Chapter 211

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I was surprised as I stared at Elisha, who lowered her head as she realized her mistake.


“It is not you.”


Baek Ahyeon helped me with my clothes with a smile, and I saw that Elisha was blushing furiously.


“I apologize…”

“It doesn’t matter.”

“Let me guide you to the exit, savior.”

“No, I think here would be nice as us three all need to talk.”

“Ah…I see.”


The inquisitors brought tea and snacks, and I chewed on dried meat before asking Elisha a question.


“So, what do you think?”

“I…believe that there are similar parts, but this method may not work.”


Baek Ahyeon glared at Elisha, and the elf shuddered before speaking again.


“Of course, the process through which the honored disciples were born was interesting. May I read the inquisitors’ minds?”
“You may.”


Elisha reached out to an inquisitor, and her frowning face told me she was reading deep into his mind. She resumed speaking.


“His mind is filled with thoughts… of you, savior.”


Baek Ahyeon and the inquisitor looked happy. I spoke to the former because I thought Elisha was keeping things back because of her.


“Go outside for a while, my disciple.”



I spoke again at her desolate face.


“Do not be disappointed. I need only to say a few words to the elf.”

“Right, my savior…”

After the two went out, I thought I could speak in specifics with Elisha now.


“I see that it’s quite effective, and most spells would not be this effective. However, against those with strong mentality…”

“You say no?”

“At the moment.”

“Can you be this efficient if you do a similar job?”

“I focus more on healing, so I only know this in theory.”


That meant it was not impossible for her.


“If you heal, does that mean you may return the inquisitors back to normal?”
“While it would take time and there may be side effects, probably yes.”


I nodded, as I thought her way of healing may be another form of mind control if there were side effects.


“Let’s say you heal them. How does it work?”

The elf spoke carefully.


“I need to erase things first.”

“Just speak frankly.”

“Yes. I need to slowly erase the concept of you as the savior in their mind. While the hold is strong, I may be able to weaken their belief over time.”

“…Doesn’t that mean you may be able to erase your memories of your country?”

“A bit different, but yes…”

Elisha nodded as she realized that she was essentially saying she could use mind control.


“Can you feed in new things after erasing that concept?”

“While I cannot give you a definite answer…”

She was saying that it was possible, and I nodded in satisfaction. She may do a bigger job than I expected, but the problem was that I did not want to spend all that time.


“Is there any way to shorten the treatment?”

“While there are risks, it is not impossible.”

“I may be able to do so by going directly into their minds, but it’s a fight between minds after that. I will be directly attacked if I try to go in and erase memories of you.”

“Interesting…does that mean you can come to my mind?”

“Yes, although physical contact is necessary. However, if I go in directly…”

“One of us may suffer damage?”


I brought Baek Ahyeon back because I wanted to test something.


“Baek Ahyeon.”

“Yes, savior.”



She came in excited at being called and stared at both of us. I spoke to Elisha.


“Come inside me.”


“I said, come inside me. Baek Ahyeon, if something happens, behead this elf.”

“Yes, savior.”

Elisha looked tense. I thought she was incapable of pulling a trick and that I should get used to things like this if I had to fight Japan. Also, I remembered I had not been that vulnerable when fighting that Japanese mage.

I knew I could beat her, and Elisha also seemed aware of the fact. She kept hesitating, and I took pity on her.


“I promise I will not harm you.”



Elisha began to cast a spell, which seemed to take time. While her magic was weak, the spell was complicated. She opened her eyes after a while, and they were blue. She seemed ready, and I nodded. Elisha then reached out.


“Then, please, let me.”


She held my hand, and I felt something come at me. It was weak enough to deflect, but I accepted the probe. I felt memories swell up around me like a panorama but felt that she could not touch them. I was now sure that she could not touch my spirit, which was useful.

I felt that she was oppressed by my mind and was cowering. Showing my memories to someone else, perhaps because Elisha was so timid.


‘So, this is how it feels.’


‘Can you see what I’m seeing?’

‘Yes, I cannot avoid seeing…’


It was then Elisha’s mouth opened wide in shock.




While I did not know what made her feel so shocked, I guessed it was my return in time. While I did not really care what such a weak being saw, I pushed her away. She went back to her body, and I now opened my eyes.


“I now know what happens.”

“Savior, are you all right?”


I looked over myself but found nothing wrong with my memories. I also did not feel any differently towards Elisha and her country.


“How long did this go on.”
“Less than a second, Savior.”


It seemed that time was relative inside my mind. I thought I should see how Elisha was doing but was surprised to see that she was crying. She was sobbing, and I thought I should know why.


“I am sorry, I really am…”

I did not understand why she was crying, as my sad memories were limited to a few events. However, her sadness became a force inside me. She was not feeling despair but sadness on her account.


[The eighth seat of the Eight Evils, Sadness, accepts this force.]

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