165 Part 2


I spoke to each of the remaining as they prepared the supplies, as some may be disappointed. While we were unofficial allies with Jang Ye Ri’s city, we needed protection for the village. I first went to Baek Ahyeon, who was under much stress at these times, and she was looking at me with her hand on the ring I gave her.


“I will wait, savior…”


She let out a small scream when I lightly hugged her.


“You are working hard.”
“Thank you! Savior.”


I placed my hand on my chest to Hakajin as a greeting and opened my mouth to Mev after approaching her. She looked sulky in that I was not taking her, but I could not take a pregnant Mev to such a far place. While she did not say anything since she also knew that, her mood seemed bad.


“I will be back.”

“Yes, leader. You have to bring new Green Skins!”

“I will.”


The three goblin sisters opened their mouths as I smiled.


“Don’t worry about here!”

“We will protect Mev, the mother of the Blood Dagger Clan!”


While nothing would happen, their serious faces were quite cute. I stroked Mev’s head and rode on Ibar to the Honorable Land. I did not believe that I would be going there for this reason. While we still needed to take care of new Green Skins, the Goff Clan and Black Spear Clan were quite depressed along with us. Since the leaders were in a depressed mood, their subordinates were also being tame.

Gark and Hark, who had been happy being able to come with us, were very quiet. However, they were still trying to walk confidently with the Blood Dagger Clan flag like they were doing their mission, which was quite like them.

While we thought that we would take some time since we were going through a forest, not a desert, the distance was still quite far.

I could see other Green Skins as we walked, and all of them were sad. We started to walk with other clans, and the group got quite large in the middle of the forest.

The numerous leaders across the land were moving, and while we did not speak, it felt like a parade that commemorated Agar’s death. I met a welcome face on the way.


“It has been a long time, Blood Dagger. You have grown well.”

“Green Goblin.”


While he was usually smiling, he was quite serious now. I thought he would feel sad after spending such a long time with Agar. It hurt me to see him so quiet. His green ears were down, and he looked tired, like he had not gotten enough sleep.


“You seem to have heard the news.”

“Ah, yes. It hurt not to have been able to keep vigil at his deathbed, but I’m not the only one. Everyone will be thinking the same thing, as he had affected the entire land. While I had not been there when he had gotten the Honored Lands, he was a noble and great Green Skin.”

“Power, wisdom, and honor…”

“Power, wisdom, and honor…”


The massive parade got even larger over time, and no one screamed or cried. Instead, we all walked. When we finally arrived at the Honored Land, Storm Shadow and Minotaur welcomed us, and we were able to go visit where Agar’s corpse was resting.

We went inside where I had first drunk with Agar and other leaders, and Agar was sitting still with his hammer by his side. He looked like he was about to stand up at any moment, and one goblin leader murmured.


“Great Tribe Leader…”

“He is not breathing.”


He was truly dead, but he looked like he was staring at us. A troll quietly opened his mouth to see others’ responses.


“This is the Great Tribe Leader’s last words.”


It was Storm Shadow.


“Power, wisdom, and honor…I apologize for meeting you all like this. While I have to be leading, backing, and standing next to you, please forgive me for going first. I owe you all a debt, and while you all may feel indebted to me, the only thing I did for you was to hand you down this land. However, I received a lot from you, and nothing makes me happier than to think of you all in my last moments as your leader. I am not such a great and honorable leader as you deem me, and I have fought for my entire life. During that time, I sometimes ran away, met comrades, parted ways, and saw blood. While war was fun and gave us vitality, I had to recognize the dangers of our instinct. So, I made rules and avoided fights. There were those who went to find their own paths and those who accepted my decision, I do not regret my choice. Our instinct is a double-edged sword, and I believe you will know why I decided to repress our instinct after forming the Honored Lands despite not having laid down my hammer in my life. Power, wisdom, and honor. I believe that you will all think of these words as you live. Honorable Green Skins, while I go back to the gods, I wish you all glory. Live on, my children.”


A silence fell in the tent, and everyone laid a hand on their chests.


“Power, wisdom, and honor…”

“Power, wisdom, and honor…”

“Power, wisdom, and honor…”


This was to honor the final wishes of the greatest leader we had known, and while no one had lowered their head, I could hear some sobs around me.

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