152 part 2


It seemed that the main troop’s role was to block them while Jang Ye Ri faced off Jang Gi Young. Park Han Cheol and other clan members’ help were needed to go against the gatekeepers, and my Blood Dagger Clan and I were required when considering Jang Gi Hoo’s forces during the chaotic battle.

I will face one, Park Han Cheol one, and others will face one. Conquering a large city was a completely different affair from conquering a small one since we needed to bear massive risks even after dividing the troops in Hadum into three.


[If they can be held in check…]

[Things will go down more smoothly.]


While I was not sure, my clan would not have to fight. Jang Gi Hoo’s troops could take care of the gatekeepers, and her brother’s troops could be taken care of by Park Han Cheol and her followers.


[However, that’s impossible.]


[I hope I am not offending you. I know that you and your clan are strong. However, you cannot go against all of them since you’re not stronger than me yet.]


Of course, I knew how strong the Witch equipped with the Reaper’s Scythe would be. The Holy Sword of the West, the Queen of the North, and the Witch of the East were the top three in strength.


[I did not say I would face them alone.]


[I know two who can go against them.]


I did not hear an answer, and instead, I rode on Ibar so I could rush to Rob, and those who I had stolen their weapons from on the first day were waiting for me. While they were holding weapons since Hadum was nearby, they did not show intentions of attacking me.

It was laughable that they hid their weapons inside their clothes in surprise as I came running on Ibar. The priestess who had her staff stolen was hugging her staff tightly against her breasts with an astonished expression.


-It’s been a long time…


The priestess’s face flushed at my words, and she hid her staff in her robes as I playfully reached out with a hand. The one who looked like the leader approached me to speak as I put on an amused smile.


“I am Ha Jooyoung, the master of the Greenbelt Clan. I have heard about you and will be your guide to the exit.”

-You don’t oppose me.

“Our clan was founded for explorations, adventures, and investigating the ecology of monsters. I hope that has been a satisfactory answer. Honestly, it’s the first time I have talked with a monster, which actually makes me a little nervous.”


I slowly began to observe the members of the Greenbelt Clan. They all held pure curiosity in their eyes. There had been people like them in the west, who enjoyed this world differently. This kind acted in small groups and usually did not care about power and other things. They regarded their values, curiosity, and knowledge as their priorities and acted like scholars. I stared at them once more before opening my mouth.


-I would appreciate you distinguishing us from monsters. We are Green Skins and not monsters.


There were even people who were writing down what I was saying.


“I see that we may have offended you, and I apologize for that.”


They could be called ecologists and biologists on Earth and were now paying great attention to my movements. While there were many Green Skins in Abraham, they seemed to want one who had been living in the wild. I opened my mouth and spoke.


-For strength, wisdom, and honor.


They were watching me with surprised eyes, and some let out exclamations. However, they did not look at me like I was a monkey in a zoo. Their eyes held respect for other cultures, and I felt like I could understand why this clan had sided with Jang Ye Ri. I did not know whether they were close to her in the past life, but if they had contact with her, like having their weapons stolen, I believed that they would have followed her without fail.


“Then, we will guide you.”

-Thank you.


The disciple of the Goddess of the Wisdom had been recording my voice and other things, and I opened my mouth towards her because her actions amused me.


-I’ll invite you guys to our tribe if we end this well.

“Yes. Yes! Thank you.”


Everyone’s eyes widened, as they were the first humans to be invited to a Green Skin’s tribe. Of course, I would not show them the actual village, but it seemed not to be a loss to form a similar village and act accordingly to create a connection with people like them. Jang Ye Ri contacted me as I was thinking about such things.


[I have prepared the items I will give to you. You can take them after returning the Reaper’s Scythe.]



It seemed like she would store the Reaper’s Scythe here, and I also thought it would be a better choice than me carrying it around.


[I have prepared two items for you, and I hope that you’ll choose the one you prefer.]

[Thank you.]


I opened my mouth as I stared at them on hearing Jang Ye Ri’s words.


-I heard that she had prepared something.

“Yes, we also have. You can take one out of two items and go out after returning the Reaper’s Scythe here.”


I gave them the scythe when we nearly reached the entrance, and the Greenbelt Clan members also took out two items. It was fun to watch them taking the items out like I would steal them again. However, I fell into deep thought on seeing the items they displayed before me.


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