Green Skin Chapter 32

[ The reason why I am following Blood Dagger is. Well . . . it’s been too long. I don’t want to think about it as well. Ggireuk. Ggireuk. Probably because he has gifted me so much gold coins, much more than anyone else. Ggirik. Is it not so? That’s the kind of tribe that the Green Goblin Clan always was.] – Green Goblin

” You’ve become strong. You’ve become stronger. Ggirik Ggirik ! ”

Green Goblin, said after seeing me return from  battle in the morning. I replied, with just a nod. I was extremely elated after the battle since we had successfully looted the humans thoroughly.

Especially after retrieving the black magic that coursed through the sword, it made the sword livelier, so I gave it to the First of the Five Siblings, who had attained the most achievements in battle. He seemed satisfied; despite the sword being between a dagger, and a short-sword size-wise. He’ll probably be bragging, more-so that he had received a sword from Blood Dagger than directly using it. Thanks to this, my image of being a trustworthy Chief solidified, and his loyalty became stronger.

But the problem was, there wasn’t a lot of gold coins in the pockets of those beginners. I threw the leather pouch out in front of Green Goblin. To be honest, there was probably more silver coins than gold coins, but I assumed that he would be delighted with just that.

My assumption was confirmed after he became extremely elated after opening the pouch.

” Ggirik ! ”

Despite being surrounded by that many gold coins, to be delighted with just that, I couldn’t help but laugh at the Green Goblin’s endless greed.

” The required quantity isn’t there, so my apologies. However, I will prepare even more gold coins for you next time. ”

” No. Ggirik. I never imagined that you would bring so many sparkling objects, for one that had just entered this place. Ggirik Ggirik. ”

” I am pleased that you speak of me like that. ”

” Ggirik. Anyways, how was it? The feeling of evolving into a rare species that is. ”

I wasn’t planning on hiding it from the start, but it seems that I can’t deceive his eyes. Other than the fact that my fang had grown a bit, despite how my appearance hadn’t changed at all, for him to recognize this in one look was a bit surprising.

” I can feel that this is the beginning. Green Goblin ”

” Ggirik. Ggirik. Ggirik. I’ve heard of it from the elite goblins that left with you. How brave and wise the Blood Dagger Clan is. You would have been fine moving together with me. ”

Though he was playfully saying this, his eyes expressed otherwise. It seemed that he was secretly proposing that we should engrave honor on this land together, but I have a lot of things to do on this side. In the end, I received his words rather insignificantly.

” I think so too as well. ”

After the conversation, we continued to clash every time. After evolving into this body, although it was easier to see the Green Goblin’s attacks, he also noticed the increase in my strength and that I’ve become stronger, he released his own limitations and continued to make me roll on the ground.

But, I was feeling good. It was because I could feel my body develop through this training.

As such, time passed.

I continued with my training, but I was still unable to do much in front of the elites. However, the fact that I could endure happily was because of the three days’ rest following the four days of training.

With me as the center, the Blood Dagger Clan relentlessly roamed around. Ww visited the Spider Graveyard once more where I made it a wasteland, but observing the Holy Order Guards patrolling the place, we weren’t able to hunt there. But that wasn’t the only place where beginners and intermediates gathered. There were the lesser Ghouls that lived in the Land of the Undead, where the humans were relatively easy to catch as they usually gather by the entrance of the forest.

Since there were about groups of five or 6 hunting here, when we fought, we sent the same number of individuals as well.

Occasionally, when we met adventurers that were difficult to confront, we avoided them, and if we thought that their level was something that we could deal with, then we would attack them in as a single unit.

As such, three months went by, and in those three months, the humans categorized me as a Named Monster ‘ Weapon Merchant. ‘ It was probably a nickname that originated from the variety of useful weapons that I carried in my battles. This fact was coincidentally revealed when a guy was ambushed.

” Fu . . . f.u.c.k it’s the Weapon Merchant. Run ! ! Run ! ”

Thanks to this information of ambushing humans; appearing here and there, guys that were somewhat trustworthy began to adventure together, while those that weren’t all fled.

The one that displayed a fine performance was precisely Jung Hayeon. It was thanks to her evolution into a rare species, Rafflesia Alraune. There was not much change on the outside. Except, the leaves in her lower body became larger, and the sweet aroma of that honey began to be fragrant.

Back on Earth, Rafflesia was a plant that attracted flies by exuding the scent of rotten meat. But, this Alraune really gave off a fragrant smell. To say it plainly, she was much more dangerous than before.

Though there’s a limit to her use since it attracts all the humans from nearby, but those that come after smelling that fragrance were usually in a drunken, dazed state majority of the time. This was how we took care of stronger humans.

Around this time also, Jung Hayeon was categorized as a Named Monster as well. She was called ‘ Green Flower. ‘ Coincidentally, it seemed that some decent archers witnessed this hunting method from afar.

Thanks to this method, our hunt became stealthier.

Despite everything progressing smoothly, there were still a few things I wasn’t happy about. I wasn’t able to find Shin Duk-ho, and those murderous b.a.s.t.a.r.d.s anywhere – including Choi Seulgi. Of course, I never thought that it would be an easy task to find those two among countless beginners in this region, but after discovering Magic Swordsman Kim Donghyun, my expectations were problematically high.

Anyhow, although I’m not sure who exactly those murderers are, I still remember their faces faintly. Of course, as for Shin Duk-ho, it was much clear. Even if I were to live on this continent for 10 years, I would never forget.

Nevertheless, not seeing them was merely regrettable. I thought everyday; that when I capture him, I would provide him with the worst, terrible pain ever, but not seeing him no matter where I search, there was nothing I could do. Since it wasn’t like I could attack those castle walls.

Just in case, I had searched around where Choi Seulgi and I were attacked as well. Maybe he hasn’t left for an adventure yet. Or there was the possibility that he was working inside the city.

Or, our Blood Dagger Clan was roaming around too much; that they determined that it was safer to take precautionary measures by not leaving the city. Realizing this fact later on, I began to reduce the frequency of our hunts. Soon, bit by bit, beginner adventurers began to appear around the popular hunting grounds.

Kim Pansuk was mumbling to himself after seeing posters that cautioned adventurers of the Named Monsters: “Weapon Merchant” and “Green Flower” – attached to the bulletin board.

” f.u.c.k . . . lately, this vicinity has been an absolute mess. How are we supposed to eat and survive like this. Shouldn’t the Holy Order do something about this? ”

His good friend, Park Youngwhan nodded his head while continuing the conversation.

” Isn’t that the reason why they set up guards at the Spider Graveyard, rumored to have been the site with the greatest casualties? ”

” f.u.c.k, so what? They appear here and there, killing everyone, and then disappearing . . . f.u.c.k.i.n.g b.a.s.t.a.r.ds . . . ”

” Shh. ”

Park Youngwhan quietly brought his fingers to his own lips. There was no mistake that it meant to be careful about his words. Kim Pansuk nodded after realizing that he had been a bit emotional.

There weren’t just one, or two people that had disappeared after mistakenly insulting the Holy Order. Though they publicly announce that there were cases of missing people, or deaths due to monsters – however; as those that commit ‘ dirty ‘, they roughly know what was happening around here.

After the situation had calmed down, Park Youngwhan let out a breath and opened his mouth again.

” Well I’m not sure if it’s due to the Holy Order, but those guys have been quiet lately. Maybe they’re getting bored of this vicinity . . . or maybe they might be clashing against the Green Goblin Clan. ”

” Monsters fighting against each other? ”

” Well humans do, so why can’t monsters? ”

” What . . . well they are b.a.s.t.a.r.d.s that are crazy for blood. Anyways, how is it? That girl? ”

Park Youngwhan thought about ‘ That girl. ‘ After refusing to enter as a concubine to those with power, they were ordered to ‘ work ‘ on this girl.

“He . . . he . . . what’s so impressive about deceiving a b.i.t.c.h that has entered this place for only a year. She honestly trusts me. Today was the same. When I suggested we go on a mission together. She was purring in ecstasy wondering when we’d be leaving . . . to be honest, if I wanted to, but with a thought, I could have already slept with her a couple of times. ”

Seeing Park Youngwhan’s bluff, Kim Pansuk couldn’t help but snicker.

” Idiot. Why would that girl sleep with a b.a.s.t.a.r.d like you? She’s the one that has even rejected the concubine spot of Red Cross’s Clan Master. Anyhow, your problem is that boasting of yours. ”

” It’s the truth. I just haven’t touched her since – I find it more enjoyable forcefully. f.u.c.k . . . ”

Occasionally, they receive such tasks from those in power at times. It wasn’t a hard task. After stepping on their will once; those rebellious, worthless freshmen, will then sell themselves as prostitutes once their normal Summoned life is crushed. The first time they received this task, of course they were extremely upset, but after continuing to do these tasks, they became numb, and started to actually enjoy these types of requests.

They definitely didn’t have any sort of guilt. They were willing to do anything to survive in this world.

” f.u.c.k . . . but do we have to do this in the forest? Aren’t there a lot of suitable places in the city? Do you know just how scary it is imagining that those monsters might come out while working? ”

” And to say that you enjoyed it for the thrill before . . . idiot. Well, the Red Cross Clan did say that they would provide a location once they settled down. Maybe they’re worried of getting caught by the Holy Order? Isn’t this good, as we get more danger money? ”

” Tch. And it’s said that this Holy Order Leader b.a.s.t.a.r.d is accompanied by a fifteen-year old disciple . . . trying to look as innocent as possible anyhow. ”

From Kim Pansuk’s reckless comment, Park Youngwhan was extremely surprised as he frowned.

” Shut up, idiot. f.u.c.k, if you ever saying something like that again . . . I’m going to kill you first. ”

Kim Pansuk quickly nodded after seeing an angry Park Youngwhan. In the end, an ant-like voice flowed out of Kim Pansuk’s mouth.

” I’m . . . sorry. ”

” f.u.c.k . . let’s be cautious with our words. Alright? ”

” I’m sorry . . . . ”

Feeling somewhat apologetic after seeing Kim Pansuk lowering his head, Park Youngwhan began to pat his back.

” Anyways, prepare to leave for tonight. Changshik and Daejoon will be going with us as well. Although it’s unfortunate having to divide the money amongst the four of us, but the forest has been so unsafe lately. The more people there are, the safer it is. ”

” Come to think of it, her talent isn’t that bad, but how unfortunate that she’s like that, right? ”

” Idiot. I never expected you to spit out such nonsense. Hey. She’s coming. Shut up from now on. ”

” Alright. ”

Kim Pansuk began to turn his head. A woman appearing to be in the Thief class appeared and walked towards their direction. A height that wasn’t short by anyone’s calibre, she had the appearance of a beauty. Her fair white skin was very impressive. He couldn’t help but realize why the Clan Master of the Red Cross was so fixated on that b.i.t.c.h. Feeling his thing harden from below, Kim Pansuk began to smile. His friend, Park Youngwhan, will take care of this matter for him.

” Oppa ! ”

” Hey, Seulgi ! Over here. ”

As such, the two smiled.

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