemed to be on par with the sacred sword as it cut through the rotten trees behind like butter. The weapon was quite strong even before it recognized its owner.

While the warriors gathered around me, they were within my range now.


‘Weapon change.’


I targeted the Reaper’s Scythe, and I changed it to a throwing sword made by the Magician Issac and got it back again on seeing the man’s astonished face.


“Catch that bastard!”

‘What an idiot.’


I swung the scythe toward the warriors and the archers rushing towards me, and it took my magic in bulk. I thought it would not take much since that idiot had been using it, but he seemed to have a high level of magic, probably because of elixirs he drank as the son of an authority. While the warriors raised their shields on seeing me using the scythe, my attack cut through everything.

I had tried not to kill anyone as Jang Ye Ri had wished, but I could not help there being casualties. I saw Jang Ye Ri’s brother had a new sword as he ran to me, shouting when I was pulling back.


“That bastard! Catch him! Don’t let him escape!”


‘He just bought it.’


I had not seen that item before, and he must have gone to buy it after losing the Reaper’s Scythe. It seemed to be a high-class item since his tastes were luxurious. It must be worth some hundred thousand points, and I exchanged the weapon again to get hold of it.

[Dainsleif – The legacy of the magic sword Dain recognizes you as its owner.]

[Quest complete.]

At the same time, I heard a voice telling me things that wanted to make me shout in joy.


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