Chapter 166 Storm Shadow (1)


There was no funeral, and we only watched him buried in the Honored Land out of respect. While his grave was different from a human’s, his weapon now rested in front, and the ceremony was finished with decorating a large boulder.


-This is to Honor the greatest tribe leader Agar, who fought for all of his life.


This sentence was carved in large letters on the boulder, and everyone raised their hand on their chests. The day passed like that.

Since the Storm Shadow Clan’s elite assassins were undergoing tests, the meetings started from the next day. We needed a new Great Tribe Leader when they arrived at the Honored Lands.

Agar had not mentioned anything about his successor, and I thought that this was his final test for us. He would have thought that those alive would need to solve this problem, and while there were many in the tent, those qualified were but a few. So, the meeting was not going well.


“We have to honor his death with human blood, and the next Great Tribe Leader should be a Green Skin who shows such traits.”


The org who was a clan leader of the south was one of the most astonishing, as he acted like he had heard nothing from Agar. While I had heard that he was aggressive, what he was saying was completely different from our meeting agenda. The thing more flabbergasting than this was that some others agreed with him, and a werewolf from the north was one of them.


“I agree, as Great Leader Agar had been strong and had been in many honorable battles.”

“A battle for the sake of fighting is not what he would have wanted.”


The minotaur was one of the leaders opposing such notions.




The surprising thing was that Storm Shadow was silent and looked like he was really thinking about something. While I did not know what it was, his wavering eyes looked like he was uncertain about something. The meeting ended without much decision, and I was speaking with Goff and Black Spear.


“What do you think?”


Goff answered Black Spear’s question, and it was different from his usual attitude.


“While I could understand what the org and the werewolf were saying, being strong does not mean one can become the Great Tribe Leader. Only a few have the qualities to become the second Great Tribe Leader then…”



Goff’s thoughts had deepened, and he was telling the truth. The Great Tribe Leader would need to assemble those who could lash out at any moment, and it could not be decided easily.


“What do you think, Blood Dagger?”

“Same as Goff. I think Storm Shadow or the minotaur Earth Wave would be good candidates.”


I was considering these two. Storm Shadow, who had worked for Agar for his entire life, did not need any explanation and was exceptionally strong. He had been nearest to Agar and closest to being his successor, in my opinion.

While Earth Wave was quiet compared to other Green Skins, I heard that he was wise, fair, and could keep even ground. I thought that he would have the most similar tendencies to Agar.


“I also think the same. Storm Shadow has been closest to the Great Tribe Leader, and he has a right for everything he had done.”

“I agree.”


With a few exceptions, other Green Skins would be thinking the same thing. I thought that Green Goblin and other west leaders were more moderate while the org and werewolf had been more aggressive. I had been thinking things over when Goff spoke.


“Big Org seemed to be thinking the same thing as us. While he enjoys fights, he seemed to understand what the Great Tribe Leader had been saying.”


While we would not separate, I thought that Agar’s death had affected them. From what I know, war with the south will occur. From a human’s point of view, I had heard that the south had become barren, but I also knew Green Skins would have paid the price. Since I only knew the Green Skin’s future, I was curious about how things would go.


“Green Skins may divide in two.”

“It may be so.”


Black Spear agreed with me, and it was then I heard a voice from outside.


“Storm Shadow is calling for Blood Dagger.”

Gark was the one speaking, and Goff and Black Spear widened their eyes at the reason why he was calling me. I again heard Gark’s voice.


“I heard that he has something to give.”

“I remember that I was to receive something. I’ll be back.”


They nodded, as they had also forgotten that I was to receive a weapon at liberating the slaves of the east. He seemed to have remembered now, and I saw Gark and Orbo staring at me while holding the flag. I followed them to Storm Shadow’s tent, and it was a simple one not far from where I had been.

Storm shadow immediately spoke to me as I went inside.


“I was too busy and apologize for being late.”

“I understand.”


Agar would have been dying slowly if this was a natural death, and Storm Shadow would not have been able to think of anything else. I placed my hand on my chest towards him, and he greeted me in the same manner.


“He had been especially grateful to you, Blood Dagger.”


“He thanked you for discovering and preventing something he had not known and wanted to thank you for saving young Green Skins most of all.”
“I did what needed to be done. I was lucky.”



Storm Shadow stared at me quietly and reached out while holding a blunt hammer.



[The Great Tribe Leader’s Hammer]

[The Great Tribe Leader Agar had used this hammer ever since he was summoned. While it was a common weapon, continuous fights made this hammer stronger and harder and gave new abilities. It is a completely different weapon now and will become more formidable by drinking blood and mana. The side function of this weapon keeps one’s mind clear]

[Power+2 Intellect+1 Magic+2]


“You’re giving me this?

I was astonished at having been able to place new functions like this and also the symbolic value of this hammer. Agar had used this, and while it was blunter than the one he had recently used, his life was invested in this hammer.


“He spoke to me to give this to you. Do you know the reason why he gave you a hammer that becomes heavier with blood?”


I thought he was testing me and thought things over. It would be about thinking the dark side of our instinct, as Agar had said. Blood is heavy no matter whose it is. I opened my mouth to Storm Shadow after a long silence.


“He is telling me to think whenever I swing a weapon, as human blood is as heavy as ours.”



It was difficult to understand how Agar wished us to live, and his thoughts did not suit me, as I lived for individual gain. Storm Shadow opened his mouth as I was thinking about my answer.


“You are a wise Green Skin, as the Great Tribe Leader had said.”

“You’re saying too much.”

“It’s not, Blood Dagger. He used to murmur what you just said…He loved fights but always worried about honorable deaths and young Green Skins dying. Battles are enjoyable, but he would always think things over after a battle. While I could not understand his will, I tried my best to follow him. It took time for me to sympathize with him, as our instinct is a double-edged sword. I did… really…”


I gulped as I saw that Storm Shadow’s aura was changing. He was angry, actually livid at something. I looked at him with surprise, and he spoke like he finally understood what he was doing.


“I apologize for not controlling myself.”


His gaze calmed again, and I thought about a minuscule possibility about the reason why he was so angry and did not say anything at the meeting.


‘The fall of the south…’


It may not have been a battle only to select a new Great Tribe Leader. I slowly opened my mouth.


“It had not been a natural death.”


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