Green Skin Chapter 29

” Ggirik. Then this time, I will lower my speed a bit. ”

Those words were welcoming music to hear. To be honest, there would be no reason to invite him as my tutor; if all I did was continually end up: slammed or smashed into the ground. But, the fight this time was still the same . . . I could only follow him with my eyes, but there was nearly nothing else I could do.

What was comforting was at least; I was able to swing my dagger and longsword. I was not able to use the greatsword, as its long reach accompanied many openings. But, Green Goblin’s skill was truly overwhelming. I couldn’t help but admit; that the high proficiency use of the dagger for the Green Goblin Clan weren’t just nonsense.

Aside from the differences in physical specs, I could definitely feel the difference in battle proficiency. To be honest, it was to a state of embarrassment; as I was one-sidedly beaten, but despite that, I could feel that the sparring were of immense help.

The other Clan members were also of vexing moods, but it didn’t look as bad.

The next day was the same.

The next day after was also the same.

The third day . . .

After a week passed, it was still the same.

All of the Blood Dagger Clan members ended up rolling on the dirt ground in some form or shape. But, despite that, there was no one ridiculing us. As time passed, the eyes of the elite partnered trainers showed strong admiration more so than us, and now did not face us with playful expressions. They began to treat us as genuine warriors; despite our dreadfully weak selves.

At this time, swinging the sword at night wasn’t just a personal routine anymore, but for everyone in the Blood Dagger clan. Mev and Jung Hayeon who thought; I was mating with the beauties of the other tribe – came looking for me, but instead found an orc swinging his sword.

As such, one month passed.

It was only possible; since he had lowered his speed in my consideration . . . it was certainly a coincidence, but . . . I was able to receive the Green Goblin Chief’s dagger.

” Clang ! ”

The sound of the dagger; that I was holding and the k.n.o.b of the dagger that the Green Goblin wielded rang. His face stared at me in that moment. It definitely held a surprised expression, but I was more alarmed than he was. So much so that my mouth and eyes widened.

” Kereeeeuk. ”

It was only a single step forward, but it felt good.

” Ggirik . . . Impressive . . ”

I quickly replied to that face of much playfulness which had slightly hardened.

” It was a coincidence. No, it was because of your care that I was . . . – ”

” Even so, there’s no denying that you blocked my attack. Blood Dagger. I am definitely not neglecting you, but if the other chiefs were to see this scene, they would ridicule me. As someone who has been in this continent for 8 years, to have my attack blocked by a Chief that hasn’t even surpassed a year . . . it seems that I have been lazy. In the meantime; I have realized a lot from watching your young clan. Ggirik. Ggirik. You are incredible. You aren’t strong yet, but you are brave and diligent, not knowing what giving up is. It has taken an extremely long time to finally meet a Green Skin like you. ”

” Even if those are empty words; I am grateful. Brave Green Goblin. ”

As such, three more days had passed. Afterwards, we began to head out to a dungeon. In fact, the dungeon was more closer to just monsters living in a cave; than a dungeon protected by a Dungeon Master like a Lich, but the efficiency was extremely good. It was due to the monsters there being born very quickly.

Of course, since the Green Goblin Clan were carrying out the mission of: ‘ protecting ‘ our clan, so there were also a lot of Elite Green Goblins that accompanied us. But, when we fought, unless really strong opponents appeared, they did not intervene in our battles.

On the contrary, it was certainty; that they would not care too much if we were to die: to any of those that weren’t of the strong variety. Since it was their way of protecting our honor.

The ‘ Spider Graveyard; ‘ known as a popular place among humans, for gaining experience and to test change classes against spiders similar to the size of my wolf Ibar, this is mainly due to their limited attack patterns.

My objective was obvious.

Human Hunting.

And maybe I could discover Choi Seulgi along the way.

My desire for battle was satisfied, but my desire in seeing blood couldn’t be fully fulfilled. It may not seem appropriate using this expression, but we were going to do ‘ PK (player-killing) ‘. Of course, it didn’t mean that we would be backstabbing them.

‘ Investigating the humans that were heading to the dungeon. ‘

Kill them all. The location of the ‘ Cave ‘ wasn’t too far away from the Western Forest, as I knew this place well, for I had visited it numerous times in the past. Of course, despite the fact that I came in and out of this cave numerous times, for a long time there were no signs of growth. Though I did enter the cave half-giving up, but it didn’t mean that my memories of it had disappeared.

” Did you find any traces? ”

” Yes. They’re all humans. I . . . am not sure . . . but Captain, how do you know of such a place? ”

” I had thoroughly investigated it. ”

Soon, traces of humans began to be discovered nearby. For them to be so careless with their presence, this party is probably a ‘ beginner ‘ group – it hasn’t been long since they entered this place. Mev had asked this question; while we were furtively advancing a bit further into the forest. By roughly answering this, the clan members began to look at me with admiration. At this time, I felt curious what Jung Hayeon was thinking of, but it was fine.

It was because Jung Hayeon, including all the others were filled with malice. It wasn’t unreasonable, for them to make those kinds of faces. It wasn’t just me feeling that I had gotten stronger. They were of the same. They wanted to test just how much stronger they have become, after sparring against the elites of the Green Goblin Clan without rest.

Especially Jung Hayeon, who was now completely numb to the killing of humans. So it wasn’t irrational for her to make that expression as well. I was somewhat taken aback at how she just wanted blood – honestly compared to the other clan members that just wanted to see blood fly, but as long as she showed her efficiency in battle, it wouldn’t matter. With her numb to the heat of battle, she was growing stronger.

We started to advance slowly. The Spider Graveyard was a large cave, wide enough to be called a ‘ dungeon. ‘ There was definitely a ‘ checkpoint ‘ that existed for resting, and a checkpoint reserved for making parties as well.

Usually, the place where they gathered was at the dungeon entrance. While slowly approaching, I could start to see people quitting their parties or be expelled. Parties that were nearly done preparing to enter the dungeon. If not that, there were others selling potions.

Swaying light illuminated the faces of the humans. The fact that they had spare time to enjoy a bonfire was quite funny and ridiculous. I hid myself from afar and began to gradually confirm the faces. There were no famous people, or Choi Seulgi among them. The Spider Graveyard was most active in the ‘ night, ‘ so these guys definitely did not want to lose out on this opportunity. I couldn’t rule out the probability that there may be some people that had already entered.

I focused my magic into my ears to enhance hearing their voices.

” We have a useful Warrior. ”

” I’m a Priest. You can take me for 50% of the loot. ”

” Selling points. Selling potions. ”

Their numbers roughly had a bit more than us.


I had no sense of feeling that we would lose at all. If we were to wait longer, the alarm magic set by the magicians and archers might activate.

I slowly headed towards them as if . . . as if I was a human. I walked out. I didn’t shout a phrase. I simply let out a ” Kereeuk ” as I walked towards the entrance with my reddened eyes.

It would be strange for them to see an orc with a longsword hung on his back while holding a large greatsword accompanied by a dagger on his waist. As for the armor, only one shoulder was covered from when I had changed classes into a Gladiator. I had the appearance similar to a cheap weapon merchant rather than a warrior.

As expected, the surroundings soon became rowdy. I could hear their chatter clearly.

” It’s an Orc . . . ”

” How come . . ”

Their confused voices mingled into the background. But, what they were most likely thinking would probably be:

‘ It’s only one monster. It’s not dangerous at all. ‘

I definitely knew. If I were in their place, I would be thinking the same as well. With their numbers, there was no danger in attaining victory. The only dangerous monsters in this Western Forest would happen to be the goblins of the Green Goblin Clan.

” Our luck is good . . . ”

Secretly, a few began to approach me. But, the Blood Dagger clansmen hidden in the dark from afar did not react.

” AHHHHHHH ! ! ”

In the end, two over-confident warriors began to rush towards me. Not bad. But, they couldn’t compare to me.

In an instant, I swung out my greatsword. As if my mana was burning within, I could feel my whole body become stronger. With the slicing of the wind, his body was cut in half.

” Chwaaaak ! ”

Those sounds assailed my ear. The sound of human flesh and bones torn apart in an instant. This feeling was different from my first victim from this greatsword. At that time, I definitely wasn’t able to cut the beast in half. But now, I was able to feel it clearly; when I saw the body of a human falling in two pieces without screaming – while their upper body, and lower body separated.

‘ I have become strong. ‘

The second guy was the same. To be honest; I had swung in order to cut both of them at once, but as if he had foreboded a bad feeling, he jumped into the air, barely saving his life. Leaping towards the guy that had lost his balance, I swung my sword vertically, cutting him exactly in half. That instant burst of blood and pieces of brains covering my body was refreshing. Naturally, a loud roar sprung out of me.

” Kereeeeeeeeeeeuk . . . . ”

” Kwaaaaaaaa ! ! ”

The faces of the humans began to change. The first surprised faces which later ridiculed this solitary monster were now shocked. With those shocked expressions, voices continued to shout out.

” Na . . . Named Monster. ”

I’m not sure who it was, but it was a grateful remark. As the Chief of a Clan, if I wasn’t someone of that level, then it would be shameful to my clansmen.

” Sur . . . surround it ! Named Monster . . . f.u.c.k . . . ”

” Sp . . . Spells ! ”

” Quickly inform those inside. Fu . . . f.u.c.k, I’ve never heard of such a monster . . . ”

It was an impressive reaction, for them not to run away in all directions. If they had done so, it would have been very bothersome. Since it would lead to new reinforcements being dispatched from the city. Their formation was completed in a moment, and the guys charged towards my side. I looked on at them in laughter as I raised my fangs.

” Let’s go. ”

A small voice out in the darkness. But, there was no mistaking that they heard it. As expected, here and there, voices of shouting and hollering out began to emerge. The humans couldn’t understand, but it was the language that we understood; the language of the Green Skins.

The language of the Green Skins that regarded victory and honor as significant.


The phrase that our clan members always shouted soon rained down onto my ears like music.

” Victory! For Victory Only ! ”

” Victory ! For Victory Only ! ”

” For Blood Dagger ! ”

Thus commenced a long night.

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