Green Skin 219 The Female Members’ Meeting



Jung Hayeon woke up in Blood Dagger’s tent, which was in a long time. She saw him next to her in bed, and felt her face redden. While she wanted to spend some more time here, she had to go out to participate in Mev’s Female Members’ Meeting. It was a shame she could not spend the morning here.


‘She’s cunning.’


Mev never held the meeting when she spent the night here. While her excuse was that she spent time with Laveua, Jung Hayeon was annoyed at her strategy.

Jung Hayeon laid out a breakfast for Blood Dagger and went out to the meeting’s tent. Goblins and ogres bowed to her, as she was not only a higher-up, but also belonged to Blood Dagger.



The two had become quite close.


“How are you doing these days?”

“I’m…the same. I need more faith to have his child…”

Baek Ahyeon could become quite scary when talking about Blood Dagger, but the two had a hobby in common these days.


“Your method helped me cleanse the disciple candidates.”

“Is that so?”


She would be taking about the underground interrogation room. Jung Hayeon had used the underground prison often to avoid religious restrictions, but had gone to Baek Ahyeon’s room because of Blood Dagger.

Jung Hayeon saw that many female members were there, even Kim Yoora and Nicole, Alisha and Choi Eunju, and even Lee Jihee, who lived with Lee Wanyong with other members.

Jung Hayeon felt her mouth go dry at seeing Choi Eunju, as Blood Dagger spent much time with her these days. She met Blood Dagger’s taste.

Also, as she was powerful, the village was expectant that she may bear Blood Dagger’s baby.

Jung Haeyon saw another woman come into the tent, and heard Baek Ahyeon growl. She knew who had come in from this reaction.


‘Jang Ye Ri.’


Baek Ahyeon still seemed to feel anger at having her ring taken from her.




Jang Ye Ri turned her head and kissed her ring. Jung Hayeon had to stop Baek Ahyeon before she stood up.


“Why is that woman here?”

‘I…don’t know…”


Jung Hayeon would not know, but Choi Eunju’s presence would have something to do with her appearance. Jang Ye Ri did look like a queen.

The meeting time was coming close.


“She is here! Mother of Laveua! Mother of the village!”


The goblin sisters came in escorting Mev, who looked proud and a bit arrogant. Jung Hayeon had to smile at Mev showing off in this small room, while Baek Ahyeon still glared at Jang Ye Ri.

Choi Eunju looked confused as this was her first time to come. Nicole and Kim Yoora raised their hands to show respect.

The meeting began after Mev sat in her place and looked around at the members here.


“Thank you for all coming here.”
“Mev! Mev! Mev!”


The goblins cheered Mev, as they favored Mev for her physique. Mev seemed to enjoy it a bit.


“You all know we will be going to a new land.”

“Yes! To the East!”


The Green Skins answered while Mev continued on in a calm voice.


“Do not be excited. Who will go is not decided yet, but those who have chosen to be mothers need to calmly do their work in the village.”


Mev seemed to have prepared her words, and this meeting seemed to have been held to console Green Skins who have to be separated from their husbands. Jung Hayeon thought she knew why Blood Dagger trusted Mev.


“It is good to see Green Skins work hard for the village. Also, humans are bringing the next generation here!”


Mev nodded, and Lee Jihee stood up.


“She is not a Green Skin, but is wife to Lee Wanyong. She had made a great achievement with Orbo!”

“Lee Wanyong is a good human.”
“She is doing good for the village.”

Lee Jihee was pregnant then.


“The Great Blood Dagger told us that human children will be raised with Green Skins.”


Jung Hayeon knew this already. She thought Blood Dagger planned to bring the human workers into Green Skin society, and she thought this was not a bad plan. Mev nodded and Lee Jihee lowered her head before speaking.


“I will do my best for the village.”

Everyone cheered, and Mev spoke in a low voice.


“Everyone is doing their job, and I hope you do the same.”

She was speaking to Jung Hayeon, Baek Ahyeon, and Jang Ye Ri. Jung Hayeon bit her lip. She wanted to become pregnant, and the thought of having a family with Blood Dagger made her happy. She had been even jealous of Mev and Laveua, but one could not become pregnant just because one wanted to.

Also, since Blood Dagger was careful and the possibility was low from the beginning, there would be difficulties. Jung Hayeon thought Mev was being a bit harsh after bearing a child.

She knew Mev did not wish her will, but felt her head lower along with Baek Ahyeon. While Laveua was a great successor, Green Skins liked to have children, and other members were expectant.

Jung Hayeon could understand while Mev had been so harried.

Mev nodded before speaking again.


“While each of us having a child is the right thing, if things are delayed, I…”
“It is not necessary.”

Jang Ye Ri intervened, and the Green Skins stared at the elegant woman. Jung Hayeon gulped, as she realized there was another reason Jang Ye Ri had come. Jang Ye Ri even stroked her stomach, and Mev’s eyes shook.


“I have a child. It has not been long, but it will be a healthy son… I have not told Blood Dagger yet.”

“The East Queen bears a child!”


Other Green Skins cheered, and Jung Hayeon raised her head to stare at Jang Ye Ri.


“Ah? What? I…see… It is a relief…”


Mev’s words shook at this sudden turn of events.

“Yes, you do not have to bear the burden alone now. I have to rest for a while, but it is for the child… You all will get your results…”

While Jung Hayeon was sad it was not her, Jang Ye Ri’s words gave her hope. She turned to see Mev’s face in tears while others still cheered Jang Ye Ri.

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