165 Part 1

Chapter 165 A Fallen Star (2)


[To tell the truth, as this book has been made after the death of the first and the best Chief Patriarch Agar’s death, Agar’s story is not written with accurate detail. While the Green Skins who remembered him saying that he made cracks in the ground and fell down mountains with one hit of his hammer or rescued young Green Skins alone while spilling his own blood were said to be a bit exaggerated, it is true that Agar had spilled blood, fought in noble wars, and spent his life for all Green Skins in this Honored Land. I have written about him despite the inaccuracies, so the Green Skins who read this book would not forget the Great Agar… – An old book honoring the first Chief Patriarch, Agar.]


“The Great Tribe Leader is dead.”



I was surprised at the too sudden news. Agar had been well three years ago and seemed indomitable. I had never imagined I would hear news like this, and Goff and Black Spear were also gulping air.

Several Green Skins would be devastated at this news, and I believed Goff would be even more so than others, as he had revered Agar.

It was the same for me, and I felt several emotions at once. I thought the south may have been somehow related but decided that the first thing to do was to find out what happened and how he died. I managed to open my mouth.


“Power, wisdom, and honor…”
“Power, wisdom, and honor…”


Storm Shadow received my greetings well, even though he would be in more shock as he had considered himself Agar’s right hand and worked tirelessly for the Green Skin society.


“How did he die?”


Storm Shadow slowly opened his mouth.


“He died comfortably in his sleep.”


While there may be questions, Agar’s death seemed natural. While he seemed healthy and well, I had heard from Goff that Agar’s life had been a warpath, as he had sacrificed his blood to lead the Green Skins here today. If he had lived with those wounds, it would shorten his lifespan. While I felt some relief at hearing that he had died in peace, I wondered why the news had to be kept so quiet.


“I will speak here that the Great Tribe Leader’s death is top secret. He said that only those who had to pass the tests of power, honor, and wisdom and endured the test of perseverance should know about his passing.”


Goff spoke after listening to Storm Shadow.

“The reason?”


Black Spear answered instead.


“He may have thought about the confusion his death will bring.”


That was right, as Agar had been the center that connected all Green Skins to one. He had built the foundation here along with the traditions and laws we would keep on. If he is gone, the worst-case scenario is that the Green Skins may all separate.

Not only that but how other leaders would receive this news was a problem. While everyone would gather to the Honored Land out of respect to honor his death if somethings was not done, those who only wanted power and honor would increase in an instant.

It was true, and while they would think the blood spilled was noble, it also may be needless. While warriors dying in war was an honorable end, it was evident that their families, the Green Skins who had not found a place to live, or future Green Skins would suffer.

Agar’s death would be kept secret until his successor was elected, and we needed a good answer before everyone returned to their clans. Storm Shadow spoke as I fell deep in thought.


“The Honored Tests are still underway, and we will select the successor and take care of the new Green Skins until the tests are finished.”

“How will the new Great Tribe Leader be elected?”



His silence meant nothing had been decided yet, as he would also be in shock. I just nodded when there was no answer.


“Power, wisdom, and honor…I’ll finish my preparations to leave immediately, and we would need to work fast even though the tests will take a long time.”

Storm Shadow nodded at my words and disappeared to the shadows with one arm on his chest. After he was gone, the tent became quieter, and Goff began to speak first, and the Black Spear after him.


“I cannot believe this…”

“We all die, Goff. The Great Tribe Leader’s death is noble when thinking about his life, and he was a respectable Green Skin. I cannot hide my sadness.”


We all nodded, and I opened my mouth.


“Let us go soon, and it will be best to bring the strongest and go as fast as we can.”
“Let us meet soon.”


The Green Skins, curious about what had been going on, were staring at us when we came out of the tent, and I went to them. They were all looking at me, and I spoke to the clan members.


“We will head to the Honored Lands immediately. Ragia, Hakajin, Mev, the three sisters, and Baek Ahyeon will wait here. Ragia will take care of the others, and we will not take long. I hope you will finish our task by then.”


Ragia bowed and spoke at my words.


“I follow your orders.”

“Thank you, let us go together to the Honored Lands next time.”

“Thank you for your care.”
“I will take Half-blade, Mirror-Blade, Orbo, Jung Hayeon, and half of the elite org swordsmen.”

“For Blood Dagger!”

“For Blood Dagger!”

“We will start now and prepare enough food supplies for the time frame.”

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