Green Skin Chapter 25

” Where will you go Blood Dagger? ”

” I’m not sure. I will need to consult with my clan members for a bit. ”

” It seems that you’ve already decided. ”

” To be honest, I am still deciding. Blood Dagger. It would be best if our decisions coincide, but if not, then there’s no helping it.

Frankly, Goff clinging onto me to stay together would have been an enjoyable sight to see, but the situation didn’t transpire as such. The probability of Goff going to the Minotaurus of the Great Prairies, or the Ogres of the Jungle is high. The large frames of the two clans suit well with Goff’s clan extremely well. Personally, I would recommend the minotaurs that are known to be milder than the fierce ogres. I thought that Goff would become much more stronger by reducing his warlike personality a bit.

From his personality, the chances of him selecting the ogre side was high, but intervening in this situation would be inappropriate of me.

Seeing that the conversation between us looked enjoyable, he furtively approached and opened his mouth.

” Our Darkmoon clan will head East. ”

” East would be . . . ”

” We will depart together with the Storm Shadows. ”

The swamps in the East. Though I’m not precisely sure of the classes, but somehow, hints of rogues rise from it. The Darkmoon’s shadiness matches very well with them I thought, so it was to be expected. Darkmoon looked up at me and with a smile on a very uncomfortable expression, he spoke once again.

” So, the Storm Shadows would like you to move together with them. I’m talking of you Blood Dagger. ”

It seems that Darkmoon was shady as well. To be offered this proposition, it was obvious that I wouldn’t select this instant. So, I decided to reply to Darkmoon with a suitable line.

” Tell them I’ll think about it. ”

” Tch. Alright. ”

I began to feel a bit envious of Darkmoon being ‘ certain ‘ of the path he chose. As for me, I know too much information, so it was rather greatly intervening with choosing a specific place.

The first thing to consider was that since ‘ I had returned to the past, ‘ I know a few Named Monsters. Of course, there’s an extremely fast troll to the East, and there was also a story of a werewolf who killed two 1st class Summoned simultaneously in an instant to the North. Even though it’s a rumor by story, as someone that is very curious, I know these kinds of information in the back of my head.

Of course, the monsters I heard were in clans or chiefs the majority of the time, but there were also some that didn’t apply to that.

From my memories, at a small city to the East were Green Skins enslaved by the humans. At around five years before my death, I heard that the human city was in complete chaos.

Of course the event was induced by the slaves. Of course I don’t know the name, but apparently it was a troll shaman who led the rebellion in creating large havoc in the city.

Soon after, they were killed by the humans from the East, but the force that they displayed became a significant shock that became well known for quite a long time.

There was a different one 8 years ago. There was a Orc Hunter who did not live in a particular tribal life, but this orc always had on a draped white wolf leather as the orc killed all the humans in sight.

He would breathe his last after being pierced by the spear from the Queen of the North.

Hopefully, if things go well, I had high hopes of recruiting him into our clan. Due to this, I had no choice but to ponder a bit longer. Anyhow, thanks to this roughly known information, I was able to completely exclude the choices of living with the Minotaurus Clan, as well as the Ogres. Just because there was no formalized growth tree of these high-ranking species doesn’t mean that they were necessarily strong, but naturally, the Ogres and Minotaurus were definitely recognized to be one of the stronger monsters in this world.

Thanks to them, the humans won’t usually invade into the territorial areas they usually live in unless they are strong enough. In order for me to engage in many battles, the thicker the shield, the more harmful it would rather be.

Also, their lifestyles didn’t match with mine from the start. I’m not sure of the Ogres, but the arrogant Minotaurus were definitely not suitable to my tastes. I had no thoughts of becoming a cow.

To be honest, the most alluring option was to go west to the Green Goblin Clan to find Choi Seulgi, and kill the Saint Sword including Shin Duk-ho, that b.a.s.t.a.r.d.

The problem was that the power of our clan was too weak to settle in the West and do full-scale activities. In the tutorial, we did have some military force, but in the standards of the continent, we were nothing but hatchlings.

‘ Ughh . . . . ‘

It’s obvious, but even if we combined forces with the Green Goblin Clan, we wouldn’t even be able to infiltrate into the city of the humans. The Saint Knights who were training the Saint Sword recognized her talent after being summoned at a young age, who would later become the leader and would easily kill us.

Probably the Saint Sword’s Master that was currently ruling over the city, Saint Knight Choi Younghoon.  Until retirement, he was still too strong.


‘ I’m curious. ‘

I am definitely curious how Choi Seulgi is living right now. As someone who met Choi Seulgi three years into the continent, I did not know what she did beforehand.

From her words, she was a decent thief, but there was no validity from her actions. In my estimation, I thought that she sold her body from a long time ago, but due to her insistence, I wasn’t able to confirm that.

In fact, the two of us did not think of having a serious relationship as we joked around while raising our affection for one another. Of course, I visited Choi Seulgi often at first and I was slowly sorting out my life a little bit, so I had thought that we could be together by combining our efforts, but who would have guessed that things would transpire like that.

This was definitely possible since Choi Seulgi was a prostitute who sold her body on the streets, and I was a beggar who was trying my utmost to survive day by day.

It was somewhat embarrassing to have confirmed each other’s feelings to some extent at the end, but I was also curious how the present Choi Seulgi was doing. If I was lucky, it would be best if I could bring her over to my side, but I’m nothing but a ‘ monster ‘ from a standpoint, so it would be a relief for her to not run away after seeing me.

Forcefully grabbing Choi Seulgi and saying ” You and I decided to live together in our previous life ” was something I had no confidence of saying to a fear-stricken Choi Seulgi.

‘ I have no choice but to think about it some more. ‘

In fact, the most important task at hand other than my personal ‘ revenge ‘ or infusing new talent into the clan was for me to grow. In order to accomplish my goal, it was necessary, and above all, I had a great desire to be ‘ strong. ‘

Unlike the previous me who had no hope, seeing my path open a bit, I was starting to enjoy watching myself grow.

There were various ways to become strong in this continent, but there are two classifications in general. The first is to directly experience battle and gain experience. The second is to learn.

Of course, hunting the undead living here and there in the dungeons and entering the dungeons made by those crazy mages to earn points or find hidden quests would be a way, but I realized that honing my skills and increasing my physical abilities was more important.

In the battle against the Queen of the North, I was definitely superior in terms of physical abilities. I needed opponents, ‘ seniors ‘ that I could fight and learn various things from.

If you think about it again, the North was excluded, and the battle styles of the werewolves were completely different from mine. You could say that the Desert Orc Clan that is settled in the southern desert uses a variety of weapons was very suitable, but if you consider the clan, then the Storm Shadows of the east as well as the Green Goblins of the West were not bad choices at all. The reason was that these two clans operated on robbery, assassinations, and theft, uncommon among the Green Skins.

This would aid my subordinates a lot, where many have selected the assassin path. It also wouldn’t be bad for me personally since I would learn the way of the dagger.

To be honest, my head hurts.

In the end, I decided to consult with Mev and Jung Hayeon. The Five Goblin Siblings also decided to participate in their first ever meeting, so with all of us gathered in my tent, we pondered hard on where we should head to.


” I will follow whatever the Blood Dagger wishes. ”

The first sibling

” This kind of significant issue needs to be decided by the Captain ! ”

Fairy Sprite Archer Mev, too

”  I . . . I don’t know . . . ”

Even Jung Hayeon, once a human, revealed her intention to leave everything to me. Just in case, I asked the other clan members on their opinion, but their reaction was much more of a sight.

” For Blood Dagger ! ”

” I will follow Blood Dagger ! For Blood Dagger ! ! ”

” For Blood Dagger ! ”

By asking for opinions without hesitation, it only solidified my position as the leader that much more. Other than the Darkmoon Clan, Goff Clan, and our Blood Dagger Clan, all the other chiefs disbanded their clans and decided to join the others, so it was rather a relief that this kind of response transpired, but this blind following of one person was definitely dangerous. It was because I was not perfect.

Thanks to that, I began to be more attracted to the East where the Slave Shaman is and the Orc Hunter of the North. It is funny to mention this, but I really needed another honest clan member who would disagree with me.

Not only that, we don’t even have a shaman in the clan. That honey-like proposition of going together with the Storm Shadows slowly creeped into my mind as my heart leaned to the swamps of the East. As such, with my eyes open, I stayed up the whole night thinking.

I won’t be able to deal with you. Jung Hayeon started the day with a very serious look, but this situation was much more urgent. Once it was morning, everyone like yesterday began to convene, and after finishing the introductions of bowing with our hands on our chest, we were able to face Agar.

” Tell your brothers of your decision. ”

The first one to open his mouth was Goff Clan’s Goff.

” Our Goff Clan, we will go together with the Ogres of the Jungle. ”

It seems he chose to release more of his wild nature than suppress it. Personally, it was unfortunate, but it wasn’t a bad selection. Probably, it wasn’t just Goff, but the selection of all of his clan members.

Naturally, I became curious of Goff’s appearance three years from now. The Goblin Elder’s turn was next.

” Our Darkmoon Clan, we will go together with the Trolls of the Swamps. ”

The Goblin Elder was going together with the Storm Shadows he spoke of yesterday. Storm Shadow and Darkmoon greeted each other with their hands on their chests, and soon Chief Patriarch Agar gazed at me as he opened his mouth.

” How about you, Blood Dagger Clan? ”

Looking on at the clan members on the right side of the Great Patriarch, I slowly opened my mouth. Everyone started to pay attention, and soon, had surprised expressions.

” Our . . . Blood Dagger Clan will . . . . ”

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NO GOFF FOR THREE YEARS?!?! Preposterous! Larcenous ! No difference from murder ! I demand justice ! ! !

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Comment: Yeah. I’m a bit baffled by why the author chose to singularize ‘fang’ for the Green Skins. I usually imagine there being two, but the author mentions them as singular so I’m a.s.suming his imagination of orcs differ from mine.

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