Green Skin 220 The East Conquest Fight

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“Things are loud.”


Goff murmured and I nodded along with Black Spear. Mev’s meeting was growing long, and I wondered what was going on. I heard a shout again.




Goff spoke again.


“There seems to be something good.”

“Umm…is there a new successor?”


Gark and Hakajin seemed surprised, and I shook my head. This meeting was between the village leaders and their second-in-command to plan for the East conquest. I kept it small because I thought the power difference between us and them was too much, even with Alisha’s words.

I thought I would be enough to beat them after facing the summoners in the forest. It would be embarrassing to call this a war, and I thought it might be anticlimactic to showcase this as a conquest to the public. That was why we did this in secret.

The only thing we had to worry was the mind magic. However, after testing Alisha, we found that elite ogre users were unaffected, even more so after the sorcerer’s protective magic.


“So, how will you conquer that kingdom.”

Goff spoke to me.


“We will not participate, as I want other Green Skins to gain experience.”


It was like a mock fight and play area.


“Is that so?”
“Yes. While I cannot say this for certain, there will be a huge war soon. I hope to have young Green Skins and trainees gain experience.”
“Those like Apachi and Little Finger will be happy.”


It was true, as I was repressing their battle instincts down at the moment. I spoke again.


“I will send half of the village to the East through teleportation. The destination is the enemy’s castle, and after taking the place over, we will release our troops.”
“It is a simple plan. They will try to gain the castle back at all costs.”

We would catch them when they tried to and block them if they tried to escape. We could incapacitate the elves if things could not be helped.


“I worry whether young Green Skins may not be hurt…is there a plan?”


Black Spear answered Goff’s question.


“It would be better to separate young Green Skins into different troops and place sorcerers there. Since mind spells would be the problem, a sorcerer who can negate the spell should be placed for each troop if possible.”


I spoke up.


“He is speaking the truth. Those under three years old will not participate, and each clan will form a troop of young Green Skins. A sorcerer will observe them unless something happens, but will make sure they are safe.”

Goff’s eyes glistened.


“Each clan…that will be amusing.”

They seemed to have become competitive. I knew Goff’s son was over three years old, and Black Spear’s second child was still young. I spoke lightly, as it seemed good fun.


“Blood Dagger Clan will get the most achievements.”

I smiled inwardly, as they would not be able to beat Kim Yoora and Giant Wolf, even though they were strong. With Nicole’s buff skills, she would be unbeatable among the young. The same went for Green Skin trainees.

While Goff’s Crugar and Black Spear’s Little Finger were all useful, Giant Scream Apachi was quickly becoming stronger.

Goff showed his teeth like his pride had been wounded.


“I will see whether your words are true.”

Black Spear nodded. Even as we spoke like this, we all knew that the young Green Skin’s safety was priority. I would need to have safety personnel so they could fight more freely.

While the young Green Skins had fought small beasts, this was their first big war. Since there may be sudden surprises, the second-in-command in each clan were working hard. I spoke as I looked at Hakajin.


“You will be the leader for this, Hakajin.”

Goff and Black Spear also gave their second-in-command the authority for this agenda. While they lowered their heads in acceptance, Hakajin seemed a bit anxious.

I smiled. Hakajin was not suited for battle, but he was strong. He just needed confidence, and the East was a good place to gain it.


“We will start in a week.”
“I will train Crugar myself.”

“I will also train Little Finger.”

Goff and Black Spear seemed eager, and I spoke to Gark after they left the tent.


“Call Kim Yoora and Giant Scream Apachi.”
“For Blood Dagger.”

Things would get interesting. It was inevitable that screams rang in the village for a week afterwards.



“Yoora, is it true?”


Kim Yoora nodded at Nicole’s question. Blood Dagger had told the young Green Skins to prepare for battle, which was unprecedented. They had only fought under adult supervision before and would gain rights to fight after they became adults.




Everyone except for Kim Yoora looked excited, as they were all Green Skins.


“We have been recognized!”

“A fight!”


Kim Yoora spoke again in the middle.


“There will be sorcerers’ supervision, and Goff’s and Black Spear’s young Green Skins will join us.”

“We can still fight!”

“Only those over three years old can fight, and we will return immediately if the sorcerers deem us invalid. While adults will help us, we need to be calm. We have to fight like adults and remember that we can die.”

“Blood Dagger created this fight for us, and we will dishonor our clan if we act rashly. He wants us to gain experience and not fun.”

Kim Yoora looked around and saw her friends become calm.


“If we are the first to be eliminated…”

“It is a disgrace.”


Nicole murmured. Kim Yoora nodded at her words.


“Yes, let’s rejoice later. We need to think about other things first. Agreed?”


“Let’s talk about it.”


Kim Yoora nodded and held her flag. While it was a small one made for young Green Skins, everyone looked at it.


“For Blood Dagger!”

“For Blood Dagger!”


She calmed herself down amidst the shouts. She was also excited like others underneath her demeanor. She knew Blood Dagger’s women were all extremely strong. While she did not desire to become one at this moment, she knew growing stronger was the right thing to do for Blood Dagger.

Kim Yoora then saw Nicole stare at her with a knowing smile.


“Yoora, you…”

“No, no…”
“What do you mean?”

Kim Yoora had to admit she had been had as Nicole smiled.

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