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Chapter 213 An Unnecessary Loyalty



‘I made a mistake.’


That was Lee Wanyong’s first thought when he heard Choi Seulgi speak. He had heard Jung Hayeon call Blood Dagger a few times in the village.

There was a change in Choi Seulgi’s demeanor, and she seemed to recognize it. Lee Wanyong turned around to see Jang Ye Ri look curious.


“It won’t be difficult… but I want to know the reason.”

Lee Wanyong quickly replied to Jang Ye Ri’s remark.


“Ah, people from Earth sometimes want to find their past relations. It’s probably one of them.”

“Mr. Lee is right.”

“I see… as I was born here, I did not know that. I will grant you that favor. You can wait here as this will take time.”

“I am grateful for your help.”

Lee Wanyong felt a shiver down his spine as he felt something was strange with her. He was growing rigid when Jang Ye Ri put down her teacup. He immediately felt better, as Jang Ye Ri was now staring at Choi Seulgi with interest.


“Do you have anything to say to him?”
“No, no. He just looked similar to someone I used to know… Could you let me know where I can stay?”
“I will guide you myself.”
“Thank you. Do you want to have a meal together?”

They reached an agreement easily, but Lee Wanyong could not help but feel something was off as the two women went out. It was because he thought Choi Seulgi was looking for Blood Dagger.

The first thing Lee Wanyong thought of was personal gain out of all things. He knew Choi Seulgi’s reputation, as he took care not to be isolated from the outside world in the village.


‘Someone comparable to the North Queen.’

‘Someone divine who serves the North Queen.’

‘A talented thief.’


Choi Seulgi was bright, kind, well-liked, and had given up everything for the North Queen. She was credited with 40% of the North Queen’s achievements in all areas, from dungeon conquests to one-on-one battles.

While she had not shown ambition, Choi Seulgi’s coming here to form an alliance with the East meant she was broadening her horizons. She had to have some other intention for finding Kim Taesung.

Lee Wanyong began to think things over.

First was that Blood Dagger may not be the Kim Taesung she was looking for, as there may be others in the East.

While he may live better in the North if he gambled correctly with this, he was not going to bet this dangerously. He was carving his niche in the Blood Dagger Clan and was trusted by Jang Ye Ri. If he managed to succeed in allying with the North, becoming a Green Skin was a possibility.


‘I need to keep my mouth shut.’


Lee Wanyong nodded and returned to his room after a rather luxurious meal. He was about to lie on his bed when he heard a voice.


-Don’t move.


The voice was icy.


-If you do anything I do not ask, you will die. Move only your fingers. One for yes, two for no.


Things had been going too well these days. Lee Wanyong gulped. Threatening a diplomat of another city was dangerous, but his opponent did not seem to care.


-You… know Kim Taesung, right?


The situation was terrible on all accounts. Lee Wanyong knew well he was not good in a fight. His instincts told him that he would not be able to escape from this mysterious woman in any way.

He could not fathom how she had gotten in, as Lee Wanyong was sensitive to danger, and there were many strong warriors from the East protecting this place.




Lee Wanyong raised two fingers as he was certain she would not be able to kill him here. They were in the East, and Jang Ye Ri was strong. As Jang Ye Ri knew that Choi Seulgi had been eyeing him, she would suspect Choi Seulgi first and foremost.


‘She is bluffing.’


However, he could not help but follow her orders. The fear was real.


-Really? I thought you did… I despise liars. One more time. Kim Taesung is about 177 centimeters tall and very handsome. Think eyebrows, a small mouth, sharp eyes. A swordsman. Weak but knows the right way to act. Answer.


She was already sure he knew, but Lee Wanyong could say he did not know such a person. He had no idea who Blood Dagger had been as a human.

The woman spoke after seeing his two fingers.


-You really don’t know. Then, there’s no trouble, right?


Lee Wanyong raised a finger. He wanted to get out as soon as possible. Of course, he would make an official complaint and make her regret this act through Jang Yeri.

It was then her voice rang eerily.


-This is… a warning.


He felt a blade slide through his stomach, and pain spread all over his body. Someone was also messing with his brain. He felt like he was becoming a heap of meat, but the weirdest part was that he was seeing all this from an outside view. The pain was real, but he was sane. Also, he could not shout out for help.

Choi Seulgi’s voice rang again.


-This is a secret between us. All right?

Lee Wanyong jumped out of the bed with a shout. He breathed in and out and saw that his body was whole.


“What the fuck…”

He was drenched in a cold sweat, and Lee Wanyong looked over his body to check again.


“What is it?”


Park Hancheol, another strong one from the East, had come to check on what was happening. Lee Wanyong murmured in a tiny voice.


“Where is Choi Seulgi…?”
“She is still with Jang Ye Ri. It seemed that they have much to talk about.”

“Re… really?”

Lee Wanyong saw that only ten minutes had passed and could not fathom what had happened.




Park Han Cheol spoke up.


“It seems you have a problem. I will call a priest.”

“No, no. It’s quite all right.”


Lee Wanyong spoke after considering the danger.


“Is there a message from the South?”
“A specific date.”
“Then… when can I?”
“You can return to the village soon.”

Lee Wanyong sighed. He wanted to get away as soon as possible. He wanted to go back, where he would at least be safe under Blood Dagger’s protection.


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