153 Part 1

Green Skin 153 Preparations (2)


“Here they are.”


[Aegis’s Ripped Ring]

[Aegis was a shield the God of Skies had bestowed to the Goddess of War. While the shield had been complete once, now it has been separated into numerous parts. Due to the magic in the shield, the fragments did not lose the magic, and a blacksmith family managed to make this shield fragment into a ring after long research. Basic magic resistance increases and the user can summon a part of the Aegis for a short time by using a huge amount of magic. The Aegis will unconditionally block fatal attacks from opponents.]

[Stamina +3, Magic +4]


[The Weathered Lance of the Goddess of War and Wisdom]

[This is a lance that the Goddess of War and Wisdom had used. While how this item came about is not identified, there are some weak divine traces still left in the lance. There are few hidden functions, but it seems only the owner can use them. The lance will always clear the user’s head and will not let it turn murderous. The user’s vision becomes wider and will be able to see the battlefield with composed eyes. This lance will never be affected by defense stats.]

[Power +5, Intellect +7]


Both items were alluring, and they seemed to be related items gained from a dungeon. The first item’s ability to completely reinforce insufficient defense and the second item’s ability to ignore the opponent’s defence caught my eye completely.

Actually, the supplementary functions mentioned beforehand looked even better. While they seemed like trivial explanations, one could not ignore the effects of those functions. It really seemed too good to be true, and they were excellent skills even if I was not recognized as their owner. I thought about whether I could become the owner, but it would not happen. Those items and I would not match well, but I still had to agonize over them because their functions were astonishing. I began to resent Jang Ye Ri for forcing me to choose after seeing the items.

I would have received either one gratefully but felt my chest ache at having to choose between the two of them. Jang Ye Ri contacted me again, like she realized that I was still thinking about my choice.


[I had originally prepared the lance but thought that the ring would not be a bad choice after meeting you. Since you use many weapons at once, a shield will be burdensome for you. Also, I knew that your ability did not work on shields since you did not steal any one of them up to now.]

[You’re correct.]

[The choice is yours.]


I also was becoming more attracted to the ring.


[Isn’t it also a good item for you to use?]

[The Reaper’s Scythe eats up much magic, and it would be a loss for me to put magic onto the Aegis. The item does not fit my battle style, nor is it efficient. It suits you better since your battle style is flashier.]


She was correct on all accounts. While I could strike away or block a few attacks, there will be hits I cannot protect myself from. This item would be an insurance and a lifeline. I needed more time to get used to the Dainsleif, and the item that I could use immediately and is more cost-effective would be the Aegis. I nodded my head.


[I agree with you and will take the Aegis.]

[You will not regret your choice.]


I gave the Reaper’s Scythe to the humans who watched me and immediately put the ring on my finger. I had the Ring of Pledge and Ring of Critical Hits, so this would be my third one.


-Thank you.

“It’s nothing. Let’s go up.


Ibar seemed to feel that I was in a good mood, and she turned her head sideways once and cried lightly. I came up with her, and the gate seemed to have not been opened for a long time, unlike Abraham, because there may be discoverable traces left when the location was not far from Hadum.


[I heard that my brother and the main troop finished the search and are returning now. Be careful since there may still be some archers left when you go back to your village.]

[Thank you for the advice. I’ll contact you again and will make sure I can immediately talk to you if there is a need.]


The outside was completely dark since the night had come, and it was even raining. I smiled faintly because that meant I might not have to go to the village with special care to not leave traces. While Ibar did not leave many footprints after evolving, the rain that hid discernible scents made me feel pleasant.


“Ibar, let’s go.”



While this was not the first time I had been absent from the village for over a month, I always contacted Baek Ahyeon before. I had told them I might be late, and they would not be shaken since they trusted me, I missed them for no reason. I saw the village after riding Ibar briskly, and those that were protecting the barricade shouted out cheers.

“The Blood Dagger has returned!”

“The Blood Dagger has returned!”


They looked like children looking for their mother. Ragia, Hakajin, Orbo, Gark, Hark, Baek Ahyeon, the three goblin sisters, Mev, and Jung Hayeon all were running towards me as if they had been waiting. The children who were playing in the rain also welcomed me as I entered the village.


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