Green Skin Chapter 26

Everyone was staring at my mouth opening. In that gap, I slowly began to utter words from my mouth.

” Our . . . Blood Dagger Clan will . . . .Our Blood Dagger Clann will go together with the Green Goblin Clan of the West. ”

Everyone had an amused face. Amongst them was Storm Shadow who had asked me to come along opening his mouth as his long fangs stuck out. It was truly an expression of curiosity rather than being displeased.

” Interesting. Warrior who has lost one’s honor. Blood Dagger. May I ask why? ”

There was a reason I had thought of in advance, but there was no way I could speak of it plainly. After briefly staring at Storm Shadow, I was able to come up with a reasonable explanation for him to accept and began to speak.

” The woman of the humans knows me who have lost one’s honor very well. Also, I was able to learn the harshness and cruelty of the environment here thanks to the exam of Chief Patriarch Agar. The weak goblins with their bodies were able to establish their own flag on the continent. I am curious of how they were able to do so. ”

As if convinced, he soon nodded his head, and opened his mouth after a few seconds.

” I think I know what you want. Warrior who has lost one’s honor, Blood Dagger. ”

My words were plausible, but the fact that I had chosen the Green Goblin Clan wasn’t just for that reason. Of course, it would be true if what I spoke earlier were true, but there were more plausible reasons. The east was the best, and the north was not bad at all.

Despite all that, there were reasons why I had chosen to go with the Green Goblins.

The first reason was because I know the western city very well. I have heard about the situations of the North and East, but if I were to actually head over, the probability of me starting from scratch was extremely high. No matter how much I covet the Slave Shaman and the Orc Hunter, it’s only possible once they actually recognize me as their ‘ chief. ‘ No one would swear allegiance to a young hatchling like me. Especially in the case of the Slave Shaman, I didn’t have the power to investigate that small city. It would be best to grow a bit stronger beforehand.

The second reason was the probability of possibly meeting Choi Seulgi. If Choi Seulgi’s words were true that she had adventured for one-two years after completing the tutorial, there could be the chance of me actually meeting Choi Seulgi. Everyone already knows that the West is where beginners train and hunt. If I really am able to meet Choi Seulgi, I’m not sure how I would respond, but I want to see how she’s faring.

And the last reason was to wipe out the fast growing rookies in the Western City who had developed quickly for 10 years before.

‘ I’ll clash against them anyways. ‘

One way or the other, I will fight the Saint Sword. I will clash against the Western city ‘ Aia ‘ managed by the Saint Knights Order anyhow. I already have a trivial desire for vengeance as a Green Skin and human. I will soon aim for the Saint Sword surrounded by countless ‘strong’ opponents. I will also target the Western city Aia. I need to reduce the fine Summoned as much as possible.

‘ A special [ Unique Ability ] that allows one to use magic and sword simultaneously. Magic Swordsman Kim Donghyun. The Wind Magician who can relentlessly send her opponents flying with her high mana, Lee Jiyeon, and the high HP Saint Knight, the famed Byuk Woongjin. ‘

And the other so-called rankers included with those names.

‘ I must kill them all. ‘

There was no personal grudge against them. You can consider them elite since they did pass the elite courses. It’s not as much as the Queen of the north, but they were the strong I’ve looked up to ten years ago. I wanted to see how I am now against them.

While I was thinking of useless thoughts, I could hear Chief Patriarch Agar’s voice once again.

” Interesting. How interesting. It was always like this, but these brothers are very interesting. Follow me, my brothers. I have a present for you. ”

” Strength, Wisdom and Honor. ”

I did expect internally whether the Patriarch would give out something. It was strange how I wasn’t excited at the thought of receiving something.

Soon, a group began to move from the spot again behind the Chief Patriarch. As if seeing this as an opportunity, the Green Goblin Clan’s chief furtively withdrew his body backwards and slowly opened his mouth. He was wearing a white robe, but what was more of a lasting impression were his teeth.

” Is there another reason why you selected our clan? Ggiril . . . ”

” The reason is the same as before. Green Goblin. I thought there was something to learn from. ”

” Ggirik Ggirik ! Good. To teach. To learn. That is precisely a wise Green Skin. ”

From the mood, it seems that they have never received the selection of the brothers. It seems there were none that chose to leave with them considering the other Ogres or Werewolves, and the Orcs.

He smiled as he looked at me with his small fang.

” You can look forward to it. Friend. ”

” I look forward to it. Brother. ”

After concluding the short conversation, I couldn’t help while standing in front of the cave-like place but smile with the sounds from within.

” Kereeeeeung . . . . ”

It was the small growl of a beast. The humans definitely tried to tame the different monster races for transportation, but I’ve heard that they had failed completely. There were rumors that only the monsters had the method to train these beasts, but even after 10 years, seeing that no progress was made, it seems probable that they won’t be able to figure it out forever.

Soon, Chief Patriarch Agar lighted the interior of the cave, revealing the large wolves gathered inside.

” Kereeeeeuk . . . ”

The wolves stared at us with reddened eyes.

I laughed joyfully towards them. Then, a dark-red colored wolf began to slowly walk over towards me, catching my attention. The Chief Patriarch, seeing this, opened his mouth once again.

” You can take it. ”

” Keum . . . ”

To be honest, I wanted to scream. But, I decided to ask once again to preserve my image.

” Really? ”

” Of course, you are chosen by this child, brother. ”

The child was slightly looking up with its eyes shining, as it lowered its head towards me. As if it wanted me to stroke it, it rubbed its face. Stroking its fine hair with my rugged hands, the sounds of a cat soon emerged from its mouth.

” Purrrrrrr . . . ”

It seems that it was very satisfied. But, I was feeling much more elated than this little guy. I could finally see why the humans could not tame these wolves, and why the ‘wolf riders’ who fought with wolves were so rare.

” May I ask for this child’s name? ”

” You name it. This wolf was just reborn. ”

I nodded my head. It seems that since I had received this gift, I had to name it as well. There was no name that came into mind just yet. I continued to stroke it.

Goff was second. Goff was waiting briefly in front of the cave. A large wolf slowly walked outside the cave. Goff smiled, and as if it was pleased, the wolf made a low growl. From Goff’s expression, I could see that he was truly thankful to the Chief Patriarch. I felt his elation from here. Lastly, the Darkmoon Clan waited, but no matter what he tried, no wolves came out, causing all of us to laugh. In the end, Agar comforted Darkmoon patting his back.

” Don’t be too disappointed. It is quite difficult to match their tastes . . . I will give you a different present. ”

” It’s . . . it’s an honor. ”

How could he be happy even if he were to receive another gift? Though I haven’t raised a dog prior, but seeing it shake its tail, I think I can understand why others raised dogs. In the perspective of a human, it was definitely fierce and terrifying. I extended my hand once again towards it, and as such, the welcoming event concluded.

After the event, which could not be called an event, was completed, as I walked towards the tent of my clan members, soon they started to loudly scream hard.

” For Blood Dagger ! ”

Though they chanted that for me, their eyes were all focused on the large wolf that came to our camp.

” Kereeeung . . . ”

The growling wolf stared at the approaching goblins and hobgoblins as if it was annoyed, but despite that, the clan members were extremely elated as they jumped around the dark-red colored wolf.

” Cap . . . Captain has received a wolf ! ”

” Our . . . Our Captain is now a ‘ Wolf Rider ! ‘ ”

” It’s a female ! It’s a female ! ”

I couldn’t confirm its gender, but it seems it was a female. Seeing their exaggerated expressions, I couldn’t help but laugh as I opened my mouth.

” Prepare to depart ! Blood Dagger Clan will head west ! ”

” We’re going west ! ”

” The Blood Dagger Clan will go west. ”

I immediately announced that we would head west, and the Green Goblin, worried just in case I might change my mind, immediately accepted my offer. That’s why our tents along with the Green Goblin tents were busy.

Mev and Jung Hayeon, without me telling them, roughly knew where we were heading seeing the boisterous Green Goblins. I do not know why, but they were very joyfully nodding their heads as Mev’s expression looked as if my decision was rational. No, rather it was an expression of ‘ that’s our Chief. ‘ It was that kind of expression I think.

” Get the food. Prepare the water ! ”

” We will go together with the Green Goblin Clan. ”

” Blood Dagger Clan and Green Goblin Clan will go together ! ”

The other guys were extremely excited as they were wondering about the new land. When I was finished organizing the preparations along with the five goblin siblings, it was then I heard.

” Blood Dagger. ”

I turned my head toward the sound of the voice, and standing in front of me was Goff. With over 100 days of being together with him, the affection that we shared was very high. It seems that he came in search of me to say goodbye, so I placed my baggage on the floor and began to walk slowly towards Goff.

” Goff. ”

Calling his name, he nodded his head and opened his mouth once again.

” We have been together for a long time. We fought together, slept together, and acted together. It might not have been a long time . . . I . . . I think of you as an honest brother. ”

” I am of the same. Goff. We might not share blood, but I see you as my brother. ”

Afterwards, he tried to say something, but funny enough, the words didn’t come out well. I felt like I knew what he wanted to say, so I stared at Goff and opened my mouth.

” Let’s grow stronger and see each other after three years. My brother. Let us set our flags in this continent. ”

Hearing my words, Goff nodded his head. Seeing that, it seems that I was right of what he wanted to say. What a complicated guy.

” Alright. Let’s see each other three years from now, brother. ”

From Goff’s words, I extended my hand without realizing it. It seems I still have that habit from when I was a human. Apparently, the greetings of the Green Skins would have been pounding the chests with one’s hand. However, after he briefly leaned his head to one side for a moment, he cautiously extended his hand.

Soon, I could feel Goff’s heavy strength from his hand. What I felt was Goff’s heat. I began to tighten my grip on the hand slowly, displaying what this action means, and at this time I thought that the way of the humans was not bad either in contrast to the way of the Green Skins.

No more words were needed after that exchange. Goff slowly turned his back and began to return. He will definitely return three years later stronger. I will as well. I also need to be strong in order to fight him. I laughed.

If someone told me ten years ago that I would be sharing friendship with an orc, I would have treated that guy as a freak. But now, I am feeling it. I really see him as my brother.

Not only that.

” Ha . . . ”

I turned my back from Goff and opened my mouth to my other brothers.

” Let’s go. My brothers. ”

” For . . . For Blood Dagger ! ”

As such, our short time in the Land of Glory ended.

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Wolf Riders are common in the WoW Lord of Rings:

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