Green Skin Chapter 33

” Oppa, are we actually going today? ”

” Of course. It’s not an impressive place, but the profit is good. But . . . we’re planning on going with two more people, hope you don’t mind? ”

” What?! ”

Choi Seulgi widened her eyes as she looked extremely surprised. It seems that she wasn’t satisfied having two more people she had no connection with joining. Having to add two more people on work that was already well prepared, it was no wonder that Park Youngwhan became irritated. Kim Pansuk, seeing Park Youngwhan like this, slightly frowned. Unlike what Park Youngwhan had mentioned, she was displaying quite a cautious side.

” Us . . . usually, it wouldn’t matter if only three people went . . . but you do know right Seulgi? Lately, how the situation outside is. . . due to that Weapon Merchant b.a.s.t.a.r.d and Green Flower, it would be difficult going as three. They’re all fine guys. ”

” But still . . . ”

” It’s been awhile since we left for an adventure right? We’re not sure when they will appear again, so right now is the best timing to go out. In addition, it’s a fixed number of people in the party that has always accompanied us. After seeing your fine display today, you will probably be included as well. I had recommended you. ”

It was an appropriate excuse even from Kim Pansuk’s standpoint. With how things have settled down with Weapon Merchant and the Green Goblin Clan, moving now was the right timing.

Though it might be quiet now, it’s uncertain when it’ll be noisy again. It’s good to continually describe in detail how there won’t be another opportunity if not today. Choi Seulgi, her financial situation wouldn’t be too good as well. She probably has ran out of silver and copper coins that she had received when she first arrived.

And it’s a fixed party. It was a proposition that was hard to refuse for a thief busy trying to survive day by day. ”

” Okay ! Oh well. ”

‘ Stupid b.i.t.c.h ‘

Kim Pansuk nodded. Though she expressed some caution, she was still a freshman that hasn’t lived here for more than a year. Usually, the first mistake of those that land here is trusting people too easily. Thanks to those idiots, they were able to survive doing ‘ this kind of work, ‘ but despite that, his thought of how stupid they were didn’t change.

” So when are we leaving? ”

” Once the other two arrive, we’ll depart immediately. ”

” Aha . . . ”

As such, the two brought Choi Seulgi as they began to hang about restlessly around the bulletin board. Kim Pansuk became fretful. He became worried that Choi Seulgi might escape since Lee Daejoon and Kim Changshik were a bit late. Of course, the situation wasn’t critical at all, but it seems that he was always somewhat nervous until he actually completed his work, bringing his target outside the city.

Soon, after awhile, he saw Kim Changshik and Lee Daejoon walking over. Usually, he would curse and swear deliberately at them for why they were so late, but in front of Seulgi, he couldn’t show such a risky appearance, so he just raised his hand and greeted them.

” Why were you so late? ”

” Ah. Sorry. I had something to do. Ah ! Is this the thief who is accompanying us? ”

Magician Kim Changshik. The reason why Kim Pansuk and Park Youngwhan called for him today. Though in terms of standards, his talent was a bit lower, but his unique ability that was developed due to his fearful nature ‘ Intuition ‘ that he obtained, he was able to forebode ominous events in advance.

” Ah ! Yes. I am the Thief that has arrived for one year, Choi Seulgi. I look forward to working with you. ”

” Yes. I look forward to it. I am Kim Changshik, an Intermediate Magician. ”

” Hello. I am Lee Daejoon, an Intermediate Archer. Pleased to make your acquaintance. ”

Seeing their smiles, Kim Pansuk couldn’t help but snicker internally. Although Park Youngwhan and himself were trash, those two weren’t far off as well.

” I . . . was a bit worried, but seeing that there’s more people, I feel safe. Everyone’s so nice as well hehe . . ”

” To end up in a ridiculous place, we need to rely on each other to survive. As a Korean, isn’t that normal? Being affectionate. ”

” Can I go with you all next time as well? ”

” Yes, of course. If you are to display a fine performance that is. ”

If there was a next time. Of course he had the thought of going together. Since she was a special girl that was not easy to see during work.

As such, the party began to head out. After the castle guards had checked the number of people leaving, they began to walk towards the lawless area, deep into the forest.

As he thought that they needed to walk a bit deeper, suddenly, Kim Changshik stopped in his tracks.

” Hey. What’s wrong? ”

” Ughhhh . . . . It’s dangerous . . . ”

” Again? ”

Kim Pansuk stared at Kim Changshik. It seems that his ‘ intuition ‘ had activated. A unique ability that didn’t explain what kind of danger it was, or in which matter it would take place.

” Isn’t it like last time where you said it was dangerous and just simply tripped over? It’s already been a few days since we’ve seen any movement from the Weapon Merchant. Do you think he would appear now? ”

Kim Pansuk began to desperately persuade the scared Kim Changshik that had withdrawn his body. His unique ability was definitely ‘ useful, ‘ but the extent to that was quite harsh. It would be fine in avoiding traps in a dungeon, but due to this guy, he could feel his body rather shrink up. Especially when having to raise one’s guard in fear of useless events, it was quite tiring. Not sure of the reason, but if he thought that it was a useless foreboding, he would speak like that.

Kim Pansuk furtively looked back. Choi Seulgi was looking on as expected. Having eye contact with him, she did laugh, but she couldn’t hide the anxiety that she had.

She was fear-stricken after hearing the foreboding that Kim Changshik spoke of. Thanks to that, the leader of this team, Park Youngwhan’s expression wasn’t looking too good.

” We can’t ignore this . . . but it’ll be fine. We can just move towards the least dangerous direction. Right? Changshik? ”

” Mm . . . . Yeah. ”

Park Youngwhan was definitely the strongest amongst the bunch. With one sentence, Kim Changshik nodded, agreeing with him.

Kim Changshik raised his hand and pointed towards the north.

” I think that direction is the best choice . . . ”

” Then we will head towards that direction. It’s a place where undead monsters live, so it will be alright. The monsters instinctively evade the undead anyways. ”

With Park Youngwhan’s words, it was already decided. Park Youngwhan would normally reconsider once, but with Choi Seulgi’s contorted expression and the fact that the Weapon Merchant has been inactive for a few days, he was a bit impatient.

He thought that if they were to delay this work, he would receive quite a scolding from the pig of the Red Cross Clan.

” Nothing will happen, Seulgi. He’s just like that occasionally since he has a lot of fear. ”

” Really? Will it be okay? ”

” Of course, just believe in Oppa. ”

” Okay ! ”

As such, the party resumed their walk. In order to prepare themselves from an ambush from either the Weapon Merchant or the Green Goblin Clan, they had best put away items that were ‘ sparkling ‘ or ‘ useful weapons ‘ as much as possible, and had also called in Lee Daejoon, an archer whose unique ability was related to reading trails and tracks.

” I don’t think there are any tracks of goblins or orcs. ”

” As expected . . . ”

” What did I tell you? Changshik. There’s nothing. Seulgi, are you a bit settled now? ”

” Yup ! ”

Kim Changshik also began to settle down from Lee Daejoon’s relieving words. The anxiety he had was gone, and Kim Pansuk could tell that the magician was taking peeks and glances at Choi Seulgi.

‘ Perverted b.a.s.t.a.r.d. ‘

However, he will be the first. He had already received permission from Park Youngwhan. Seeing the appearance of Choi Seulgi scouting her surrounding was cute. The operation of this mission was solely for that one person holding onto her dagger tightly. Since this party had not received an official permit as an official party, he had no thoughts of accepting Choi Seulgi into their party at all.

Since it would take half a day to reach the land where the undead lived, his bursting l.u.s.t continued to pressure him. His work will be done in a very secretive place deep in the forest, a location where no one will see. Until then, they will act like a regular party.

” It definitely seems that the rumors were correct concerning the monsters not being fond of the undead. I can’t find any traces of goblins at all. With this, we should be able to kill a few ghouls , and make quite a profit. ”

” How much can we earn? ”

” At least 5 Silver per person. Seulgi haha. ”

” To be honest, Seulgi won’t have much to do once we arrive. Her ‘ body ‘ might be a bit tired, but she can definitely endure it. You may not know it, but we don’t have a Thief in the party. We needed a thief, so all is well. ”

An elegant speech. But, there was no mistake that they were imagining useless things. As such, the party gradually advanced towards the region of the undead. Even in the march, Daejoon continued to mutter about how there were no traces of orc or goblins for half a day and discussing about the fixed party, causing Choi Seulgi to passionately stare at her dagger.

Soon, we will arrive at the undead zone. I slowly made eye contact with Park Youngwhan. Choose an appropriate place. It meant that the work was about to begin. But, killing the monsters in the vicinity was priority. Of course, this quiet period was thanks to ‘ Weapon Merchant ‘ and ‘ Green Flower. ‘

As such, the party began cleaning up.

” Fireball. ”

A small ball of fire flew out from Kim Changshik’s hands as flames arose. Seeing the ghoul burning from the neck up, Choi Seulgi stabbed it with a contorted expression.

” You are very strong. ”

” Right? My condition today is especially good. You don’t mind if we enter a bit further right? ”

” Yes. I think it’ll be alright. ”

Worried about what to do if he was terrified, seeing him full of confidence, Kim Pansuk nodded. Well, if he did have a lot of fear, he wouldn’t have followed from the start. When other parties began to disappear one by one from their sight, the four slowly began to move.

Knocking her out from behind was the most comfortable method, but it seems there were none that wanted to finish their work with her in a fainted state. Rather, it seems that everyone wanted to see her screaming while trying to resist while they thrust from behind. After some time, the party was in a location somewhat deep into the forest.

Then, after the party had arrived at their destination.

Park Youngwhan was the first to open his mouth.

” Stupid b.i.t.c.h . . . ”

” Huh, what did you say Oppa? ”

” I called you a stupid b.i.t.c.h. Today, I’ll be presenting to you a large lesson. This continent, per say. Don’t trust anyone. f.u.c.k, seeing you shake that booty like that, I thought I was going to go crazy. Finally, I can slap it. ”

If not a fool, anyone would be able to roughly grasp what kind of situation was transpiring. From those words, Choi Seulgi was in a panicked state. Choi Seulgi, panic-stricken, was trembling.

” Why . . . why are you like this. Oppa. ”

” You don’t have to know. Just stay quiet and we’ll end it as smoothly as possible. You don’t like to be hurt right? ”

After concluding his remark, Choi Seulgi began to tightly grab her dagger. Seeing her extending that dagger, it seems that she was prepared to penetrate and escape towards this side. But, there was no escape path as we had her surrounded. By first crushing her wrists and ankles, the work should be comfortable. With Park Youngwhan’s nod, Kim Pansuk rushed out. Having had the first promise, the others left it up to him to subdue her.


Choi Seulgi’s scream echoed as a dagger flew. For a freshman, it was quite impressive, but it wasn’t an attack that he couldn’t block. Laughing, he deflected the dagger aside with his sword.

” AHHHHH ! f.u.c.k . . . f.u.c.k . . . . f.u.c.k I knew this would happen. . . ”

It seems that the deflected dagger has pierced Kim Changshik. Although the dagger was stuck in his chest, but since he had brought a potion, he could sufficiently recover. Rather, it was more comforting thinking that this was the event that his ‘ Intuition ‘ had cautioned him of. There was no Weapon Merchant or Green Goblin in this site.

Turning away from Kim Changshik, he put on a lewd smile as he began to slowly approach Choi Seulgi.

It was then.

” f.u.c.k . . . things are messed up . . . . Prepare for battle. ”

Park Youngwhan’s low whisper sounded off to Kim Pansuk.

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