227 Tribal flag

It came into sight that Kim Yu-ra was entering quite confidently. It’s not bad. The Blood Dagger clan doesn’t bow its head when it loses a fight. The other guys were also entering with their heads up following Kim Yu-ra. Surely all the treatment was finished, and everyone seemed to be safe with no injuries anywhere. I looked at it from afar and heard it before, but when I checked it up close, I started to feel quite relieved. Because the explosion looked quite large to the naked eye.

After sighing once, I opened my mouth to the young warriors, including Kim Yu-ra.

“Disappointed. ”

As expected, I could see that everyone was trembling. Kim Yura’s expression is quite spectacle. His eyes suddenly shook, and he seemed to be holding back the tears that were about to spill out. In fact, I didn’t open my mouth for the purpose of rebuking, but it’s good to let you know about wrongdoing in advance. Whether she already knew it or not, I thought it didn’t matter. It is important to review once again. Because you can engrave it in your heart.

“Yura Kim, you almost killed all the brothers fighting with you. ”

I could see that his face had gone a little pale.

“The tribal flag is also in a bad shape. ”

The flag they were holding was burnt and bent, probably from the aftermath of the explosion. The rider holding the flag strangely shrank.

“Sorry. All are my fault. ”

Kim Yu-ra, who opened her mouth in an anxious manner in front of her, seemed a little sad, but Jeong Ha-yeon and Baek A-yeon, standing next to her, seemed restless, and Haka-jin seemed anxious that her precious disciple would not receive a big scolding.

“I am not talking about anything else. Mercy can be given to anyone and can be given to anyone. However, the result is solely your own responsibility. If you lack the strength to fight, you can nod your head. However, the younger brothers of Clan Blood Dagger are by no means lacking in power. ”

“ ………… ”

“Kim Yu-ra, what you lack is responsibility. When you stand on the battlefield, you must always think of your brothers behind you first. Little brothers, what you lack is resolution. Mercy is the only right of the victor. I will no longer blame you for this. You will grow more and more, you will advance, and you will be diligent. Engrave today’s work in your heart for the rest of your life. ”

I continued to speak to the nodding guys.

“If you guys had suffered something big, I would have been very heartbroken too. ”

It was only then that I could feel that their faces had straightened out a little more. I’m not the type to speak well, but I thought it would be nice if we could feel a lot of things from what I said. I opened my mouth to Hakajin.

“Hakjin. ”

“For the Blood Dagger! ”

“Hand the flag to Kim Yu-ra. ”

” Yes. ”


The guy raised his hand above his chest, and soon after, the rider handed Hakajin the flag of the Blood Dagger clan, and Hakajin slowly raised the flag and started approaching Kim Yura. I could see the children’s eyes shaking.

It’s not a banner for young warriors, it’s a blood dagger clan banner for real warriors. One of the old flags drawn by Najin, Nikkor’s father, it symbolizes victory and honor. He thought that those who knew the history of the Blood Dagger Clan would not be shaken.

Eventually, when Hakajin handed the flag to Kim Yu-ra, Kim Yu-ra was holding the flag with trembling hands. Some of the young warriors, who were rich in sensitivity, seemed to be holding back their tears as much as possible, but I was also touched for some reason. This is because they are also like family who has been together for a long time.

“Thank you… thank you. ”

I slowly opened my mouth to the young warriors who stared blankly at the flag and looked at me.

“Don’t be broken. ”

Kim Yu-ra stamped the flag high on the ground.

I could hear a thud. Tears are welling up in my eyes, but they are not flowing. The flag continued to flutter, whether it was because of the magical energy Kim Yu-ra was exuding or because of the sudden wind.

The same goes for the little guys. With everyone’s eyes focused on Kim Yu-ra, Kim Yu-ra screamed loudly.

“I will not break! ”

No more words are needed. I gestured toward Kim Yu-ra and the young warriors, who slowly began to walk outside with their newly acquired flags. Maybe if you realize the weight of that flag, you won’t make the same mistake as today again. I laughed as it seemed that the weight on their shoulders had increased.

Gough and Black Spear were laughing together with me while looking at the series of appearances.

“You are strong”

” strong. ”

Although he returned with an absurd appearance, the last one was okay. I finally felt like I could open my shoulders to something I was proud of earlier. Goff also nodded and opened his mouth.

“You are a wise chieftain. ”

“You are too. ”

Since it was the turn of Gouph’s son, Gogh, he seemed to want to show the same appearance as before. The door slowly opened and a mixed group of ogres and orcs began to enter. The flag of the Clan Goff looked absurdly broken, but it seemed that they had broken it in the excitement of battle.

Looking around, I could see Gogh staring at Gogh, holding his trembling hand tightly.

“It’s big… it’s big..”

” sorry. gurrurruk father. ”

Gogh’s pupils also began to shake in all directions. It was quite servile but quite different from Kim Yu-ra, who was confident in her own way. Kim Yoo-ra was also Kim Yu-ra, but he also committed quite absurd things.

His combat power was fine, but the problem was that he lost his reason. Gogh, who had to take care of his younger siblings, was at the forefront of the scandal, so it’s no wonder that Gogh was a little angry.

“Ah…Father. Krrrrrr. ”

Even the excitement hadn’t gone away, and the sight of his eyes slightly reddened gave the impression that a drunken son was calling his father. It is only natural that he would be angry when he called his underage son who had been drinking to his house to scold him, and seeing that he was not in his right mind.

Eventually, Gough began to slowly rise toward him. Even the appearance of him standing up with the flag of the Clan Gogh, Gogh must have confirmed that Yoo-ra Kim went out with the flag of the Blood Dagger Clan.

A very nervous expression passed across his face, wondering if he might be lowering the flag himself as well.

“Ah… Father… and… thank you. Kreurreuk Ah…he’s a son who’s still lacking, but great…great! ”

A face that seemed to be impressed. However, contrary to his expectations, Goff started beating him with the flag. The flag imbued with Gough’s magic will never be broken.

“Ah… Father! Wooooooooo! Whoaaaaaaaa! ”

It was like watching me beat up a giant scrim apache. Since he was born an ogre, he is basically big and strong. I thought that thanks to this, he would be able to enjoy a warm time with his father even more.

“Woooooooooooo! sorry. father! ”

“Ugly bastard! ”

Perhaps it could have ended warmly if he had suppressed all his wildness before entering, but he thought that the cause of this situation was that his eyes were red and he was gurgling even after he came here.

Damn! Damn!


There was a constant high-pitched noise. The other guys, including Gaara of the Gof Clan, nodded while looking at the flag of the Gof Clan.

“Wooooooooooooooo! Ah… that hurts! ”

His voice is smaller than that of Giant Scream. Looking at that, I was able to notice that the gof guy was definitely controlling his strength.

As Gof continued to beat Gogh, I felt that Gogh’s face was returning to normal little by little. It seems that he knows what the problem is, and he is putting his wildness to rest. I felt like I was awakened because I thought I might die if I didn’t do this, but I definitely thought that Goff’s son was a son.

“Uuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuu00uh…ah…it hurts…”

I laughed for no reason when I saw the guy in pain, s if his whole body was aching.

” huh! ”

Gough tossed the flag he was raising at his son, who was in pain. As expected, Gogh’s expression when he received the flag was very bright.

“Take it. ”

” Father… “

 “If you show that way again, I’ll hit you with that flag one more time. It is the last warning. ”

“I know… I see! ”

Gogh’s son, a group of young ogres, and their faces also looked quite happy as they fled outside in an instant without even having time to feel the emotion. In fact, Goff’s appearance was quite unfamiliar, but he could feel that he was also the father of the greenskins who cared for the tribe.


For some reason, it reminded me of Labua in the village.

It felt like something was over, the battle was also coming to an end. Black Spear nodded again with a happy face. Although the flag was handed over, there would be no excuse for the fact that the final winner of the day was the Black Spear.

After a while, Black Spear’s sons and daughters, Shakajin and Shakara, entered and finished the battle to the end.

“It was great. my sons and daughters ”

Their faces are quite majestic. Of course, it has to be. In fact, it was because Shakajin and Shakara had never defeated Kim Yu-ra on the children’s battlefield. Although he lost in practice, he made a great performance in practice and raised the name of the tribe. Of course, I would have no choice but to raise my head.

Goff and I were looking at the son of Black Spear with quite envious eyes, but in the middle of it, we met Shakara’s eyes. It felt like seeing a confident female warrior smiling and grinning while looking this way. Even the slightest wink made my body stiffen a little.


Of course, he must have worked hard during that time. Seeing that I handed over the tribal flag, Black Spear seemed to think it was time to hand over the tribal flag as well, so she started beckoning to the clan leader.

” father! ”

Shakajin’s face brightened when the official tried to hand over the flag, but Shakara only slowly opened his mouth.

“Father… We are still far from receiving the Black Spear Clan’s flag. When we’re ready, we want to take over our father’s banner. ”



Black Spear’s face brightened. Goff and I looked at the Black Spear with an expression of having eaten a bit, but as expected, the Black Spear was smiling, surprised by his daughter’s wisdom. Even while looking at this side, the tail of the mouth is raised.

‘How is my daughter! ’ is provoking. It was a provocation that was not typical of a normally calm guy.

” not. my son daughter I realized it while watching today’s battle. you guys deserve Of course, it is an undeniable fact that we need to be more diligent. But I want to believe in your potential a little more. Thank you for growing upright”

Shakajin accepted the flag as if he thought that the two rejections were not accepted, and somehow, if his sister refused one more time, he looked very anxious.

The result is a clean route,

But it was a pleasant feeling.



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