151 Part 2




I felt like it was whining that I would think differently once I used it. Perhaps because I had been given ownership, the sword seemed to read my mind.




It was interesting. I had never imagined that I would own a weapon like this, and if the sword could feel emotions, I wondered whether the sword recognized me as its master just so that idiot would stop touching it. The sword might have been scared that I would not save it and allowed me to have it to avoid being held by that sucker.




I seemed to have nailed the reason as the sword acted like it abhorred someone who did not have the qualifications to touch it. I had another thing to thank the idiot for, and the sword did not look so bad. It looked and functioned differently from the broadsword or the Ancient Flame.

If the broadsword was overwhelming in size and the Ancient Flame’s blade looked like a burning fire, this sword fit my hand well. The Dainsleif was longer and thinner than the Ancient Flame, and there was a strange red ornament between the blade and the handle. While it looked high-end and expensive, the design was not simple like the Holy Sword, but that made this weapon more attractive. The sword suited me.




It felt really like a magic sword. I started swinging it because pouring magic in it would probably activate its effects. I liked the heaviness of the thin blade, and it looked like it would function well as a sword. It had been a long time since I saw a sword this nice.

While there was a penalty, the sword was powerful. If the Special Strengthening option and the weapon Jang Ye Ri had promised me were this effective, then I would become more powerful.

While I would have preferred the Reaper’s Scythe since it could be used in all situations and function as a long-distance weapon, its master was not me. I touched it, but there was no response. I even felt like it did not want to touch me. The scythe was the same as Park Han Cheol in how hard it fell for its master.

However, my status was not bad. I grew stronger than I was yesterday, and I now felt that I could call myself strong. I might be on par with Park Hyeri of the Spider Clan. While she would have become even more powerful, I might have a chance if I could take care of her unique skill.

Of course, there were still problems. If I was raising myself as a character, I had been quite effective. I had come on the road that only the talented walked through luck.

If the Weapon Change skill and the effectiveness of the demon race had not been this well-matched, I would not have been able to grow this strong. I was at the stage where the player could not manage his character. I had strength but did not know how to use it well. I had grown, and there was something in me, but also something was missing. That was how I considered myself right now.




Jang Ye Ri was staring at the mirror in astonishment.


‘Thank you, my mate.’


She could not let go of the words she had spoken in her head. Jang Ye Ri thought she must have gotten too excited at his words of telling her she was amazing and would be on her side. Her face flushed, and she looked at the mirror to see her face in a strange mode.

Her white skin was flushed like she had been drinking, which had never happened to her before. Jang Ye Ri’s head was ripe, and everything seemed haywire. Her eyes were red despite not being in battle, and her breathing was rough. The queer feeling did not disappear even after she grasped at her hair. What she had spoken after was even more surprising.


‘It means a close friend in the human language.’

‘…Well, it was a mistake. I have to end communications because something has come up. I’ll contact you again later, and please rest.’


The conversation had been unnatural, and she tried to take a deep breath, but still could not calm down. However, she now began to think she did not want to lose this emotion. Her heart was beating fast, and the emotion did not suit her, but she did not want it gone. This was Jang Ye Ri’s honest thought.

She had closed her eyes and basked in her happiness, but the memories of her childhood made her miserable. Jang Yeri struck at the mirror with her magic when she remembered her brother’s beastly voice and sensations that rose from her toes. She saw in the mirror Jang Gi Hoo taking advantage of her as he held her horns.


‘I’ll teach you what your mother is doing. You can follow me.’




Her nanny tried to enter the room as the mirror broke with a loud clang, but Jang Ye Ri quietly opened her mouth.


“It’s all right. You don’t have to come.”

“You’re all right?”

“I just remembered something from the past. It will die down soon.”


Jang Ye Ri suddenly thought that she did not have the right to feel this emotion. He was a free man like a wolf, and someone who had wanted prison and refused to be a demon by cutting her horn did not have the qualifications to stand next to him. Jang Ye Ri looked at the mirror and saw her broken horn. She stepped on the fragments in irritation, and blood started to show on the floor. It did not hurt. While the red blood pooled on the floor, she did not care.

Jang Ye Ri let out a rough breath only when the mirror was shattered enough so she could not see her face any longer.




While the nanny’s face had turned pale in worry, she was still walking to her despite trembling from the aftermath of Jang Ye Ri’s magic. Jang Ye Ri now realized her mistake and turned off her magic.


“I’m sorry.”

“No, you don’t have to be, lady.”


Jang Ye Ri murmured the words her mother had spoken to her inwardly.


‘Anai Totka.’


She had repeated the words whenever her willpower grew weak. Jang Ye Ri had lived like a human being and became stronger after cutting off her horn by herself. While she was strong enough to rip her beastly brother’s head off, she was not going to commit such a stupid act because of the past.

Jang Ye Ri knew that killing him would not make a difference because he was not the only one. She had to kill her father, who had ruined her mother and threw her into that hellhole, and those who had ravaged her mother while laughing, and those who are quietly profiting from the system. While she had wanted revenge for only her father and brother when she was a child, Jang Ye Ri now knew that there were many to kill in this city.

This was not revenge, but a form of atonement for running away to leave behind the dying slaves and her mother’s heart. Jang Ye Ri closed her eyes.

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