Green Skin Chapter 35

It would have been proper to handle the archer who was handing out a potion to the magician first. But due to my extreme rage, my brain failed to process properly to undertake such an action.

First, that b.a.s.t.a.r.d who was threatening Choi Seulgi with a sword.

‘ Rip him to death. ‘

In a split second, I cut off his arm with my greatsword.

” Kwaadedeuk ”

The sound that ushered the severed man’s arm was filled with terror as blood began to flow out of his arm. His arm had been sliced off in an instant.


Hearing him scream was extremely pleasing to the ear. But, just ending it here would be too wasteful. I grabbed the other arm and began to pull it out. Though it wasn’t easy to do so as an Ancient Orc, but I continued to infuse magic into my arm as I started to gradually ‘ rip ‘ off his  arm, bit by bit.

” AHHHHHK !  AAHHHHHHK ! ! Save . . . save me – save me ! Youngwhan ! ! ! Youngwhan !


Naturally, his arm dropped onto the ground and blood simultaneously flowed out. I threw the ownerless arm towards the Blood Dagger Clan’s side, causing one of them to start eating it, for his dinner had been served. Just like that, I began to stare at Park Youngwhan.

” Fu . . . f.u.c.k . . . things are messed . . . . ”

He looked around desperately, but it seemed he realized that there was already no retreat. Despite having my way with his comrade in my hands, realising he had not attempted to rescue him meant he must have been truly frightened.

It seems that he won’t rush towards this side. This time, I took the leg of this unknown person. The man without arms was continually screaming.

” Ugh . . . . . AHHh . . . AHHH . . ”

There was no reason why my rage would be satisfied with just this. I shoved him straight down into the ground, and pulled out a leg. As such, a river of blood splattered across the ground in a piece of art.

” Kereeeeeeeeuk . . . ”

A situation that transpired too fast for the humans to react. That magician who was having trouble breathing due to the dagger in his chest was staring at me, while the archer was trembling as he quickly withdrew his bowstring.

” Fu . . .  f.u.c.k . . . it’s the Weapon Merchant. Weapon Merchant. ”

Not knowing what they were mumbling about, I signaled with my hands, and a few goblins appeared. Though they probably knew, I wanted for them to confirm the reality that there was no possible path of retreat. I motioned for Jung Hayeon. As I previously mentioned to Jung Hayeon, she began to subdue them without causing any injury.

Suddenly, the fragrance of Jung Hayeon began to emanate. This critical fragrance not only paralyzed males, but also those of the same gender. Looking back, a grimacing Choi Seulgi began to have her sight blurred. As if she was scared, she was tightly holding onto her dagger as she bit her lips, which caused my body temperature to rise. Of course, the other three men looking here were completely awake. It was because I would never allow those b.a.s.t.a.r.d.s a comfortable death.

” Kereeeeeeeuk. ”


In the end, the archer who couldn’t overcome his fear fired his bow, but it didn’t reach me . I raised my greatsword to the side and began to deflect his arrows, as his arrows helplessly bounced away.

” Seul . . . Suelgi. I think Oppa made a mistake. Alright? Let’s just first take care of this beast. ”

In the midst of this, Park Youngwhan was shamelessly trying to keep things in check as he spoke to Choi Seulgi. But, the Choi Seulgi drunk from Jung Hayeon’s fragrance wouldn’t be able to hear him at all.

” Fu . . . f.u.c.k . . . ”

Without receiving a response, he drew his sword and charged. Definitely, his foundation was well set. If it was my previous evolved body, it might have been quite a worthwhile victory. But, our current body specifications and abilities were completely different.

He swung his sword towards me, but it ended with his sword flying away in vain. This was quite a nice match considering that he was a strength-type warrior. It was because there was no way he could overcome my strength.

” You f.u.c.k.i.n.g b.i.t.c.h! ”

He swung his sword once more, but as expected, the guy flew away. His swordsmanship wasn’t bad at all. But, the reach difference was too evident. He might have penetrated my defense if he was of the dexterity type, but he didn’t have any sort of nimbleness.

This time, I approached Park Youngwhan. This one was comfortable to deal with to send him flying, but the grudge I had for him was too large.


A roar automatically escaped from my mouth as I subconsciously moved. As if he expected this, the man took his sword and rushed at me screaming as well. I blocked his frontal attack perfectly with my greatsword.

My sight was blocked.

But, it was likewise for him since he couldn’t anticipate it.

I quickly reached for a dagger and threw it out..

” f.u.c.k  ! ”

I’m not sure where it pierced him, but it definitely hit. As such, I slashed my greatsword down from above. Naturally his distorted face came into my eyes. The part where the dagger hit. Not bad.

” Schwiiiiiiing ”

I didn’t want him to die like this, so I did not wield my sword with an intent to cut. Rather, it was to land a huge blow onto his body. Though he was able to block it, he had already toppled onto the ground.

” Kw.a.n.g ! ”

As expected, his body was beginning to crumble from the impact.


His body became like a butterfly in those books of insects at the library. Satisfied, I chuckled as I began to approach the archer. It’s proper for the main dish to be last.

I was suspicious and had wondered why arrows had not flown towards me, but it seemed that he was caught by the goblins while trying to flee.

” Ggirik. Ggirik. ”

While slowly approaching that b.a.s.t.a.r.d, I saw the injured magician. I threw my greatsword into his face.

” Kwajik ”

Soon his face and brain was split in two as blood flowed out. The magician died without having the chance to scream. The archer was desperately twisting his body, trying to escape the clutches of the goblins.

” f.u.c.k . . . f.u.c.k let me go. Let me go ! f.u.c.k . . ”

It was impossible for him to escape despite twisting his body. How indecent. While thinking of ripping him to death, I thought it wouldn’t be necessarily bad for the goblins and Jung Hayeon to see some blood, so I shouted towards the Clan.

” Kill him brutally. ”

” Ggirik! Ggirik ! For Blood Dagger ! ”

Simultaneously, the goblins withdrew their daggers. The puk puk sounds began to continuously echo, but the most aggressive one was Jung Hayeon. Not sure when she had chanted her spell, she was already having her roots enter the man’s mouth as she began to absorb him.


The roots of the plant continued to ravage and run rampant in him, resulting in the roots eventually piercing out from his eyes, nose, and lastly his stomach.


A screech that wasn’t human-like began to echo, as he died on the spot. It was a scene that even caused chills to creep over me as I secretly stared at her. She looked very refreshed as if she was relieving stress.

I moved my feet to Park Youngwhan once more, expressing my appetite. Seeing that gruesome execution by Jung Hayeon, I had considered entrusting this matter to her, but this revenge was solely mine.

” Let . . . let me live. Pl . . . please ”

A pale, horrified face came into my sight. Despite knowing that I wouldn’t understand him, he continued to plead.

” Let . . . let me live. ”

I did not answer.


I pulled out the dagger from his chest and began to plunge it into his body repeatedly.


” AAAHHHHHHHK ! Save . . . Save me AHHHHHHHHHK ! ”

Those unpleasant Puk, Puk sound continued to echo out to the surroundings. His screams were simultaneously sounding with those plunges, as if I was commanding a great orchestra.

I never stabbed my dagger towards his critical points. To die just like that would be extremely disadvantageous for me. I began to continuously plunge my dagger into his arms and legs. Later, I discovered his groin. With my greatsword, I began to start tap onto the thing.

It seems he realized what I was about to do. He wasn’t stupid not to know.

” No . . . No Please . . . NOOOO . . . NOO . . . Pl . . . PLEASE. ”

He was totally frightened. Despite his body being in a complete crippled mess, as if he wanted to protect it no matter what, he extended his arms towards his groin instinctively.

” Kereeeeeuk. ”

I playfully laughed as I pushed aside his arms and legs.

‘ f.u.c.k.i.n.g b.a.s.t.a.r.d . . . ‘

It’ll definitely be excruciating. Of course, it would be natural for it to be painful considering I was absolutely going to crush it. Just from the simple taps with my greatsword caused him to pale and scream. He probably won’t understand why he’s receiving such torture, such brutality from this orc. But I had no mind to enlighten his current predicament.

” Kereeeeeeeeuk. ”

It was truly an underserved death considering he was a p.a.w.n of the Red Cross Clan. He will never die peacefully. Like that, I swung down my greatsword onto his groin with all of my strength. Due to the size of my greatsword, I couldn’t properly see his very small thing attached to his t.e.s.t.i.c.l.e.s, nor feel anything.

But the ongoing screams were real.

” Kwajik ! ”


If I had not fixated his body, he would probably roll around in pain. Looking at this, I smiled satisfactorily as I began to spread the potion I bought from the tutorial store. I never imagined in my wildest dreams I would use this in such a way, but I thought it was worthwhile. Recollecting the potion earlier where the archer was spreading it onto the magician, I took that potion and began to forcefully feed it as well.

A look that desired death. Though he didn’t open his mouth, I raised his throat and continued to make it flow down into his mouth.

Once again, the screams continued to echo as it was an extremely long night for him, but a very short one for myself as the night passed.

TL Afterword

G.o.d that was extremely satisfying, yet gruesome. I can’t decide who had the worst death. It’s either the archer or Youngwhan for me. Poor Youngwhan though. Losing his manhood before dying

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