229 Elf princess

Elisha ran out, wiping the tears that were about to flow.

“L… Elisha. ”

It was only natural that his heart sank again at the swear words coming from behind the door. My heart ached so much that I had no other option but to run to my room.

‘dirty bitch’

The voice continued to ring in my head.

“It’s black… it’s black… it’s black…”

I buried my head in the pillow and tried to suppress the flow of crying, but the tears continued to flow without stopping. Then, slowly, I felt someone open the door and come in.

“Elisha. ”

It was her little sister, Elia.

“Elisha… It seems that the eldest sister is having a hard time. Maybe he was not in his right mind and said something harsh without even realizing it. You will probably regret it. After you calm down a bit, let’s meet together. ”

” No. It’s not like that. ”

Those eyes were clearly those of self-hate. Thinking about it, I thought it might be. My eldest sister lost everything. She lost her mother and also lost her fiancé who was living with her in the kingdom. Unlike the women who saved their lives, they killed all but a few elven men.

The only thing left for her was the kingdom of Everuz. In the meantime, I couldn’t help but be surprised when my eldest sister said she saw something in her mind.

The first sister is not a spirit-type wizard. He said that he had seen his memories in the course of treatment, but he thought he probably hadn’t looked around all of them. Nevertheless, Elisha had no choice but to bite her lips.


It was because he thought he might have seen the vague feelings he had for the tribal chief. I thought it was an influence that came into my mind, but recently I thought it might not be. Because it has had a huge impact on the way he lives his life.


“Big…eldest sister is right. Sister I’m a dirty bitch. Heh… heh… Even when the older sisters are living like this, I…”


” Not like that. Elisha, it’s not your fault. ”


” No. No sister… It’s my fault. ”

If you think about it from the eldest sister’s point of view, when they were going through hardships, they were developing precious feelings. Even when she entered her mind, the eldest sister clearly thought of herself as a dirty body.


Of course, Elisha knows how much her eldest sister cherishes and likes the kingdom her mother has built, and how many memories there are in this place.


Although he said he had no choice, he thought that if he had been a little smarter, things might not have gone this far.


I could see my little sister biting her lip. Perhaps the younger sister is also very complicated in her thoughts.


“Maybe… could he be a little more considerate of us…? You seem like a nice person…”


“Ah…no! ”

Elisha screamed loudly without realizing it. Outwardly, he is polite. Despite having strong arms, he is considerate and cherishes those he considers to be his allies. Even if you think it’s worth using. However, once he thought that the opponent was an enemy, he was a person who became crueler than anyone else.


He never left his enemies alone. Looking around his life, Elisha thought she understood him better than anyone else.

After a miserable death as a human, he was reborn as a green skin. I knew it didn’t make sense, but after seeing the memories, I couldn’t help but realize that it was true. The fact that the boundary between enemy and ally is clear is probably very high because of the influence of his previous life.


No one lives an easy life after becoming an enemy in a previous life, an enemy in this life, or his enemy. He climbs far and wide, destroying his opponent to the point of nausea, before turning his attention away. The reason he was kind to his little sister, Elia, was that the little sister hadn’t been recognized as his enemy yet. Or maybe it was because I thought it was worthwhile.


If I ever say useless words, I will continue my miserable life to the extent that I can say that the past was heaven. Elisha could feel a sudden flash of light.

“Ah…ah…no. Sister… you must never ask him for mercy or consideration. Never… He has no mercy for his enemies. The reason I treat my sister well is that I don’t think of her as an enemy. ”


“L… Elisha, what are you talking about…”


“Have you ever heard anything else from your eldest sister? ”


“As soon as I recover, I will make a formal complaint about this issue…”


” No! Never… never say that. never… “




For a moment, the emotion of doubt seemed to pass in the little sister’s eyes. However, after seeing him shake his head, Elisha bit his lip again.


“Please leave. ”


“L… Elisha. ”


“Please leave. little sister ”

“I want to apologize if my sister made any mistakes in words. ”


“It’s not that kind of problem. little sister If you don’t leave now, I’ll pull you down. And tell your older sister. Please tell him never to complain to him about this. never. If you say something useless to him, you have to tell him that I will not stay still. Everything will end as scheduled. Thousands of elves, including me, will remain here, and the older sister and younger sister will leave the kingdom of Everuz. There is no other choice. If you do anything stupid…”


“You… you really…”


“Go out. ”


Elisha continued biting her lips and started looking at Elia. I got up and opened the door and urged him to leave, so I could see Elia walking outside with drooping ears.

Born as the youngest daughter of the kingdom of Everuz, Elisha grew up pampered. She grew up receiving the love of her mother, older sister, and younger sister, and lived a fairly smooth life. She literally grew up like an elf.


I loved peace, I loved nature, and I liked solving problems through conversation rather than fighting.


It was the same even after being summoned here. Even in the test given by Mother Earth, it was her mother and older sister who fought to protect it.


Elisha always had no choice but to take a step back and look at it. Elisha always obeyed even as she built a new kingdom and lived a new life. I followed my mother’s will, followed my sister’s will, and just lived my life in compliance.


It wasn’t frustrating. Because this is a way of life. The life Elisha saw from the memories of the chieftain of a large tribe was enough to have a great influence on her.




It’s a struggle. His life was a struggle. In order to survive, for the future, for his brothers, for his loved ones, for himself, he has lived his life-fighting.


Unlike Elisha, who accepted and avoided adversity and hardship, he continued to fight. No matter what difficulties came, no matter what hardships approached, no matter how tired, collapsed, and shed tears, he rose up again and won what he wanted through struggle.


Even Elisha herself does not know why she shed tears that day.


If I were to find the most suitable word, it would be the most appropriate to say that I was impressed by his life. It’s been a cruel, scarred, muddy life…but it certainly was…


It was a beautiful life.


Elisha bit her lip once more.


‘ Struggle. ’

Everyone was struggling and living with wounds. You too must fight. You have to hurt others and be hurt. Elisha nodded and started to leave the room door.




“Miss Tae-seong. ”


” yes? ”


Jung Ha-yeon and Baek A-yeon were looking at me and putting fruit in their mouths. Choi Eun-ju also seemed to want to be with me, but the seat was full, so she was looking at me with sad eyes.


It was a fruit that grew on a large tree that the elves called the World Tree. The taste was quite good, and not only me but also other greenskins had a good reputation, especially Gogh, Gogh’s son, loved it very much.


It seemed to have a calming effect, so Littlefinger was able to contain his anger towards the Giant Scream Apache.


“Oh…savior. ”

I opened my mouth to Baek A-yeon, who again held out the fruit with trembling hands, and the fruit immediately entered her mouth. Definitely not a bad place to live. Currently, the Gof Clan and the Black Spear Clan are starting to open a road in the misty forest to connect it to the land of the brothers.


Ye-ri Jang occasionally stopped by the village and sent a word mixed with complaints about when she and Meb would return, but in fact, this place was quite close to heaven. I could feel why the Japanese guys were complacent.


When I was lost in thought for a while, I heard Jung Ha-yeon’s voice once again.


“Miss Tae-seong. Are you okay? ”


” Ahhh… “

I could barely sense what Jeong Ha-yeon was saying. He must have been talking about elves.


“You don’t have to worry about anything. I’m not officially doing anything here yet. ”


When everything was going smoothly, Princess Il came to her senses and the situation was going a little strangely, but Jeong Ha-yeon seemed to be worried about it. Jeong Ha-yeon was in charge of the meeting with the elf, so it wouldn’t be unreasonable to pay attention.

This is because right after Princess Il woke up, after confirming that the queen was dead, Princess Il immediately installed herself as the queen of the kingdom of Everuz.


Various movements were visible, but since they were only walking together, they did not come to this side for any particular purpose.


In fact, no matter what they do, they can’t harm us. This is confidence, not arrogance. Certainly, the fighting power itself was able to discover the superior aspect of the Japanese. Nevertheless, they have not yet reached the level of children.


” still… “


“If you turn your back this way, you can hit the neck. Actually, this is the most convenient way, but I want to be volunteered by elves. ”


” Yes? ”


At my words, Choi Eun-ju looked at me with a surprised expression, but I thought I had chosen the wrong words, so I opened my mouth again.


” no. It is cooperation. ”

They don’t have great fighting power, but there are many excellent talents. Such was the spirit-type magic, the far-sighted eyes, and the hands that could do various delicate tasks that greenskins could not do. You can’t get proper efficiency by making them slaves like before. It was when I was thinking useless thoughts.


The door opened slowly and Hakajin appeared and opened his mouth.


“The princess of the kingdom of Everoz, no, the queen, asked for an interview. ”


As expected, I roughly nodded my head, and soon Ha-yeon Jung began to make tables and chairs with a calm face using the roots.





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