Green Skin Chapter 36

The b.l.o.o.d.y field was reminiscent of h.e.l.l. Seeing Choi Seulgi stand absentmindedly like that caused me to be somewhat uncomfortable, so I roughly wiped away the blood on her hair and face. Seeing her young appearance, from when she first entered the continent caused my chest to pound. It wasn’t simply due to her beauty at all. I was restless since it has been a long while since I was able to be so close to her. If I had realized that the blood would splash all the way here, I wouldn’t have killed that b.a.s.t.a.r.d so brutally.


Choi Seulgi pupils began to recover a bit. It seems that she could somewhat resist Jung Hayeon’s fragrance, which could completely control an Intermediate Adventurer.

” Jung Hayeon. ”

I quickly called for Jung Hayeon.

” Ah . . . Yes ! Understood. ”

Jung Hayeon’s expression towards me staring at Choi Seulgi was subtle. She could somewhat recognize; that I cherished that girl very much, though she had no clue as to what my relationship with Choi Seulgi was exactly. Her eyes clearly displayed emotions of jealousy. But, she won’t do anything reckless as long as I monitored her. Jung Hayeon was somewhat surprised, seeing that Choi Seulgi was able to resist her fragrance a bit.

” I’m not too certain if it is whether we are of the same s.e.x . . .  it’s not as effective as I thought. ”

” So it’s like that . . . ”

After she finished speaking, she emitted her fragrance once more, causing Choi Seulgi’s eyes to turn blank again. Since she was under the same effect previously, it took quite a while before returning her to that state. I nodded at Jung Hayeon’s words. It definitely seems that the effect was halved for the same gender.

Since I had caused such a scene, moving away from here was priority. But, I began to worry where I should take Choi Seulgi to. I would bring her to the Green Goblin Clan’s lands if I could, but it would be extremely rude to bring a human there when we were under their care. I couldn’t cause a private nuisance, no matter the fact that each clan wouldn’t interfere with each other’s matters.

Most of all, the decision rested on Choi Seulgi whether she would join us, though I wanted to discourage her from returning back to the city knowing her future as much as possible.

She had luckily avoided a large crisis, but I was worried that things might not go well if she were to return to the city again.

But, that thought can be discussed later.

For now, we began to move to a place not far away from the Green Goblin Clan’s village. Since we could be attacked while moving, I retrieved the daggers and entrusted them to the goblins, allowing us to quickly reach our destination.

” Mev. ”

” Yeah? ”

” Take the rest of these children and return to the Green Goblin Clan. Don’t worry. I will be back by training day. Ah ! Come back here once you return the subordinates back to the village. ”

” Ah ! Okay Captain. ”

Deciding to keep Jung Hayeon was for the best. I had thought of sending Mev back, but thinking that I could reduce the vigilance between Mev and Jung hayeon, I decided to call her back. It seems that Mev was extremely delighted with my words. Brightly smiling, she soon disappeared.

” Is . . . is she someone you know? ”

” A bit . . . ”

” Ah. ”

As such, I stood in front of Choi Seulgi. Jung Hayeon had begun to build a cave that could cover us with wooden roots, as Mev began to wait alongside us after arriving for Choi Seulgi to wake up.

I had no clue what to say. No, I was pondering if I should reveal that I could speak the human language. Transforming her into a Green Skin was the most optimal method but . . .Truthfully, I didn’t want to do such a thing.

I had no choice but to ponder, due to the extreme battle-crazed madness infused in my body, and the violence and murderous intent that Jung Hayeon possessed. It was a ridiculous selfishness, but what I sincerely desired was for Choi Seulgi to remain as the old Choi Seulgi.

As such, we continued to monitor Choi Seulgi after Mev had arrived. With a fairy as Mev inside the cave, I largely swallowed my saliva seeing that Seulgi’s pupils were slowly returning back to normal.

My heartbeats were gradually getting larger. No, it was as if my heart was about to burst. What should I do if she were to scream after seeing us? If she were to try and flee, what should I do? Hesitant thoughts continued to plague me . . .

” Kereeeeeuk. ”

This anxiety caused growls to come forth, totally waking Choi Seulgi up.

The moment she opened her eyes, she stared directly at me. She recognized that she was surrounded by those so-called Named Monsters. But she was much calmer than I had thought. I’m not sure of the reason, but she knew that I wasn’t trying to harm her.

” Thanks . . . ”

” Kereeeuk. ”

” Though my conscience was hazy, I could see how you killed all of them . . . very brutal . . . and I could somewhat recognize that you had no intent to attack me as well . . . ”

She was somewhat afraid after saying that, she saw all those guys die. Though she trembled, it seems that she was able to settle down knowing that those guys were trying to do bad things to her.

I nodded to her words. So after Choi Seulgi briefly displayed a surprised expression, she resumed her words. She was a bit cautious. It would be strange not to be. It was certain that she hadn’t heard of a monster that could understand human language. There was no such information in the Education Center as well. Suddenly, Choi Seulgi began to stare at me greatly surprised.

” You can understand me? ”

I nodded once more. I wanted to open my mouth, but not sure why, the words didn’t come out as well. Funny enough, my throat was a bit wound up.

” Fascinating . . . definitely . . . no. ”

As such, a miracle transpired for a clumsy freshman who hasn’t been here for more than a year. It was no wonder why she would have such a face. It wasn’t unreasonable for her to have that kind of expression. For her to be the female protagonist, saved by a Named Monster when this is not even Disney’s Beauty and the Beast . . . it must be extremely alarming for her.

Her curious expression displayed that she didn’t see me as an enemy. Whew, thankfully I was able to overcome the first starting introduction. I had thought that she would either scream or try to flee, but for her to receive our hospitality . . . it seems that having Fairy Mev and Jung Hayeon present were able to somewhat play a role in lowering her guard.

Jung Hayeon was staring towards us, wondering what kind of conversation we were sharing.

” So . . . why did you bring me here? ”

I didn’t exactly have a reply to that. Blatantly stating that I had come to save you, after reincarnating as a monster since we were in a relationship in our past lives. To say that would be extremely strange for anyone to hear. But, I really wanted to say it. Not realizing, my mouth was gasping at times. When I had decided to say this, it was then. Choi Seulgi opened her mouth once more.

” I can’t continue to stay here. ”

”  . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . ”

What emerged in my mind hearing those words was the human ‘ Choi Seulgi ‘. A worried expression continued to circle around my face. Though we weren’t trying to harm her, it seems that she was greatly worried that we were going to bound her to this place. I could not help but realize that Choi Seulgi and I can’t be together after seeing that expression.

Like 10 years ago, she was a perfect human. It was the first time I saw a human changing into a monster in my 10 years in Jung Hayeon’s case. Whether it was only possible in the Tutorial for a human to specially change her race into a monster. Or if one could evolve into a different species by killing humans together with the Green Skins. There was no information on it. If side-effects were to appear while trying to change Choi Seulgi into a Green Skin, I wouldn’t be able to forgive myself.

That honest, innocent face. It definitely wasn’t suitable to this continent. I couldn’t help but tightly bite my lips.

For now, I will send her back to the city.

However, there’s a matter I must attend to beforehand. The task of increasing Choi Seulgi’s specifications. Though I had thought she was naturally bluffing when she stated ‘ I have some talent, ‘ feeling that magic quite well organized in her body, I couldn’t help but confirm that her remark was actually true.

In other words, she was at quite a decent level for a Summoned who has only been here for one year. It was a bit ambiguous to compare her to the ‘ genius ‘ the Queen of the North or to an Ancient Orc Gladiator of the rare species like me, but in an objective standpoint, she was either similar or just below Park Youngwhan in terms of specifications.

I could now see just how much talented Choi Seulgi was, and how much I had grown stronger. Though my memory was dim, I could recollect that Park Youngwhan had entered the continent roughly 4 years earlier. Which was three years earlier than Choi Seulgi.

For an inexperienced, one year-old freshman to have similar magic compared to one three years earlier was extremely alarming. I’m not sure if she knows this herself, but she had quite a bright future as a Summoned. Funny to say, but at this state, she was rather stronger than the previous Choi Seulgi.

I nodded my head.

Though I was lacking, I was willing to train Choi Seulgi.

” You’re not going to let me go? ”

I shook my head at Choi Seulgi. It was an expression that meant that I wasn’t willing to send her back. I laughed joyfully at Choi Seulgi’s words, and slowly rose my body up. Though I’m not sure how to train Choi Seulgi precisely, for now, I thought it was best to improve her shabby equipment.

I took the Bloodsoaked Dagger that I always carried around for emergencies, and handed it over to Choi Seulgi.

” Huh? This is for me? ”

A curious expression greeted me once I nodded my head. It was an expression that was wondering why a monster was sharing such hospitality. I furtively grabbed Choi Seulgi’s hands and pulled her outside. She was briefly alarmed, but soon slowly followed.

” Mev, lend me your dagger. ”

” Huh? You’re going to kill her? Weren’t you going to mate? ”

” No. It’s not that . . . just training. ”

” Ahah . . . alright. Just be careful and return it once you’re done. ”

She was somewhat worried after I had received a dagger from the fairy, but I raised my hands expressing that I had no intent to kill, and extended my dagger towards Choi Seulgi. A bit worried, she swallowed her saliva and muttered ” Training? “, to which I nodded, relieving her uneasiness.

Not being able to clash physically like the Green Skin’s way.

I began to display the dagger techniques that I learned from the Green Goblin against the air. Of course it would look extremely clumsy in the eyes of Green Goblin, but I had thought this would be a great help to Choi Seulgi right now.

Although the techniques weren’t as good as I thought, they were quite plausible due to the skill of Increased Proficiency on all weapons that I received as an Ancient Orc Gladiator.

As if she noticed my intentions, she quietly looked on. Soon, though she clumsily moved her body, I was forced to realize that she was indeed talented.

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I would have been scarred if I had seen all of that like her. I wonder why she’s so immune to it hmm. And this chapter is much milder than the last haha.

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