Green Skin


Chapter 212 Contract (2)

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It was not a bad result. I had felt power continue to feel around inside of me, but this was the time I heard the god’s voice. While I could not feel whether I had become stronger in body, I felt magic well up in me and my mind becoming stronger.

Elisha calmed down after a while, but I did not understand what made her act that way.


“What did you see?”

“I don’t know…Suddenly…”

Elisha did not continue, as she seemed to understand me better after that experience. Baek Ahyeon seemed envious as I asked the elf another question.


“Can you send my soul into someone else’s?”

“…I can do so the way I just did now.”
“If the opponent is stronger than me…”

“You know what happens.”


The opponent could push me away, and there may be consequences. However, the profit may be sweet. I nodded, and while Baek Ahyeon seemed excited at the prospect, I thought that was unnecessary. I stood up because I thought a meeting with my clan members was in order.


“Baek Ahyeon, tell others that there will be a meeting.”



I watched Baek Ahyeon run out and walk out slowly. Elisha followed me as we walked the silent corridors.


“I will not say anything and pledge it on my family.”

I thought I knew what she was talking about, as she seemed to have looked into what kind of a man I was. However, I had allowed her inside me because it was irrelevant how much she knew about me. This elf was bound to me, and I would have no regrets about killing her after this ended. Elisha seemed to have understood my attitude.


“I understand what you mean.”


I saw her ears flinch and knew that she was submissive because she thought I would keep my promise. We would have crossed the forest as I wanted to land and a battle.

I entered the tent we used for meetings and saw that everyone was there.


“For Blood Dagger.”


I saw Gark, Hakaijn, Kim Yoora, Mev, Jung Hayeon, and Baek Ahyeon. Orbo and the goblin sisters also sat and looked quite impassive. Elisha looked around, and I told her to follow me as I sat on the center seat. I sat, and everyone waited for me to speak.




Hakajin spoke as I said the word.


“Jang Ye Ri and Lee Wanyong are trying to contact the Spider Clan through the south. It seems that they will succeed soon.”


Lee Wanyong was useful, as I had not believed he would be able to do this.



“We have gathered all ingredients for the potion, and our alchemists and the captured mages are working on it.”

“Good work, Orbo.”


Orbo nodded as he had worked hard. Also, his body showed that he had also trained fastidiously, and I was grateful for his work ethic.


“Gark and Jung Hayeon.”


The two brought out a contract, and Elisha’s eyes widened at the articles. It was an unimaginable one, as it made her promise to give up her country and leave behind a thousand elves. I saw her ears tremble, and she stared at the paper for a while. There were no other tricks, and I stamped the contract with my thumb I pricked with my teeth.




Hark and the goblin sisters nodded with Mev and Baek Ahyeon. Elisha signed her name after me as she realized she had to make a choice.


“I formally welcome you. We will head out as soon as we finish here.”

“Thank you.”


It was not a easy choice to make for Elisha. I spoke to the clan members.


“We will fight the Spider Clan.”

“For Blood Dagger.”


Everyone nodded, and while I did not know whether we would meet the Spider Clan Master or others. However, we were ready, as my clan members could protect themselves now.


“Everyone except Kim Yoora and Hakajin should prepare to leave whenever possible.”


Everyone looked excited as they smiled, and I had to raise my lips into one.



“Has a message come?”

“Yes. As always, you’re beautiful, and our Clan Leader will like you.”

“I do not care for your words… but is it true that he will?”
“Yes, of course. You accommodate his tastes the most.”

“He has eyes. I do admit I do not look bad these days, and he did say I’m beautiful… but keep your head down or I will rip out your eyeballs.”

“My sincerest apologies.”


Jang Ye Ri stared at Lee Wanyong, and she had to admit that he was efficient. He finished up the conference and now took on the work in the city. She thought of their conversation then.


‘I am not afraid of those south bastards, but I fear the blood that will come from the fight.’

‘We can pull this off with help from the North. The South and East cannot fight easily due to the North, and that is why you’re being pulled in.’

‘You are right on that.’

‘Thank you.’


He spoke the right things, and Jang Ye Ri had to admit he was an efficient diplomat. She even hoped that Blood Dagger would lend him to her once in a while. She spoke.


“Things are not far away.”

“Yes, then, shall we go?”


Jang Ye Ri walked as some messengers from the north had come for the alliance.


“Who has come?”
“Her name is Choi Seulgi.”

“I heard her name before. I thought she did not show herself often.”

“Yes, but that is the past. She is showing up often these days for the north.”

Jang Ye Ri entered the meeting room, and only Choi Seulgi was there. She had been given authority, and it seemed she was well trusted by the north.


“I apologize for being late.”

“No, I just arrived.”


Choi Seulgi’s smile told Jang Ye Ri that this conference may go smoothly, and the woman spoke up before Jang Ye Ri and Lee Wanyong could speak.


“I will tell you beforehand that we accept your alliance with a few exceptions mentioned in the document.”


Jang Ye Ri’s eyes widened as she had placed a few advantageous articles as the first offer at Lee Wanyong’s suggestion. She did not expect it to work.




Before nodding, Jang Ye Ri stared at Lee Wanyong, who was reading the document.


“There are no problems.”

“I will read it also.”



There were no problems, and Jang Ye Ri stared at Choi Seulgi in disbelief. Choi Seulgi spoke up.


“I have used my influence here, as I quite like the east.”

“Thank you.”

“Yes…but I do have a small favor to ask.”


As the articles gave Choi Seulgi a right to ask, Jang Ye Ri nodded. Choi Seulgi waited a bit before speaking.


“How many people named Kim Taesung are here in the east?”

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