149 Part 2

I shouted despite myself, and Ibar continued to run. While she had been fast, the speed and quality of her running were vastly different. I had to grab her fur not to fall off, and the communication was ongoing even as we ran.


[Go north from where the Weapon Thief’s Dungeon is, and a guide will greet you before you go into the Northern Forest.]



The hiding place seemed to be on the boundary between the east and west, and she seemed to have been prepared. I decided to run in a large circle and go back since I was not going to the north, and while it had not been in the plan, it was possible now.

People were trying to trap me from guessing what I was about to do, but Ibar was fast after evolving. She was faster, and I could not help but feel surprised that she had become this speedier without decreased attack strength. Ibar was terrific as she distanced us from high-class swordsmen with fast speed.

While the archers were shooting arrows, they did not reach Ibar as she ran, stepping sideways. I took out the scythe to strike the arrows that came at us from time to time.


[You’re escaping, right?]


Jang Ye Ri’s voice held worry, and she seemed to have become anxious as I had not spoken with her for a while. She seemed dissatisfied with this situation, as she could only watch.

However, the situation had become more manageable from Ibar’s unexpected evolution. I felt that we were breaking away from the encircling troops much faster than I expected. In other words, the troop’s plans had broken down completely, as they could not have estimated that the wolf would evolve.


[It’s all right. Don’t worry, everything is fine.]


I would not go to the hiding place first, as Ibar left traces behind when running at full speed. I had to confuse them, so they would not know my destination.


“Catch him!”

“Stupid idiot.”


I avoided the arrows sideways, and using the entire forest in front of Hadum was the key factor. I had no intention of using a wide area narrowly, and Ibar was running like a tornado now.

I had to bend my body when there were no arrows because of the wind attacking my face. While there were plant magicians like Jung Hayeon trying to wrap us with roots, they were unable to reach us. Flame magic, which was slow from the first place, was out of the question. I struck away all flying weapons when I saw an immense earth wall soaring up.




A magician above Jung Hayeon’s class must have prepared and activated this magic. It was high and wide like the magician had poured everything into it, and while I was blocked in all four directions, I was certain that it was possible.




Ibar responded with a growl and ran with accelerating speed as she would break through the wall. She ran like a bullet, and the moment she jumped at the wall, Ibar started running vertically until she reached the top without slowing down. I saw the vast east as I reached the very top, and felt like I was on a rollercoaster.


“That’s impossible.”



I heard someone’s voice, and I also thought the situation was absurd. While a skilled assassin or a swordsman could run on walls, this wall was tall even for me, and a wolf doing so would be unrealistic. The wall that had tried to trap me now became a prison for my chasers.

Since the wall would take some time to crumble after the connection was severed, I managed to take some more useful items on the top of the wall. Ibar also laughed, sensing my good mood.

I ran down until they were out of my sight.


“You bastard!”

I heard meaningless curses in my ears but paid them no attention. Those who would circle the wall to catch me now would be unable to chase me. While some of them started climbing the walls, they were a few, and it would be difficult for them to follow me on their own.


[I have managed to shake most of them off.]

[You have done well. Since they will be searching that area, it would be best for you to move after erasing your traces as much as you can.]

[All right. Your brother was stupider than I had thought.]

[He does not have a brain in his head. I think I prefer that our thoughts are the same in this topic.]


I smiled at Jang Ye Ri’s honest words. We had wandered to settle down in a spot and then started to move stealthily. The evolution must have affected how Ibar moved, as she could move almost without any traces. I managed to shake all of them off to where Jang Ye Ri’s hiding place was located.

We walked far until the weather turned cold, and I saw someone afar as Jang Ye Ri guided me. The one who was waiting for me, surprisingly, was Park Han Cheol.


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