Chapter 201 Elf (3)



There were no elves to my knowledge in this world. What I knew about elves was indirect information, that they loved nature, served the World Tree, did not eat meat, and used fairies and arrows. It was strange to see one in front of me, and I spoke to Gark first.


“I will take the humans to the village.”

“For Blood Dagger.”


While Gark was not suited for complicated tasks, he performed simple ones perfectly. He would take the humans to the village. I also walked fast and thought about what the elf had said to me. As Goff and Black Spear waived their rights, the humans and the elf were mine. I now had to think about what to do.

I looked at the two of them, who avoided my eyes. I heard that they were preparing for a big hunt and had no time to focus on other matters. I sighed before speaking to the elf, who welcomed my words as I had remained silent for a while.


-An alliance?


-What alliance are you talking about?

“It, it is as I said. Our kingdom sincerely desires one with yours.”


Her words did not persuade me as she still looked like a beggar. I was suspicious whether Eveluse Kingdom really existed. Also, even if it did, I was unsure it deserved an alliance. We had to be on the same level, and I would treat it as nonsense until her words satisfied me.


-I will think about it after listening to your story.


I decided I would try to be peaceful for now.


“Right. Eveluse Kingdom is at the end of the West region, and I came…through the Fog Forest to ask for an alliance…”

-Tell me first about yourself.


While my voice was calm, I was confused. She had mentioned Fog Forest, and it seemed that such a region existed where the Eastern Forest ended. Eveluse Kingdom would be there, and if she had not teleported, the two forests had to be connected.

Come to think of it, the fog had cleared compared to the past. I had to think that the Beast of the East had something to do with it. The elf seemed to be thinking hard as I though such things, and I spoke to her.


-That had been a command, not a request.


I hardened my voice and she flinched like she remembered what had happened just before. However, if she had brought the Japanese with her, she was also responsible.


“I understand.”


She spoke on after I nodded.


“I do not know about you and your people, but I was suddenly summoned here. I do not know the reason, but I began to hear Mother’s voice. This voice gave us several tests, which we complied. I met people…like those who had just chased me during the tests.”


It was a tutorial. If Green Skins and Koreans were summoned here, elves and Japanese were being summoned there. The voice seemed similar to the voice that told me skills and such. I began to wonder whether the Chinese were fighting with the Undead in the north, which seemed plausible now.


“I participated in the tests as a princess, and we managed to survive despite the human beings strong. We created a new kingdom in a new land. There was also a country of humans, and along with the Queen and my sisters, we set out to settle…”

-What did that voice tell you?

“Ah, she gives us jobs and special abilities. She also gives us currency as points every now and then.”


It was the same, and I gulped as things seemed to be growing bigger. Maybe Jang Ye Ri had disappeared in my past life because she had met them.


-Can one change one’s race?

“No, but we each have a unique ability.”

While humans and elves could not change their race like Green Skins, there may be similar beings to us somewhere. I began to think of many things. If what that elf said was true, Green Skins needed to fight less as the land still had more supplies and more opponents to fight.

While my thoughts had wandered, I now brought them back because I needed to wrap up what was going on in front of me first.


-What ability do you have?
“I am a magician.”

I now saw that she seemed to be lacking in physical powers.


-What kind of a magician?

“I can cast mental skills…”
-Be more specific.


The elf began to explain in earnest at me paying her attention. She seemed different from Jung Hayeon, as she had practiced in the traditional way in various fields, with mental spells being her specialty.


“May I borrow your hand?”

-Yes, but if you try something, I will cut off your neck.”

The elf looked startled, but she cast a small spell before holding my hand. I felt my head clear and my anger diminish, and the sudden change surprised me.


-You are capable.

“Thank you.”


I saw the village come up, and my head ached as I thought of what had awakened them so early. While I was at fault for neglecting Laveua, she had gone out of the village without permission and put herself in danger. I needed to scold her to make sure this did not happen again. She was barely a child, and she could not help herself if she made mistakes or begged for something.

I went towards the gate, and saw Laveua standing with still tears in her eyes. Baek Ahyeon, Jung Hayeon, and Mev were standing next to her, and it seemed like Laveua had been scolded once already. Baek Ahyeon and Jung Hayeon would have been worried, as I saw both of them saw affection for Laveua.

My daughter reached out with her hand on seeing me come.


“Father, I am sorry. I will… not do this again. I am sorry to everyone…”


I saw Mev look at us anxiously, as she seemed worried that I would shout at her. While I would have done so before, I felt calm now.

Actually, I began to feel sorry towards Laveua now. I saw that her wing had been completely healed, and I hugged her. While I wanted to scold her first, my mouth said something completely different.


“I do love you, Laveua.”

“Me too, Father.”

We did not need to say anything more. She cried for a while against my chest before I let her go.


“However, you cannot go out, play cards, or have snacks for a month since you did something bad.”


Laveua nodded as she cried, and it seemed like she understood that she had done something wrong. I now knew I should try to be a more attentive parent.


“Let’s go together on a picnic after a month.”

“Yes, Father.”

I thought I should spend time with Laveua in my tent all day tomorrow, and place the elf and the humans second. I had Mev and Laveua go to the tent and spoke to the clan members.


“Baek Ahyeon, Jung Hayeon.”

“Take this elf to the guest tent, and watch her carefully. Since she can use mental spells, place archers far away from the tent and have strong-willed warriors watch over her in shifts.”


I thought I needed to do this much just in case, and they both nodded yes. I then called Gark.


“For Blood Dagger.”

“Place the humans in the underground prison.”


I was the only one who could speak to them since I had the translation bracelet. However, I needed to have them questioned to know that the elf was speaking the truth.


“Is there a human who can speak to them?”


I thought maybe a human here could speak Japanese, but no one I asked could do so. It was then Lee Wanyong came out, who looked well. He spoke carefully as he sensed my foul mood on seeing him.


“I can speak Japanese… as I lived in Japan for a while…”


He really was a useful bastard.

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