230 dark elf

I don’t know if it’s because I’ve improved my skills a little more, but despite the fact that it was made using roots, a pretty cool table and chair came into my sight. Naturally, this meeting is hosted by Jung Ha-yeon. I’m going to leave it to Jeong Ha-yeon until I can do as much as I decided to watch. Of course, the meeting itself had no purpose.


” honey. ”


When Jeong Ha-yeon disappeared, Choi Eun-joo took the seat next to me in an instant. Baek Ah-Yeon and Choi Eun-ju on both sides were not suitable for holding talks with the leaders of a country, but I thought it did not matter.


No matter what the courtesy to the queen of a ruined country without a country and without power, there is no problem with this side’s work. Rather, when this side showed this appearance, the reaction was very much expected.


“She is entering. ”

Soon after, the queen of the kingdom of Everest appeared with a pretty majestic expression. Armed guards and unexpectedly, Eliah also appeared together, and the situation seemed to be quite interesting to see her enter with her head down and her ears hanging down to see if she remembered what she had said.


The reason we allowed armed guards to enter is that we know that they can’t harm us at all. It was a level that could be wiped out without difficulty with the magic of Jeong Ha-yeon right in front of me.


I was slowly looking at the ruined queen. Eliane, Elisha’s older sister, had been reported to have fought until the kingdom was completely swallowed by the Japanese.I have also heard reports that she has a strong ego and is united by the pride of her kingdom. Like Elisha and Elia, she was wearing a crown on top of her golden shinning hair.


” Please have a seat. I heard you asked for a talk. ”

It was a pretty polite tone, but a pretty cold voice came out as if there was one thing the other person didn’t like.


” That’s rude. ”


“………………? ”


” It is not you that I asked for a talk, but the chief of your flock sitting behind me. ”

There was laughter when he looked a little strong. He still thinks the kingdom of Everest is alive and well, the equipment of the armed guards was terrible, and his face doesn’t look good probably because he was physically very exhausted.

It’s been a while since treatment ended, so I have no choice but to do that. Nevertheless, the dignified expression reminded me of Jang Ye-ri.

There is one difference between her and Jang Ye-ri.


One is confidence with a foundation, and the other is confidence without a foundation.


Jeong Ha-yeon took a deep breath before opening her mouth.


“Currently, I am the chief’s deputy. The great Blood Lord, the chief of the Clan, entrusted me with full authority, and my decision will be the will of the entire Blood Lord Clan, and furthermore the will of the entire land of my brothers. ”

” Well… “


Sensing their eyes on me, I playfully massaged Baek A-yeon and Choi Eun-joo’s chests.


“Ho… Honey. ”


“Save…Please save me. ”

A voice came naturally. It’s only natural that the facial expression would become crumpled in an instant. Of course, it won’t be to your liking.


“Is that true? ”


I nodded at the question directed at me.


“She is right. Queen of Destiny. Her will is my will. I’m not going to get involved in this talk. ”


“What an ugly king. ”


As soon as she finished her words, life instantly sprang up from all sides. It was Choi Eun-joo and Baek A-Yeon. The expressions of the guards were contemplative, but the queen had a dignified expression in her own way, and although her lips and ears trembled, she managed to maintain her sanity.


The same goes for Jeong Ha-yeon. She was glaring at the queen with very frightening eyes, thinking that if she was an ordinary person, she would either sit on the floor and pee or turn her back and run away.


One thing I could feel.


‘ The standard is good. ’

That was it. The level of the guards seemed to be about the same as our young warriors, and the level of the queen was slightly higher than that.


I slowly lowered my hand, and as if following my will, the lives began to decrease little by little. It’s because I was looking forward to how it would be done. When the atmosphere calmed down a bit, Eliane opened her mouth. It was a bit of an incomprehensible statement.


“Was it like this? ”




“First of all, I want to express my gratitude to you guys. It is also true that our kingdom has fallen into the hands of humans, and it is also true that we have been helped by you. I swear to the mother of the earth, it is not that I have no gratitude for you. ”

” Yes. ”


“But this is an unequal treaty. It’s absurd. We checked all the contents of the contract, but it was very absurd. There is no law that requires you to hand over a kingdom in return for saving it. ”


I was expecting it to come out like this. No, I knew it beforehand. Jung Ha-yeon opened her mouth as the hall became a little colder.

” What we saved is you who were suffering here, not in the kingdom. I received the kingdom in exchange for saving you, which is already shown in the contract. ”


“The contract is false. ”


“What are you talking about…”

“The third princess of the kingdom, Elisha, is not in a position to leave such a contract. I, the queen of the kingdom, make all decisions in the kingdom of Everest. he doesn’t even belong to this kingdom anymore and she’s not my sister. Even if it is a contract signed by an untrustworthy person, it has no effect on either side. ”

It’s a perfect flock. After saving, feeding, and saving them, it is like asking them to give up their bedroom. It was such a perfect group that it seemed like it could be changed from the expression that black-haired beasts should not be collected to the expression that gold-haired beasts should not be collected.

Jung Ha-yeon started to slowly look back at me. She seemed to ask if it was OK to kill something that contained life in his eyes. I just laughed and shook my head. This is not the place to brag about her powers.


This is because I wanted to watch this talent a little more, and it was not me or Jung Ha-yeon who finished this job.

“It is sophistry. At the time of signing the contract, Elisha was the third princess of the kingdom of Everest, and the queen and the first princess were known to be the supreme commander of the kingdom because the princess was unable to make practical decisions. ”


Jung Ha-yeon’s words are 100% right.


“Even so, your methods are wrong. The child is young and not in a condition to make normal judgments. We cannot rule out the possibility that you could have been able to obtain a signature by intimidating the child in a savage way, spewing murderous blood as before. ”


“There was no coercion or intimidation. Rather, it was a very amicable negotiation and she agreed to the contract according to her will. ”


In fact, Garcke’s punching on the floor at the time was memorable, but it was not a contract made through threats or coercion. There is also a memory of Jung Ha-yeon saying that Elisha signed it according to her will, and that she took full responsibility for it.




I clicked my tongue and saw the Queen’s eyebrows twitch.

“I cannot believe your words. Look at the behavior of the author who is the king of a tribe despite the presence of the head of a country. The prodigal figure with two women is no different from the king of humans who occupied this place. ”


The last one was quite a strike. Jeong Ha-yeon was enduring life as much as possible. I thought that without me, she would have suffered so much that it would be hell to live with roots all over her body in an instant.

The situation is very easily sorted out by force. Nonetheless, I laughed. It was because the situation that I was going to face in a while kept popping up in my head.


“Your kingdom is strong. That’s not to deny it. I know that if you use your hands, we will be torn down. But I don’t think it’ll hurt you at all. Our race is also strong. ”


No, it’s weak. It’s very weak. I laughed and, in the meantime, Eliane talked once more.

“My people love peace. It doesn’t mean that I want to fight with you. Anything is fine except asking for the kingdom back. If you tell me other conditions, I will listen to anything. This is what I propose to you in the name of Mother Earth myself. ”




I said I wouldn’t intervene, but I couldn’t help but hold on without opening my mouth. I opened my mouth playfully.


” How about if it’s you who wants it? It’s a very beautiful figure. I want to see the queen underneath me. ”

Eliane’s shoulders began to tremble. Her ears also trembled, and it felt like the reaction was the same as Elisha’s. Sisters seemed to be sisters.


After a short moment, she nodded.


“If that’s what you really want…”



I laughed because I didn’t understand what she really wanted.

“What you want to protect is the kingdom or the people. ”


” Everything. ”


I felt like I was doing something to lose both of them. It was difficult for me to understand the psychology that came out so proudly even though I knew the size of this side’s power, but if I thought about it, it was probably the pride of the fallen queen.

It is not only Greenskin who puts forward history and tradition as a value.

They also clearly have their own pride. If someone told us to leave our brother’s land, we wouldn’t be able to either. Countless brothers shed blood until the land of the brothers came into being. It is the greenskins who fight even if they die. If you think about the pride of the kingdom of Everest that Elisha had in the past, I thought that the pride of one princess, Eliane, would be the same.


High achievements and developed civilization, old books in the library, a large tree called the World Tree, history and tradition, pride and ego, and magic artifacts that stand out here and there are all great, but they are useless in front of life.


I opened my mouth while looking at Eliane.

“I appreciate your heart, but I prefer new things to wear out. ”


Eliane bit her lip as if in shame. Before she could say what she meant, a voice came from the door once more.


“Elisha, the queen of the kingdom of Everest, is entering. ”


It arrived just in time.


” Well… “


I smiled as I recalled the conversation I had with Elisha last night. As she said, she was prepared to be tough. Cold-looking eyes and a confident attitude.


Definitely black skin.

‘Dark Elves’

Eliane and Elijah’s faces, surprised to see their sister, were visible. Elisha’s voice rang out before they could even call her sister’s name.

“Get those bastards who don’t even know grace right now. ”


It was a voice I could feel cold too.

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