149 Part 1

Green Skin 149: An Unexpected Magic Sword


[Dainsleif – The legacy of the magic sword Dain recognizes you as its owner.]

[Quest complete.]

[Quest – Steal weapons: You’re a named monster called Blood Dagger or Weapon Merchant to humans, and now are ready to become a ‘weapon thief!’ Please steal as many weapons as possible. (1/1)]

[Your rank now goes up as the quest reward, and you are now a Weapon Specialist, a special job. A Weapon Specialist is an upgrade version of the job Gladiator and succeeds in the abilities of a middle-class gladiator.]

[Special Strengthening option opens in the item shop as the quest reward.]


While the quest did not have a specific standard, I seemed to have completed it after managing to steal the Dainsleif and the Reaper’s Scythe. While I had not met the conditions to transfer to a higher race, a job change was not a bad choice since I felt the limits of being a middle-class Gladiator.

While I had not read the explanation regarding the Weapon Specialist, it was evident that the job was an upgraded version of a Gladiator. The one-shoulder armor that was like the Gladiator’s symbol and simple protection equipment appeared instead. I could not be unhappy that I would have new abilities after inheriting all middle-class Gladiator skills. Not only that, I anticipated the Special Strengthening option in the item shop and had to say that I received several benefits at once.

I tightly held the Diansleif in my hand. I did not know whether Jang Gi Hoo thought that he could succeed in claiming ownership if he took out anything he wanted from the item shop, but I thought his pockets would be empty when considering the value of this item.

Even though he was the heir of a large city, there would be a limit to the points he had earned, and Jang Gi Hoo could not go on buying items like this. However, I hesitated before going back because I thought there might be something more.




He was the perfect sucker, as he had presented me not only the Reaper’s Scythe but this magic sword. While I stared at him expectantly, he seemed not to have any more points, as I could only see his contorted face. His face was flushed like a 2D animation and more hotblooded than I had thought. Jang Gi Hoo was shouting at archers next to him with empty hands.


“Ahhhhhh! Catch that bastard! Catch him and kill him!”


He must have poured almost all of his points since I could hear the voice of someone who was about to go crazy. I could not understand whether he thought I could not steal this sword, or that I would run away.




In the end, Jang Gi Hoo started to shoot out magic without any form, and he must have eaten a lot of good things since his magic was more potent than mine. Actually, I had never seen such magical depths before. However, the archers threatened me more, and while I kept running on Ibar, my speed was slowing down because I had to avoid their arrows. Swordsmen who were known to be fast were approaching me, and while I could get away, they were bothersome. If I kept allowing them to see me, they would be able to discover my tracks.

I could not reveal the location of the village on the Land of Brotherhood. I heard a familiar voice.


[If you cannot get out, I’ll guide you to a place you can hide. You won’t be surprised since I told you already.]

[I confirm.]


Her securing my escape route reminded me that she was a great partner, and since a hiding place meant high secrecy, I was in a good mood since her guidance showed that she trusted me that much.

I swung the scythe to the approaching swordsmen, and some of them took a direct hit. However, the number that avoided my attack was overwhelming. Using weapons like this was risky, and my attacks using the scythe were growing weaker. I ran with Ibar and spanned the Reaper’s Scythe to strike the arrows from the back.

I had a good rapport with the weapon, and it seemed to like me, maybe because I was a Weapon Specialist now. Arrows showered down again from a completely different direction, and those who had gone forward must have come back after realizing that there had been an ambush. The loud sucker was somehow still chasing Ibar by placing magic on his feet.

Things would have been different if we were at a plain and they had horses, but we were at a swamp, and Ibar was never caught. I had been tapping Ibar’s flank, bending down when the wolf started to get big. Actually, Ibar’s bone structure was changing along with the muscles. They were pressed down, and Ibar’s limbs were becoming longer by a little.




If I got a job through this experience, Ibar was evolving once more. While the size was about the same, the wolf’s body had become sharper and smoother. Ibar’s body was made for running, and I could feel how compressed the wolf’s muscles were on her back.



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