228 Elf princess

In the case of this trip to Japan, it was more difficult to clean up than to fight. The surviving Japanese were restrained and the elves were separated, and some elves were freed from brainwashing after the death of a mental wizard, but there were also elves who were not.

Elisha was also very busy treating the elves, and thanks to that, there was a constant scream in the castle. In the case of Choi Eun-joo and Jung Ha-yeon, they had a bit of room, but Baek A-yeon ran around in every way to heal the injured elves, and thanks to this, she even suffered from magical exhaustion.

There were other problems.


“Jin… calm down. ”

The memories of the past began to slowly return, and there were a lot of elves who blamed themselves or regretted it. The spirit returned to normal, but there were some guys who refused to return to their senses, as well as some who harmed themselves or made extreme choices, so the atmosphere was quite uncomfortable.

Perhaps, without Elisha, the three princesses of the kingdom, the elves would not have been able to calm down so quickly, he thought. It was because her princess’s existence gave other elves a sense of security before she cured her brainwashing with her mental mage’s ability.

Of course, it was also possible to realize that her ability to focus on treatment, rather than brainwashing itself, was not bad.

As many elves came back to their senses, elves with personalities and decent abilities stood out quite a bit, but among them, princess Elia, who was captured by Kimura, was quite fond of her unique ability, so I thought it would be advantageous to keep it if she liked it. .

Her far-seeing eyes, this woman is the one who stole Kim Yu-ra. Baek A-yeon and Jeong Ha-yeon were dedicated to Kimura as an example of hurting the younger guys on our side, and in the process, her brainwashing was released and she came back to her senses.


Even though it seemed like he had been through a lot, the image of him biting his lip and leaving to help other elves was still in my memory.

“Thank you very much. ”

“It was just a contract. You will be able to hear more from Elisha. ”

If Elisha felt like a tomboy pretending to be a bit calm, Elijah felt like she was looking at a really modest princess, but she definitely seemed older than she was.

“I have already heard the contents of the contract. It’s very heartbreaking to have to leave the kingdom, but I don’t know how to repay the favor for helping me…”

“This land and a thousand elves to leave behind are enough. Rather than thanking me, it would be wiser for you to think about how you will live in the future. We promised to provide aid, so it would be better to quickly find a suitable site. ”

“Yes… Thanks for the teaching. ”

In fact, there was a bitterness that could not be hidden on his face. This is because it was in fact an absurd request to leave the place where they had lived for more than a few decades. She seemed resolute in accepting it gracefully, but her golden hair and emaciated face seemed to show how much she was struggling. She, too, was captured by Kimura. It felt great to be able to be so resolute.

“So… what happened to the queen? ”

“My mother…”

Seeing that he couldn’t forget his words anymore, it seemed that he was already dead.

After the battle, he searched everywhere in the castle to find the queen of the kingdom, but he remembered that he was on the verge of dying.

It seems that the Japanese king Yasukuni Kimura got tired of playing with it and took it away. The queen was lying in a dungeon and the princess was lying in a soldier’s barracks. Not only was the whole body covered in the filth of Japanese guys, but it smelled like rotten filth, and I couldn’t properly cover my excrement and urine.

In the case of the queen who was disgraced by the prisoners, she was so physically broken before her mental corruption that she couldn’t finish her treatment even with Zinc Baek’s divine power… I expected that she would die, but it really wasn’t long before. would have stopped breathing.

“The god of the battlefield, no, by your standards, the mother of the earth will take good care of you. ”

“Thank you for your kind words. ”

“I wonder what the princess’s condition is like. ”

” Ah yes. My sister is recovering little by little now. Since Elisha has been taking care of me by my side, I hope to return to my old self as soon as possible…”

In the case of Princess Il, the body was in good condition, but the brainwashing was very strong. I don’t know what I planted in my head, but because the state was incomprehensible, I unknowingly recalled the scene in my head at the time of discovery.

‘ Ha ha… ha… new master. bruise! bruise! ’

I was quite taken aback when I saw him running away with the sound of It was quite a masterpiece to see an elf rushing at an orc, something unfamiliar, and the orcs frowning in disgust.

“Will it take a little while? ”

” Yes. I guess… if you don’t mind, can we stay here a little longer? Water… Of course, it doesn’t matter if you say no, but… if you have a little mercy…”

I guess this is the real purpose. But if it’s such a polite request, there’s no reason to refuse it. Rather, it didn’t feel bad because I had time to choose decent elves here.

“I will allow it. But I hope you don’t forget that you are the guest. ”

” Yes. I will never forget you. ”

“As for the transaction, we will proceed after your condition calms down a little more. It would be good to give your body enough rest in the barracks prepared outside. ”

“Thank you for your consideration. Lord..lord, no chieftain. ”

It seemed that the aftermath of brainwashing remained subtly. I looked at Elia, who moved quickly with a red face, for a moment, then moved to Choi Eun-joo.



“Aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa!!!! ”

“Sister…Sister! sister! ”

Elisha continued to cast spells while holding onto her sister’s body, who was completely embarrassed. His whole body was drenched in sweat, but his mind was much worse than other elves, so he needed intensive treatment.

It goes without saying that the deeper you go into the mind, the more memories you see. It is an undeniable fact that my sister endured a hellish time. Naturally, tears began to form in my eyes. I wanted to erase my memory, but since there could be side effects, it was first to quell the allusion to the enslaved person in place. Seeing this reaction despite the fact that I was continuously erasing it, it was clear that I had become accustomed to the continued painful life.

I had been working for a while when I felt someone in the barracks come in. It was Elia, the little sister who miraculously came to her senses.

“How is your sister? ”

“Ah… I think I’ve gotten better. Get some rest, too. ”

“No… I have to do everything I can. I think we can stay here a little longer. It’s a bit sad to abandon the kingdom…”

“I’m… I’m sorry. Unni, I’m too arbitrary… to decide…”

“No, I would rather thank you, Elisha. If it wasn’t for you, I would still be living that life. The kingdom of Everuz can be established elsewhere…”

It was while we were talking about various things. The eldest sister, who had been asleep, began to open her eyes little by little.

“Sister…Sister! ”

“Sister! would you recognize me? ”

It was natural to speak urgently. It was the first time I had seen something like this while undergoing treatment. Looking at it with a nervous expression, it was only after a little more time had passed that the older sister’s mouth slowly began to open.

“Alisha? And… that’s Elia. ”

It was a bit cold expression.


” sister! ”

Tears flowed from my eyes. Elia’s older sister also looks down and is praying to Mother Earth. It was a level that can only be said to be a miracle.

“Mother… Where is your mother? ”

“My mother…”

As he spoke less, he closed his eyes as if he had noticed what had happened, and then opened his mouth again.

“I want to hear the story of the kingdom again. Also, what the two of you talked about earlier meant…”

“I will tell you. ”

Looking at the older sister, the younger sister opened her mouth. With a trembling heart, Elisha restrained her little sister and opened her mouth. The work was done by oneself. Responsibility must also be taken by oneself.

“ Little… little sister, I will tell you. That…that’s… actually…”

Elisha calmly began to tell the story. After running away from the kingdom, crossing the foggy forest and discovering a new land, running and hiding for days and days to avoid humans, and meeting a small fairy, that the fairy was the daughter of the chief of a huge tribe.

Starting with negotiations, he began to open his mouth in a calm manner, from the contents of the contract to the fulfillment.

“He said that a thousand elves were not used as slaves, but to manage the city… Also…he said that they would help with the migration if the destination was decided. Sufficient water…goods and labor…”

The more I continued to speak, the more I felt that the gaze became a little colder. The younger sister also began to help out little by little, perhaps noticing that the older sister was frowning.

“All humans here are either subdued or dead. sister. If it wasn’t for them…”

It was then. Jjaak………….

Suddenly, a loud sound was heard.

“Stupid bitches. ”


It was her eldest sister, Eliane, who was glaring at her with devouring eyes.

“ …………. ”

Of course, Elisha was shocked and closed her mouth. Eliane, the older sister, kept slapping the younger sister on the cheek with the palm of her hand.


“I mean… how did this country end up like this… bye bye…”

I was very scared of how to react to a sudden situation. However, Elisha hurriedly continued as she couldn’t watch her little sister continue to be beaten.

“Trust me… He is a trustworthy person. I went… directly… into the spirit. ”

“Shut that mouth. You are a traitor who sold the kingdom. This kingdom is the land that my mother cultivated herself. It’s not a land that you dare to do carelessly for four years. Again, how can you believe that what he said is true or not? Humans did too. ”


“You trust him. ”

“ …………That…it’s not like that. ”

Elisha closed her eyes tightly. In fact, it was because he thought he was under an influence that had once entered and exited his psyche.

“I can tell by looking into your eyes. Don’t think that when you came into her mind she couldn’t see anything. I cannot hand this kingdom over to such uncivilized people. ”

“They are not uncivilized…”


“You dare… even though your sister was raped by humans and your mother was killed, you bitch… you’re just trying to find what you want. Even after enduring this hellish time… The bitch who risked her life to escape was still eating with a dirty monster. Why don’t you jump out of this place right away and spread your legs and plead? ”


“Isn’t it easy? Until you come, this older sister will reach out to dozens or hundreds of people day and night…”


The older sister who was talking suddenly grabbed her head. When Elisha was startled and tried to reach out, she felt her eldest sister’s hand brushing away her own.

“Unnie…sister. ”

“Don’t touch me with dirty hands. Four years is the year the whole kingdom was sold. I won’t allow her to be called sister either. ”

Elisha pursed her lips. Because the tears seemed to flow.

“Get out of my sight right now. dirty year. ”

A very cold word turned into a dagger and pierced his chest.


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