226 Elite Orc Swordsman

[The same goes for the warriors of other clans, but especially the officers of the Blood Dagger clan all had their own characteristics. From one of the women of Blood Dagger, a shaman who controls plant roots, to a goblin famous for being smart, however, the ones who are called the most by now are none other than Half Blade Gark and Mirror Blade Hark. Not to mention the strength of these two, but in fact, what made them even more famous would be the elite Orc swordsmen under them. The method of selecting these elite Orc swordsmen, who are said to be the actual armed forces of the Blood Dagger Clan, is very strict.

It is only after becoming a first-class swordsman recognized by everyone that you are eligible to enter the elite Orc swordsmanship, and Garc and Hark are supposed to test those who are qualified for the elite swordsman.

Only those who follow the training to the point of thinking that living is hell will be given three tests, and only those who pass these tests will be given the title of elite Orc swordsman. After a while, this elite orc swordsman, who is said to be the most honorable position in the Blood Dagger Clan, will become famous not only in the Blood Dagger Clan but also in other clans, and in the world of humans, there was a very interesting story related to it. …………Omitted……. – A very old book. About the elite orc swordsmen of the Blood Dagger clan. ]


I was looking around outside with a little confused mind. Same goes for the goofy guy. Until just a moment ago, the expression of the Black Spear guy was pretty teary-eyed, but now he had the brightest face.

The reason is that Littlefinger returned to the castle the fastest, and it was his son and daughter, Shakajin and Shakara, who were showing a good appearance on the battlefield so far.

Originally, at the level of Little Finger, it was impossible to return so quickly, but thanks to the mental magic that penetrated the shaman’s purification magic, it returned the fastest. According to the shaman, he tried to drive away the mental system magic, but he said that the reason why he was so easily eroded was that he accepted the mental system magic.

“We have to punish the Giant Scream! Giant Scream Apache! curse! Kirik! Kirik! Because of him! It’s all because of him! ”


Seeing him shouting while still being treated by shamans made me think about what might have happened between him and the Giant Scream Apache. It was probably a love-fight kind of thing.

I still can’t forget how Little Finger was suddenly attacked by a Japanese mage and cursed at Giant Scream while fighting well. It was to the point where I wondered if it was a bit unreasonable to put the greenskins on the battlefield like this.

If it was a little later, the Apache would have returned to the castle with Littlefinger. Anyway, at the time, it was a black spear with a very gloomy expression, but now a smile is in full bloom on its face.

” hahaha. Again, these are my son and daughter. Take a look at that, Brothers. ”

When I looked at the place where the Black Spear’s eyes were fixed, the two trolls were clearly showing off their cool looks. The spearmanship of his son Shakajin in the front was excellent, and the image of Shakara throwing a totemized javelin from the back also looked pretty cool.

Anyone can say it’s a wonderful connection.


The Goph guy swallowed his saliva for no reason.


Goph’s son, Gogh, fell out to the point where he was drunk in battle and tried to kill an elf, so he seemed a little envious of the son of Black Spear, who clearly distinguishes between enemies and allies when attacking.

In fact, I am the one with the most to say. It was because he confirmed that he was caught in an absurd trap while boasting about Kim Yu-ra. Van Gogh’s elimination was the first among the young greenskins after Kim Yu-ra was eliminated.

Of course, no one was injured and no one was dead. Because the shaman hastily applied shield magic to the young warriors, the shaking inside must be all the damage. Because I looked straight at the series of processes with magic in my eyes, I was relieved to be able to check their safety even through the smoke.

‘ Immature. ’

He was not bad, but he was immature. I didn’t think it was a matter of criticism.

The reason is that Kim Yu-ra also went through the same process as before and started her clan life. Thinking that he might have seen his former self in children equipped with magic bombs, he understood a little, but a mistake was a mistake.

In addition, even in the society of greenskins, children are unconditionally protected. I thought the task of protecting the elves might have given them chaos.

Children who suddenly appeared in the middle of the battlefield were a trap that could be said to be obvious in some ways. If you want to rescue it, the first thing to do is to make sure there is nothing wrong with it.

This is because, unlike Baek A-yeon’s followers, magic bombs can be detected sufficiently if they are inspected in advance. Remembering that Goph Guy and Black Spear also sighed in the scene where Kim Yu-ra accepted the children, it made her taste bitter.

“Hmm…hmm… Blood Dagger, are you all right”

” Okay. Goph. It’s not satisfying, but it’s about showing this and that and growing. I learned a lot from today’s work, so at least next time it won’t be like this. And I want to return that question to you as well. ”

“Um… my son is overly aggressive… big…”

The Goph Clan is meant to use wild nature, not to be unable to control it. In that sense, Gogh is still immature. Even my friend ogre next to me almost hit it with my fist.

“I’m glad you weren’t hurt too much. Our little ones will be arriving soon, so you’d better get ready to meet them. ”

” ha ha ha. Don’t scold me too much, Blood Dagger. ”

“Hmm… You yourself will realize it best. ”

Certainly, the Black Spear guy alone is excited. I hurriedly averted my gaze, perhaps thinking that I shouldn’t show any more delight in our eyes, but nevertheless, the corners of my mouth raised seemed unbearable.

Looking at that figure, Hakajin slowly opened his mouth.

“Chief Kim Yura and other young warriors have returned after healing.”

“Take it in. ”

Even as I opened my mouth, my thoughts were quite complicated. It was because my head was confused as to what attitude to take. In the first place, this work had a strong meaning of simply accumulating experience rather than having the purpose of a test. It was not opened to punish or reward.


‘I almost died. ’

Kim Yu-ra stared blankly at the floor and bit her lip. Blood flowed from his lips, but he could feel them quickly healing from the healing magic. Shaking my head, I heard a voice next to me. He was an elite shaman of the Blood Dagger Clan.

“Don’t beat yourself up too much. Your way was wrong, but your choice was right. ”

“Oh… no. mister. It was definitely a mistake. ”

All I can say is that I was careless. He stretched out his hand thinking about the situation when he was saved by the Blood Dagger, but he forgot what humans had done to him. What was even more painful than being sick was that many of my friends were hurt because of my wrong choices.

If the clan’s shaman hadn’t stopped them in the first place, everyone would have died. If it wasn’t for the defensive magic that was suddenly applied to the body at the scene of the explosion, not only Nikkor but also the young orc friends who were fighting together would have died.

Same thing after that. It was not them who blocked the pouring magic, but the defensive magic created by the shaman.

Even if he was lucky enough to survive, he would have lost his life or been captured by the onslaught of attacking humans.

It was none other than myself who said to think and act like a real battle. Nevertheless, the fact that he had hurt everyone felt heavily like a heavy burden on his heart. And that’s not all.

‘ Disappointed. ’


I thought I was probably very disappointed. Tears were about to flow from her eyes, perhaps because she had hurt the children and the had failed to live up to the expectations of the person she admired.

Of course, he knew that Blood Dagger trusted him. Other children were participating in places where they could not, and even though it was a small battlefield, there were even times when they stood in battle. It must be strange that Blood Dagger did not expect it.

In other words, he was the idol and role model of Blood Dagger Kim Yu-ra. As if in return for his longing to resemble him, the god of the battlefield gave him his unique ability, and he tried to make his fighting style resemble him as closely as possible. I stood in front of others and studied many things by myself because I wanted to stand next to him.

Although he received an inexplicable amount of money, he did a disservice to the clan. Because of the impact of the explosion, the flag was burnt into view.

He completely betrayed the look on his face that he was looking forward to seeing him leave. Stupidly caught in a trap and slumped unseemly. Gogh, Shakajin, and Shakara were fighting until the last moment. Kim Yu-ra continued to wipe away the tears that were about to flow. I’d never shed a tear before, but I couldn’t figure out why the tears were trying to come out.

As she tried to wipe away her tears with her hands, she suddenly looked in front of her and saw her friends staring blankly at her. Kim Yu-ra opened her mouth.

” Sorry. Hey guys… “

As soon as I opened my mouth, the answer came immediately.

” not. It is also our fault for not checking in advance. ”

“It was like us before… so don’t worry too much about it. Yura. ”


It wasn’t just Kim Yu-ra who was saved that day. Since about half of the young warriors here were humans and greenskins who had been saved from Somora, he thought they might have been easily entrapped. However, it was an undeniable fact that everyone made excuses and disgraced the name of the clan.

“Still, my fault is the biggest. It’s an obvious mistake that the commander didn’t make the right decision. I’m sincerely sorry to everyone. I’m so sorry you ended up in this form when you could have fought more. ”

It is natural that his throat is choking because of guilt. Nikkor looked at him and opened his mouth.

“Once again, it’s not Yura’s fault! It’s just that we were immature. If I had been stronger… I would have definitely been able to prepare for the sudden situation. We were weak and our enemies were strong. That’s all. ”

A quiet silence hung over the hall. Of course, he knows that Nikor was trying to comfort him. Mercy on the battlefield is not right. Only the strong are entitled to mercy.

Even though they are not strong, they tried to pretend to be strong. That was the reason I couldn’t stand on the battlefield right now.

“We are weak. You must become stronger. Be strong like adults. ”

It was at that time that everyone was nodding their heads a little.

“The chief is calling. ”

Hakajin came out to meet them. The feeling of my heart sinking momentarily, probably everyone feels the same. The expression of Hakkajin, who followed him as a teacher, didn’t look too good, and the air seemed somehow heavy.


It feels like being a sinner. Kim Yu-ra thought so and moved to the front. I held back the tears that were about to flow and stood in front of me. Feeling down about losing was because he thought he didn’t fit in with the Blood Dagger clan.

Even if you show your back, run away, and fall down, you will overcome it next time. That was the way Kim Yu-ra felt while living in the Blood Dagger Clan.

The door opened slowly and I saw Blood Dagger’s face sitting on the chair. A cold expression stabbed his chest.

Eventually, when Kim Yu-ra and the children all raised their hands above their chests, Blood Dagger’s mouth opened.

“Disappointed. ”



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