151 Part 1

Green Skin 151 Atonement


[Little is known about the human from the East, Jang Ye Ri, who is said to have been in an intimate relationship with the honorable leader Blood Dagger. However, as her name always comes up whenever the numerous Green Skins who follow Blood Dagger…(omitted)…even after such a long time, Jang Ye Ri is shrouded in a mysterious fog.

Jang Ye Ri’s traces could not be found in a few old books, and the investigation concluded that someone had intentionally thrown away the data. However, from the material that remains today, Jang Ye Ri is estimated to be not human…(omitted)…and the Mighty and Wise Queen of Battle Songs Yoora Kim spoke of Jang Ye Ri as…(omitted)… – An excerpt from an ancient book, The Footsteps of Great Leaders]




Her words were like a straight confession in an amazing timing. I had to speak to her again because I thought there had to be a mistake.


[A mate?]

[……It means a close friend in the human language.]


[…Well, it was a mistake. I have to end communications because something has come up. I’ll contact you again later, and please rest.]


Jang Ye Ri hurriedly turned off communications as I asked again about the sudden statement. She seemed astonished, but it was typical of her not to stumble on any words. Park Han Cheol opened his mouth with surprised eyes as I smiled a little.


“Then, I’ll guide you to a place you can stay.”

-Thank you.


The room he guided me to was quite luxurious, and the place looked like it was used only for guests or when Jang Ye Ri came here.


“I’ll get your meals later on. Rest.”


I nodded at his words, and the last bits of suspicion flew away. I could rest comfortably here because they seemed trustworthy. I lay on the bed and thought of Jang Ye Ri because I could not believe what I had seen with my own two eyes.




I had not confirmed how and when she would do it, but the timing was earlier than expected. The witch committed the massacre after a while in my past life, and I had probably given her confidence in forces.




While I could not make an accurate guess, the witch will become strong until she becomes more powerful than the Holy Sword and the Northern Queen. However, that did not mean she was stronger than normal now. Of course, Jang Ye Ri was stronger than me, but compared to Jang Gi Young, the current ruler of the East, she had to be considered weaker.

Things would be the same even if I used the Reaper’s Scythe. While I did not have much information on Jang Gi Young, I knew that he was strong. Me appearing to speed up things might make things go awry. That meant my existence might ruin the flow of events as it should have gone.

The most important factor in this plan was my strength. I had to confirm how much stronger I had become, as I was a completely different person from before because I was incomparably more powerful than before.

However, I don’t think I had become strong enough to be compared to the Holy Sword and the Northern Queen. While I had grown, I still felt it was not enough, perhaps because they were so strong in my mind. I started to observe myself to organize what I had gained today.


[Weapon Specialist]

[The Gladiators who had fought to survive used many weapons. They had to swing at times swords, at times axes, and sometimes lances for other people’s enjoyment, and it was natural that they would become experts on all kinds of weapons. After some time, people began to call the gladiators who survived to the last as Weapon Specialists.

After the Gladiators had wholly died out and many years passed, the title Weapon Specialist spoke of someone who was versed in all weapons. They push themselves, train, and become powerful in their own ways. The weapons one would use in a fight would not be used in another. One’s expertise regarding all weapons increases by a large amount, and the critical percentage for all weapons used increases by a little amount.]



The job was terrific. While I couldn’t care less about the origins of the job, the massive increase in expertise on all used weapons was definitely not bad. I wanted to shout and clap out loud. What’s more, the job came with a critical percentage increase, since I already had a high percentage rate due to Weapon Change. Not only that, the Critical Ring I wore on my hand also increased the probability.

While numbers will be numbers, most of my attacks will now be critical hits since the effects had tripled. I had felt the effectiveness of critical hits when I won against the Demon Beast of the East. My attack skills might have exceeded people’s imaginations, and now I rose to reach out for the Dainsleif.

While the Reaper’s Scythe is not my weapon, this was solely mine. The sucker had given this to me as a one plus one present. While the design was terrifying, I did not care much about it. I started to check out its information.


[Dainsleif – The legacy of the magic sword Dain]

[This cursed sword is rumored to drag its owner to certain death and is said that it cannot be sheathed until the blade sees blood. However, the rumors are not true. The sword had been called a bloodsword because it looks like the blade is dripping blood when the owner activates the weapon, and the owner can control the blood that falls on the sword or the blood it had cut through for a short time by using a large amount of magic.

The penalty is that the owner of the sword is injured unless the amount the Dainsleif had dripped is filled again. The sword can be summoned and placed away only by someone the sword considers its master.]

[Magic +4, Agility +3, Strength +2]



The item undeniably belonged to the highest tier, and while I would have to use much magic, being able to control spilled blood was a useful effect. I could solidify the spilling blood from the sword and use the blood it has cut through in many ways. The problem was the penalty, which was severe to remind me that this was a magic sword. I did not know how much blood dripped out of this sword nor the damage it would recur on its owner, but it was a bothersome penalty.

I might not be able to sheath the sword unless I die or see blood, which differes from the explanation. It was a double-bladed sword while I also liked that I could summon or unsummon it. It was truly a magic sword, and it began to ring as I thought I could not use it unless in crucial situations.

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