I heard the voice of the one the Green Skins called, the God of the Battlefield.

[ Impressive. You gave your first impressions to your opponents. A rare species has being unlocked . You have Ranked Up. Please select between the following classes. ]

[ 1. Intermediate Orc Gladiator ]
[ 2. High Orc Gladiator ]
[ Rare: Ancient Orc Gladiator ]

‘ Good. ‘

It would have been great if my Unique Ability had also awakened, but it seemed I was still lacking a bit. However, this wasn’t bad at all. Though I haven’t properly confirmed the information, the rare option looks quite good. Of course it didn’t mean special classes or rare species would unquestionably make you stronger, but it also didn’t hurt to check it out.

This group was already in a devastated state after the collapse of the Magic Swordsman, Kim Donghyun. Seeing a few standing still, it seemed the majority of us had also leveled up. The whole clan had grown one step forward.

It wasn’t a fluke though. The battle against those evil beasts after the Tutorial, the Warrior Exam which made our physical bodies become stronger and sturdier, the training with the Green Goblin Clan and lastly the fight that just occurred in the Spider Graveyard.

The Green Skins stopped staring blankly into the sky after they noticed me running forward and began to shout.

” Kereeeeuk For Blood Dagger ! ”

As if on cue and that voice was a signal, the rest of the absent minded green skins woke up from their dazes and began chanting as well.

” For . . . For Blood Dagger ! ”

I waved my hand towards the First and Second to come.

” Kereeeeeuk. Did you hear the voice of the God of the Battlefield? ”

” Yes I did, Captain. ”

The First answered while the Second nodded his head. If I was just a bit late, I might’ve raised this precious talent into an assassin. With a long sigh of relief, I spoke again.

” An Orc Swordsman. An Orc Swordsman suits you. Kereeeuk . .”

To be honest, I was worried the moment I’d finished speaking. It was the first time that I had decided another’s path. Everyone was already becoming stronger in their own way, and the effectiveness was already being displayed. I could feel it just from the three goblin-warrior siblings. It wasn’t like they would be weaker if they had chosen the path of an assassin, but they were impressive warriors. Outstanding. If they were to grow as swordsmen, they would be able to break through the enemy front lines with just a sword. They were different from me.

These guys have talent.

After concluding my remark, they began to stare at me. I wasn’t sure how they took it, but they were extremely moved. Soon, these guys begun to pound their chests and chant.

” For Blood Dagger ! ”

” For Blood Dagger ! ! ”

Shortly after, their bodies began to twist. A large sword that seemed to be for swordsmen soon appeared for both of them. It seemed they had received the basic equipment after the evolution. Unlike the swords of the humans, this Orc sword was quite huge. It seems they have taken my advice positively. No, they weren’t just simply accepting this advice positively, rather they were extremely joyful to have received this kind of suggestion. After the class change, the two raised their swords and began to shout.

” WOAAAAAAAAA ! Blood Dagger has opened up a new road ! ”

” This is precisely that new road ! Kereeeuek ”


The shouts of those guys unintentionally decided the basic direction of this clan. All the other Green Skins that had selected the paths of assassins and archers prior were all suddenly beginning to RANK UP into ‘ swordsmen. ‘

” For Blood Dagger ! ”

” For Blood Dagger ! ! ”

I couldn’t help but be flustered. I must definitely ask Mev later why I was receiving so much trust, as if I was the subject of worship. But that would only come after. I began to stare at these guys that were ridiculously swayed. The Hobgoblin Warriors that were waiting to Rank Up into Hobgoblin Assassins had all chosen to evolve into Orc Warriors.

The chances of them evolving into swordsmen like the first or second was extremely high. At first I was flustered, but calculating the ratios, it wasn’t as bad as I thought. There was only Jung Hayeon as our magician, but taking the future into consideration, this group consisting of swordsmen, assassins, and archers, had quite destructive power. Thinking of nearly all of the Green Skins that would evolve into meat shields in Goff Clan three years later, I concluded that it was fine.

Even if Jung Hayeon would impede the movements of those guys a little, the much more agile swordsman would be able to split their bodies in half.

Though they were all imaginations. It wouldn’t hurt to attempt it.

After the rest had more or so completed their evolution, I began to look at the surroundings. There were no survivors. The funny thing was that despite all the loud noises, there were no adventurers that came as reinforcements. Had they all fled? Rather, the spiders began rushing in, so my clan members began fighting, but there were no other dangers that could occur I think. The information slowly begun to materialize in my head.

[ Rare. Ancient Orc Gladiator. ]

[ The Ancient Orc, is an Orc that existed during the ancient times of the continent. These Orcs love to fight more than the average creatures and were additionally reckless by nature. They do not rely on spells, or magic as these Orcs only rely on their weapons and bodies as they head into battle. Their bodies endured countless magic and spells, allowing magic to be imbued into their bodies in response. Weapon proficiency increases. ]

‘ Good. ‘

I couldn’t help but tighten my fist while reading the information. Choosing this wouldn’t mean that I would immediately get stronger, but that body was clearly superior to what I had currently . Even evolving into a High Orc wouldn’t show as much effectiveness as this one. But, just in case, I opened the information of the High Orc. Soon, the information regarding the High Orc began to rain down in my mind.

[ High Orc Gladiator. ]

[ Among the Orcs that love fighting, these brave Orcs are a race specifically created for that. It may be just that, but there’s no denying that the High Orcs are a superior race to the Orcs. They are stronger and a bit faster than the average Orc. Occasionally, if they fought for a long time, they entered a frenzy state.]

This wasn’t bad either, but was incomparable to the Ancient Orc. Although quite small, the endowed magic was extremely helpful. It was a situation worth dancing to; just from the fact that it can resist those weak magic and spells. And that option of increased weapon proficiency was extremely suitable to a gladiator. In other words, this option would aid me in developing into the direction I wanted.

” Kereeeuk. ”

There was no more time to spare. I decided to evolve into the Ancient Orc in a breath’s time. My body began to change a bit. For instance, my appearance didn’t change greatly from the original orc but I could feel my height growing by a slight amount.

But I could feel my muscles, flesh and bones greatly changing.

They weren’t swelling like when evolving from a Goblin to a Hobgoblin, and a Hobgoblin to an Orc. Rather, they were maintaining their original states. However, I could feel that new muscles were relentlessly taking form within me.

My flesh was becoming firm, and my bones were becoming much harder. It was the same for my fang as well. It was, bit by bit, but still growing like Chief Patriarch Agar’s.

” Kereeeeuk . . . . ”

I tightened my fist. The difference wasn’t alarming, but I had become a bit stronger. Nevertheless, among all that, the important aspect was that I had received a ‘ vessel. ‘

The perfect body born for battle. It was a body so perfect that even an outsider wouldn’t be able to find any flaws. As I wiggled my body, I felt more control over it. Resembling a well-made sword. No, a very well-made ‘ greatsword. ‘

I had realized that now I have finally received the ‘ vessel ‘ that I could personally strengthen in earnest.

Finally, I was on the same level as those geniuses who were considered to be ‘ out of specification. ‘

” Kereeeeuk. ”

‘ I want to test it. ‘

It wasn’t just me, but everyone’s eyes reddened as they stared towards my direction. The spiders were almost all killed. Though I wasn’t exactly sure, but there was most likely a party that had heard and seen the battle, if they escaped successfully here, they will report this to the city. From here to the Western City ‘ Aia, ‘ if they fled as fast as they could, it would take roughly about half a day. I still had some time.

As such, I began to move my body. The rest followed me as well. As if they knew what I wanted to do, they quickly began to move.

My pace increased as I began to run. Frankly, it was a bit uncomfortable running with a greatsword before. But now, it didn’t feel like that.

How strange.

It was as if the sword was one with me. I was finally able to realize the feeling when I fought against the Queen of the North and her spear.

This orc body, that had always waged into the battlefield with weapons, was now perfectly suitable for this greatsword.

It was the same for the longsword and a dagger. Thanks to the high degree of proficiency, I had somewhat felt what it was like to be those martial artists in manhwa, though that’s a bit of an exaggeration.

Our group moved fast. Our archers killed the spiders that appeared here and there. The First and Second of the loyal Five Siblings; cleared away the annoying ones that attacked from the left and right. These guys were definitely strong. It seemed that the chemistry between them and the Swordsman class was best option as I thought. But, this wasn’t important at the moment. I strengthened my grip on my sword intentionally. I did not want to offer this first blow to a mere spider.

As we continued to delve further in, we saw a group. It was a checkpoint where many adventurers gathered to rest. We did not advance stealthily. Of course, it would be advantageous in the dark. It would be much more effective for us.


We wanted to test ourselves.



The screams that burst out of their mouths. In an instant, the human side became extremely noisy.

Grab your weapons. Fight.
The screams aimed at us were something like that.

” Monsters ! Fu . . . F.u.c.k it’s an Orc. There are . . . Hobgoblins and Orcs ! ”

” Prepare for Battle ! Prepare for Battle ! ”

The checkpoint installed in this dungeon, was much more thoroughly protected it seems. Soon, the arrows from their archers began to fly towards us. But, we blocked it. I flicked away the bothersome arrows.

It was the same for those clansmen that just evolved into Swordsmen. They were able to flick away the incoming arrows as well with one sweep of their swords.

” Entangle ! ”

The moment I heard Jung Hayeon who had just recently evolved speak, roots popped out from the ground. While the roots were grabbing those humans, I reached out to the man with the large shield first.

Strength flowed through my body. My arms, shoulders and legs were occupied with strength as I struck towards the man in front. For some odd reason, I felt I could penetrate the man’s shield. I swung my greatsword.

” Kwajik ! ”

That sound reverberated as the man and the shield broke, causing him to be split instantaneously into two – from head to toe.


As such, the night in the Spider Graveyard passed by.

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